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The Paranormal
Interview with Jeremy Corbell about his new Documentary Film .. The Hunt for the Skinwalker
Bloodsucking Baobhan Sith, Satan, and Dracula all have their origins in Sumerian vampires -

Many folktales, stories, and myths around the world begin with folk “straying from the path” and meeting beautiful females, only to discover that they are treacherous vampires. Since Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror Dracula the silver screen has seen many versions of the vampire; in 1922, actor Max Schreck played Nosferatu, Count Orlok (Dracula) in a silent classic about the demise of Dracula, and in 1931 Bela Lugosi became the infamous vampire in what is regarded as the first legitimate adaptation of Stoker's novel .....
Scientists publish a new study examining humans’ ability to accurately predict future events -

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    A new study outlines the scientific experiments under controlled conditions that have been conducted to see if precognition is actually real.
  • Reflect On:
    The implications of non-material science are huge, what would happen if mainstream academia accepted these results without any bias?
Demonic exorcisms in the temple schools of Mesopotamia -

In the temple-schools of Mesopotamia, students learned exorcism rituals, how to mix healing atonements, perform astrology, and how to cure demonic possession. While these skills may seem archaic now, the temple-schools actually served as the first medical schools...
Do spirits communicate with us during dreams?

It has long been said by many that believe in spirits that they feel they can communicate with us or give us messages through our dreams. Let's look at the different dream states and their claimed connections with spirit visitation. Are they just dreams, or something more?
Two years ago I and my friends were chilling in horror escape room ( and I can`t say it was scary but all night long I could not sleep at all. It seemed to me that someone is watching and in the morning I saw that my windows were open. All of them, there was no wind at night and it was not a robbery...

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