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Surprise, Surprise! The Russians did it!!
Re: Who shot down MH17

Russia was never really suspects before, were they?  They're making me doubt myself!!  

As far as i remember the suspects were the Russian backed  East Ukrainian "rebels" or the Ukrainians themselves who were suspected of shooting down MH17.  Russia was only accused of supplying the rebels with the missile (if it was a missile).

But now, the investigators (from the EU in Netherlands) have determined it was the Russian Military, the 53rd brigade based in the Russian city of Kursk to be precise, not the east Ukrainian "rebels", that shot the ill-fated plane down.

How transparent is that!!
Here's a podcast with Linda Moulton Howe from June 12, of that year talking about another mysterious disappearance, that of flight MH 370 ...
(much of the information is classified! Also, note the odd occurrence of the line being cut 30 minutes in)
Eternal Disappearance: MH370 and the Hangar Gossipers ...

MH 17 Shootdown Log: Radar Spoofing
Putin accuses Britain of blaming "all their mortal sins" on Russia
Russia had Nothing to do with the Downing of MH17
Assassinated Russian Journalist Babchenko is alive in Kiev but Russia still gets blamed for Murder plot
Propaganda Killing Kills Propaganda
Ukraine was hoping for more Russian Diplomat Expulsions in the wake of Babchenko "murder"
Gary Linker's Refusal to indulge in Russiaphobia enrages Daily Mail Columnist
MH17 turnabout: Ukraine’s guilt now proven -

Russia’s response documented beyond any question, at all, that this airliner was shot down by the Ukrainian Government, and that Western (i.e., US-allied) ‘news’media have been and are covering-up this crucial historical fact and The West’s still-ongoing lies about the downing of MH17“

Ukranian whistleblower reveals MH-17 tragedy was orchestrated by Poroshenko and British Secret Service

Mythology that MH-17 downing was done by Donbass Volunteers has fallen apart

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