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Trump's US Foreign Policy
Council on Foreign Relations says that Domestic Propaganda is Necessary
The Council On Foreign Relations says domestic propaganda is necessary

One year ago, a State Department press event included quite possibly the most epic “deer in the headlights” moment in all of government press briefing history.
During the final press briefing in May of 2017, the State Department put high level official Stuart Jones at the podium to give the daily briefing, and he was asked how the US could call for democracy in Iran while ignoring the fact that one of Washington’s closest Middle East allies is an oppressive autocratic state with an opaque legal system run by strict Islamic sharia courts.....
Nikki Haley isolated in UN Security Meeting as she is the only country to vote for the US
US Anti War Presidents are brought to Heel by the Deep State
Washington's Imperial Indo-Pacific Agenda
James Clapper... When we interfere and overthrow governments it is for the people
Russia's Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project
US Treasury Department warns Allies against Accidentally trading with Iran
Oregon State Senator Jeff Merkley tries to get into  a former Wal-Mart which is holding 1500 refugee children separated from their parents
Instead of letting him in they call the police
EU and US continue to bicker over Nora Stream 2 Pipeline and Tariffs on Trade causing rifts in the G7 Summit

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