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Poverty in the US
Over 50 million US families can't afford basics
The conundrums of social politics in the USA 

Readers often send me information and suggestions about articles to write, and the other day something came across my computer screen that made me stop and wonder.  Why?  Because if it is what’s being promoted as a way of showing double standards, radicalism and/or radical thinking today, or a ‘trend’ the USA is fast-forwarding toward becoming, i.e., socialism which has failed in or ruined every country that tried it, then maybe what the writer called “Conundrums” could be defined as social polity going wrong?
When 43% of Americans Can’t Pay for Food and Rent, We Can Safely Say the Economic Collapse Is HERE
UN expert: US authorities 'punish and imprison' the poor
"Its citizens lives shorter and sicker lives compared to those living in all other rich democracies," said Philip Alston, U.N. special rapporteur on extreme poverty.

A United Nations human rights investigator has criticized the United States for failing to alleviate poverty among its citizens, saying that U.S. authorities are "punishing and imprisoning the poor."
Poverty and Deprivation in the US
Farmers in America are killing themselves in staggering numbers -

Think about trying to live today on the income you had 15 years ago." That's how agriculture expert Chris Hurt describes the plight facing U.S. farmers today....
A deadly 18th century disease is making a comeback in some of the world's richest countries -

In the modern world, we don't think of malnutrition as something found in wealthy countries, like the United States ....
Middle class destroyed -

... 50 percent of all American workers make less than $30,533 a year
Obsolete.. Documentary by Truthstream Media
In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American"

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