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The Education System
Zoe F Willis is a Catholic blogger, Mother of 4 and an expert on Parenting and Home-schooling -
Teachers are responsible for creating compliant Fools & unquestioning Idiots

It is quite clear now that the majority of people lack the capacity for original thought, are too lazy to think for themselves and are frightened to ‘think outside the box’.
If you find that triple example of tautology annoying then that’s fine: because the premise is a crucial one. And repetition, as Gertrude Stein would doubtless agree, is essential if you wish to make a point.
Most citizens are now led by knee jerk reflexes – responding to what they see and hear on television. They believe nonsense such as ‘climate change is scary’, `covid is dangerous’ and `vaccines are good’ because they see and hear these thoughts repeated all day long; devised by the conspirators and spread by the collaborators.
But, why are people so ready to believe what they hear and to accept it unquestioningly?
Teachers and lecturers.
The modern education system (both in school and university) discourages (actually suppresses) original thought and debate. Teachers today seem unaware that it takes more effort to reject an idea than to accept it. Acceptance is something we do without thinking but rejecting something which we are told requires effort.
However, instead of encouraging students to question what they are told, teachers simply instruct their students to accept the ‘official’ view. Descartes believed that after preliminarily accepting an idea we then think about it and decide whether to reject it or not.
But, a good few years later, Baron Spinoza suggested that when we accept an idea we think we understand it and so we no longer question it.
As usual Descartes was wrong. And in this, at least, Spinoza was right.The problem today is that people are prone to accept the things they see or hear – on television or the radio or the classroom.
It is formal teaching which pushes students into blindly, unquestioningly, uncritically accepting whatever they’re told in later life. (There goes that tautology again.)
The mainstream media exists to flood us with information which reinforces existing beliefs. And the journalists, commentators and conspirators know that rejecting existing beliefs requires energy and effort.
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From News Extra: The Schools Bill – UK Column

The Schools Bill, which is about to be sent from the Lords to the Commons, proposes to turn Britain, and particularly England and Wales, from one of the world’s freest places to home educate to one of the most restrictive. It will empower the Department for Education and local authorities to inspect living-room home education “settings”, close private schools, force school attendance for a given child with no redress, prevent any new religious schools from opening, relocating or expanding, ban tutors whom they do not like from teaching even online, and force parents to supply any information or surrender any materials that they see fit.

In this segment, Alex Thomson runs through the 25 tyrannical aspects of the Bill, using a list hosted by Education Otherwise and by Tap News. More detail is given by Schools WeekWendy Charles-Warner and Tristram Llewelyn Jones, the latter two writing in The Conservative Woman (TCW). Finally, Debi Evans discusses how special educational needs are being invoked by the Bill to spread standardisation at the cost of children’s misery.
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PETER HITCHENS: Is there no way to stop the secret brainwashing of the next generation?

I will always remember the day they took away the history books. My small boarding school, on a rain-lashed Devon hilltop, had until that day taught us about the glory and grandeur of English history. It was a story of courage, freedom and the defeat of foreign threats.
But these volumes, their pages soft from use, their illustrations in wistful black and white, were no longer acceptable. They were gathered up and carted off. Instead, we were given glossy, brightly-coloured replacements with larger print and supposedly exciting photographs of a brave new world.
Luckily for me, the change came just too late. I had already absorbed all the old stuff and I would never be able to regard the 1945 Labour Government as being as exciting or interesting as the Battle of Trafalgar. I thought then, as I think now, that this country had indeed had a Glorious Revolution in 1688. Significantly, it was about the same time that they began to inflict the ‘New Maths’ on us – but once again I had been lucky enough to learn my times tables by heart long before then.
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CRAPita ‘loses’ exam papers: Thousands of school children face getting wrong results

Thousands of primary school children face getting incorrect SAT results after teachers accused a government contractor of losing and mismarking exam papers.
Outsourcing firm Capita delivered the SATs for the Department for Education for the first time this year, after being given a six-year £107million contract in 2018. Pupils had not sat the exams since 2019 because of Covid.
But the company has been accused of losing and mismarking countless exam papers, leaving children unable to access their results.
A poll by Teacher Tapp last week suggested that 20 per cent of primary teachers had Key Stage 2 SATs papers with missing marks.
The NAHT school leaders’ union, which represents the majority of primary schools in England, said it was concerned about the management of end-of-primary SATs.
The union said it was contacted by schools that have not only been told that completed papers had gone missing – meaning pupils will not be given a result – but also by schools where marks have been assigned to the wrong pupils.
Frustrated teachers and parents have now taken to Twitter to voice their anger over the matter.
[Image: Screen-Shot-2022-07-13-at-20.07.59-500x491.png]
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