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The Deep State
NGOs are the Deep State’s trojan horses .....
(Non Governmental Organisations)
The sordid history of British manipulation of American democracy -
Kevin Shipp ex CIA Whistleblower exposes the Shadow Government and Deep State
(08-19-2018, 12:27 AM)awakened53 Wrote: Kevin Shipp ex CIA Whistleblower exposes the Shadow Government and Deep State

The world that humanity in general experiences as the seen, is where governments are chosen by the ballot box through something called ‘democracy’ and from this come laws and regulations that apply to everyone, including governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement, military, and so on. This world doesn’t really exist in any form except in theory and the structure of government and ‘democracy’ in all its expressions is there to control the population, not to hold itself to account. 

The ‘laws’ apply only to the ‘little people’, with increasingly rare exceptions, while the other world does as it likes. It is the realm of Satanism, secret societies, semi-secret groups, banks and corporations that dictate public policy and the direction of human society by imposing the laws from the shadows which, in the world of the seen, appear on the surface to be the work of politicians accountable to The People through open debate and elections. 

In this realm of the unseen there are no laws or checks and balances on unfettered power. It is, after all, the realm created by unfettered power to infinitely expand unfettered power. In short, it does whatever it wants without challenge or accountability, except in the sense that lower levels of the unseen are strictly accountable to those above them. The unseen hierarchy is accountable only to itself and not at all to the hierarchy of the seen that we see as governments, intelligence agencies, law enforcement and military. 

Once you realise this there is nothing in theme that even an insider like Edward Snowden can tell you that is not already obvious. The fact that so many –not least in the media –have reacted with shock and outrage shows just how firewalled the unseen is from the perceptions of the seen. 

There is, however, much to be encouraged about, too. The very fact that these insiders are breaking ranks for a start and there are going to be many more as they see that staying silent is not an option given the direction the world is being taken and to what end. The dot-connecting of the alternative media is having a powerful effect by showing those on the inside how what they know and do connects with what others know and do to create a highly sinister pattern and picture. It is pulling down the walls of compartmentalisation and that is why the forces of suppression are now in such a panic. The dam is cracking and this is just the start.
Deep State Coup & Destruction of the US – Bolsheviks, Zionists, & the Crown w/ Susan Bradford (1of2) -

Respected journalist & author, Susan Bradford, joins the program to share who the powers are behind the Deep State and their now obvious attempt to destroy the United States. They are using the Coronavirus, riots, censorship, psyops, and many other methods at their disposal to meet their objectives.

Part 2 -
So you wanna take down the Deep State?

PLEASE SHARE! This video is about the weakest link of the deep state: one unsuspecting individual who spent decades constructing his squeaky clean persona.

Today we’re aiming straight for the Achilles heel of the deep state: Mitt Romney.
The Deep State Plan ...

LF 9/6/2020 Part 1 "The Plan"
War with the Deep State -


...  from 38 minutes in, Kim Goguen on Biden / current situation / deep state

By Patrick McGinnity
When we first encounter Jack in the classic Beanstalk tale, he is setting off to market with his mother’s precious cow. He promises to get a good price for the cow. But a strange merchant crosses Jack’s path and he foolishly parts with the cow for a handful of beans. 
When Boris swept to power in 2019, he promised prosperity and justice for all. But like the wayward Jack, he encountered dubious merchants like Tony Blair, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab along the way, who offered him handfuls of beans for the precious gold of his nation’s freedom. 
Back in the story we find Jack in the giant’s house. The giant would kill him if he awoke from his slumber. But Jack manages to evade the sleeping giant by tiptoeing around. Although afraid of the giant, Jack is brass necked enough to keep pushing his luck. He chances his arm and manages to escape the giant, who wakes up just too late.    
It has been said Boris modelled himself on Churchill, but maybe he has more in common with Jack. He has managed to evade the sleeping giant of British public opinion ever since he introduced draconian lockdown measures in March 2020. The public occasionally stirs from its slumber and appears about to wake up. But then it falls asleep again, allowing Boris to escape back down the beanstalk.  
We should not forget how clever Jack is, despite giving the outward appearance of a foolish lad. He manages to outwit the powerful giant and is careful to tiptoe around quietly to evade detection. He also knows to hide away and only appear at the opportune moment when he can steal the giant’s gold. 
Johnson, Hancock and Gove all have plenty of Jack in them. They are deceptive and tiptoe lightly to avoid waking the giant of public opinion. They know if that sleeping giant ever opens his eyes, they will be in trouble. Giants are powerful and prone to anger, especially if they begin to smell betrayal.  
And it’s not just Boris and The Beanstalk. In Germany it’s Angela and the Beanstalk, in Canada Justin and The Beanstalk, in Melbourne Dan and the Beanstalk, in Ireland Micheal / Leo and the Beanstalk and on it goes. There are many Borises and many beanstalks, all controlled by the merchants with the beans.   
Back in the house, Jack peers out from his hiding place and cannot believe how much that giant ate and drank. With his belly filled and appetite well satisfied, the dozy giant falls back to sleep. 
The giant in the story is huge and eats three boiled oxen for breakfast. But even he is not as big as the giant that Boris has hypnotised. He has kept the British nation asleep for a year on a diet of furlough cash, served with side salads of endless drivel from the experts in SAGE. And soothing bedtime lullabies from Lieutenant Hancock about freedoms returning sometime soon, just over the rainbow.
Once Jack steals the giant’s gold coins, he can’t stop himself going back for the hen that lays the golden egg. A Covid vaccine, that can be pumped into every man, woman and child on an annual basis, is a hen that lays endless golden eggs for the pharmaceutical industry. 
The vast majority of the world’s population will not suffer serious illness from Covid and a considerable percentage already have natural immunity. So the reckless desire to vaccinate the entire global population has no scientific basis. It is driven by financial greed rather than medical need.   
The most obscene part of this gold grabbing racket is the plan to vaccinate every child, even though Covid doesn’t affect children. Boris and his Politburo realise this could be the final straw that awakens the giant and opens the floodgates of public anger. They are tiptoeing extremely lightly around it, fearing a fierce backlash from millions of parents demanding a halt to this child abuse. When the giant in the story was awake, the whole house began to tremble.      
The tiptoeing takes many forms but is all designed to capture the gold while not disturbing the giant. A never ending lockdown is packaged as a temporary circuit breaker by the tiptoeing totalitarians. Boris never reveals his true plans because to do so would risk waking the giant that has so far been sedated.   
Returning once more to the story, we find Jack frantically chopping down the beanstalk as the angry giant approaches. He is no longer tiptoeing, but swings into decisive action to halt the giant’s onward march. 
The police officers sent out to crush anti – lockdown protests around the world didn’t tiptoe around. Fearful these protests were awakening the sleeping giant, government enforcers with batons quelled the rebellions from Trafalgar Square to Melbourne.       
It is worth remembering that Jack only just escaped. The giant nearly had him in his clutches, but he just woke up too late. If he had managed to descend the beanstalk before it was chopped down, the giant would have crushed Jack. 
Waking up in time is crucial. If the public had awoken a year ago, Lieutenant Hancock, Comrade Boris and General Gove would have had their totalitarian plans torn to shreds.  
Instead, our deep slumber has emboldened them and their brass necks have grown longer. But they are terrified the giant of public opinion might yet awaken. And their fear is well founded. Giants can sleep for a long time, but they can also awaken suddenly without warning. 
When The UK giant finally awakens, will Boris and his henchmen be able to get down the beanstalk in time? Given their Oxford education, no doubt they are scholars of Shelley: 
Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many – they are few.

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