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Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters
It’s not just the Amazon – massive fires are burning all over the world ...
How a Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda -

Global pandemic, whether a natural event or deliberately engineered, actually serves the purposes of the globalist establishment in a number of ways....


Expert Scientist and M.D. Weigh in on Coronavirus Chaos; An Injured Adult on the Next ‘Ex-Vax Files’; NJ State Assemblyman Jamel Holley Joins Del In-Studio.
Coronavirus traced to the British Crown -

# The Pirbright Institute (UK) has been awarded 11 U.S. Patents, including Coronavirus U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701.

# Pirbright Institute is controlled by the Queen's Golden Share.

# Pirbright's controllers track back to British SERCO & Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Chairman Marconi and the British Intellectual Property Institute.

# Outrageously, British SERCO—today runs the U.S. Patent Office (proof below), U.S. FEMA and , websites for U.S. e.g. "IBM Eclipse Foundation" or "racketeering"


# The Coronavirus was invented by The Pirbright Institute at posh, well-appointed laboratories located in Woking, Surrey, England just outside London’s M25 outer belt...

Masks Help! A pernicious rumor circulates that surgical masks do not help protect you from breathing in the airborne Coronavirus. This makes no sense. Of course it helps. If someone sneezes directly on you from three feet away, then of course you will inhale whatever pathogens they may have. But, say you are able to place even a 2 ft. square piece of cardboard between you and in front of the sick person's face. That will stop many of the airborne particles. Not all, but many if not most. That's the benefit of a surgical mask. Is it 100% effective? No. But highly effective? Of course it is. Otherwise, doctors and nurses would not use them in hospitals and clinics so religiously...

CoronaVirus: Bioweapon Predicted by 2 Camelot Whistleblowers -

“CHINA IS GOING TO CATCH A ‘COLD”–Anglo Saxon Mission whistleblower

Coronavirus was produced in a laboratory: Former CIA intel officer -

“Several reports suggest that there are components of the virus that are related to HIV that could not have occurred naturally. If it is correct that the virus had either been developed or even produced to be weaponized it would further suggest that its escape from the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab and into the animal and human population could have been accidental. Technicians who work in such environments are aware that “leaks” from laboratories occur frequently,” Philip Giraldi wrote in an article published by the Strategic Culture Foundation
 on Thursday.
Nearly 10k military personnel from 110 nations in Wuhan China weeks before coronavirus outbreak!
Full transcript of ‘smoking gun’ bombshell interview: Professor Frances Boyle exposes the bioweapons origins of the CoVid-19 coronavirus -
Coronavirus-Horrific Truth About This Agenda -
Biological warfare / Man made viruses -

Very informative interview from a few years back with Aajonus Vonderplanitz.
Detailing a somewhat alternative view of how viruses are created and spread.
Swine flu / Hiv-Aids / Smallpox. Are these viruses a natural phenomena or man made?

The Only Way to Get a Virus is to be Injected With it - Aajonus Vonderplanitz -
Can Viruses be Man Made?
Biggest Asteroid To Approach In April Arriving Next Week, NASA Reveals -

  • NASA has detected the biggest asteroid that will approach Earth in April

  • The approaching asteroid is almost as big as the Empire State Building

  • 363599 (2004 FG11) is big enough to cause an impact event on Earth
How can the ENTIRE medical profession be wrong?

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