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Mind Power
The strange power of the placebo effect explained -

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    The Placebo Effect is a verified phenomenon occurring in our minds and bodies. Studies suggest as much as 80 percent of the effect of antidepressants can be attributed to the placebo effect.

  • Reflect On:
    The placebo effect is not something simply to dismiss as an annoyance in medicine, it IS an effect and it is coming from our brain body connection and consciousness. Is this not a power we could hone?
How we fast forward memories and learn to slow time -

Recently scientists from the University of Texas found a mechanism in the brain that explains how we are able to remember grand amounts of data in a matter of seconds. Before now scientists weren’t sure how we are able to take an event such as watching a movie or hanging out with our friends and compress it down into a few seconds of data recall .....
Neuroscientists accidentally discovered a whole new role for the cerebellum -

We've only just scratched the surface....
You are the one – the universe is moving within you -

Great shifts of consciousness are happening out there in the field, and felt deeply within our very cells too. A Great Realignment is taking place that evolving people are experiencing in every aspect of their lives: in relationships, careers and general living circumstances ....

We need a revolution – it starts with falling in love with the Earth -

The Earth is our mother, nourishing and protecting us in every moment–giving us air to breathe, fresh water to drink, food to eat and healing herbs to cure us when we are sick. Every breath we inhale contains our planet’s nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and trace elements. When we breathe with mindfulness, we can experience our interbeing with the Earth’s delicate atmosphere, with all the plants, and even with the sun, whose light makes possible the miracle of photosynthesis. With every breath, we can experience communion. With every breath, we can savor the wonders of life.

Rev. Omar Khayyam Yeldell examines Thought-Forms, a crucial yet often overlooked influence upon our lives ....
Consciousness & awakening: AUM -

An article by Mike Eggleston. The truth, the reason we are here has been blurred and forgotten throughout the illusion of time, it is time to remember why... it's time to wake up. We all have the ability, locked away under the layers of the mind. Our 3rd eye, the forgotten sense, the 6th Chakra .....
Big Grin 
How Reiki actually works (the science part)

The healing art of Reiki has been practiced and taught around the world for many years, with many believing its origins to be as ancient as those of humans themselves. With scientific research now emerging attesting to the ability of human thoughts, emotions, and intentions to affect the physical material world ....
Your aura and how it affects others -
The human aura -

Work by the brilliant scientists over at the Institute of HeartMath can perhaps best shed light on one aspect of human aura. A large portion of their research has investigated heart and brain interaction.....
Empowered manifestation – 7 essential factors for positive creation -

Empowered manifestation is the creation of desired outcomes and it is a process that has fascinated me since I stumbled across the Law of Attraction back in 2008 .....

(by Jan Moore)

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