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Damn Right! "N" Word Won't Be Censored In New Screenings Of 1955's The Dambusters.
Comment on Damn Right! "N" Word Won't Be Censored In New Screenings Of 1955's The Dambusters.. Post away!
I'm of the baby boomer generation and I remember seeing that film on television. I also had a golliwog badge from Robertsons jam and friends of mine had golliwog dolls. And do you know what neither I nor anyone I know associated the name of the dog or golliwogs with black people. It is the people who go on and on about identity politics and all the various isms and so called phobias who are causing the problem. Most things people say are not even meant to offend and said in complete innocence but the terminally offended read something into everything. And even if people do say things to offend so what, ignore them and what they say. I could regularly be offended but I choose not to be. It's like the Australian comedian Steve Hughes says, "It doesn't matter if you're offended, nothing happens. You don't wake up next day with leprosy".
I agree with you in so many ways - but I know - it's not *ME* being dehumanised,by the word "N****r" or a child's doll. I'm a bit younger,than you and I totally agree I never had anything but fondness for,the Robertson's Jam character and I certainly never carried it over into race hate. All the black kids I ever met were much "cooler" than me. I was a silly person lol.

All in all

I agree the Dambusters should stand because at worst its a reminder of where we've come from which is a bit embarrassing if anything

And at best - he's very bloody fond of that dog. There's no hate there even if it,is - not the best advert for "Whitey" and his ignorant racism

I think sadly the Robertson's Jam guy is rightly consigned to the history books

It's a shame children can't have an affectionate introduction to their brothers and sisters of colour. But it rings of colonial superiority. I thought all black people lived in Africa in little huts until I met one. And that was even with Mr Robertson being fully dressed and not in a grass skirt or anything like that

But I have only fond memories

It's just I'm worried it fostered a patronising attitude if not a malign one

Edited 17.08.18

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