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The most disturbing case of Alien Abduction

This is a few years old but still interesting
Summoned by the monolith
I recently received a telephone call from an experiencer (I'll refer to him as 'MT') who is a medical professional living in Palm Springs, CA. As I was listening to the account, it reminded me of the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' because of some similarities. I do believe that MT is sincere, but very 'excitable'; if not for a better word to describe his demeanor. He explained that since this incident, he has experienced other bizarre encounters with unknown entities. His brother and friends have also suffered strange and unexplained events....
Alien Abduction over Lintel Lake in Germany
What are the signs of alien abduction?

While you might imagine there would be strong signs of something untoward having occurred following such a traumatic experience as alien abduction, many people, even those who suffer such regular encounters, are not aware of anything out of ordinary. This, despite what might have been a wealth of “signs” of such events. These signs often lead people to seek hypnotic regression, when very often, a trove of encounters are revealed .....
The Betty Andreasson abduction -

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