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UK Column
UK Column News - 27th May 2020


0:00 Deaths in UK are falling, but the excess mortality is high
0:01 Lockdown deaths graph
0:02 the media are pushing the fear factor when in fact Covid 19 is similar to a winter virus
0:03 report from Italy on coronavirus 
0:04 antibody positive results
0:05 conflict with official figure
0:06 Mr ‘Bubbles’, the man modelling our future - using algorithms
0:07 warning of the dangers of lockup
0:08 exploitation of children not at school during the lockdown, serious problems
0:09 reports over child abuse / lockdown has not been covered adequately in the mainstream
0:10 guardian article demonstrates just how badly the victims are treated

0:11 the distinct lack of police action on these types of cases
0:12 adverse effects on mental health report
0:13 the UNNWO (New World Order) project and website - let’s take our planet back slogan
0:14 happytalism
0:15 aims of the project / who’s behind it, ndaba mandela 
0:16 - the background on key people
0:17 illien, a global public benefit organisation
0:18 - background
0:19 jaime illean - adoption story
0:20 - his CV, what is happytalism?

0:21 - definition ... it’s a fusion doctrine
0:22 the types of people behind these sorts of organisations, and their ideologies 
0:23 analysis of the UNNWO doctrine 
0:24 the sinister history behind these types of movements
0:25 the misleading illusion of fairness, when the real agenda is of widespread resentment 
0:26 Dominic Cummings  lockdown actions - poor little Cummings ... leave him alone tweet
0:27 the BBC clip and misleading subtitles
0:28 - Cummings statements analysed
0:29 Cummings blog details, reaching out to ‘weirdos’ etc, the repurposing plan
0:30 common purpose messages

0:31 disturbing reference to moloch
0:32 strange ideas, examples - in a cage with monkeys analogy
0:33 really unpleasant undertones - ‘untnrmenchen’ comparisons, what is moloch?
0:34 the mention of Chronos / sacrifice in the blog
0:35 the turf war at the top between Cummings and Sidwell, head of Civil Service
0:36 Tavistock Institute - mind control 
0:37 psychoanalysis article 
0:39 Corona Time notes - horrific details
0:40 comparison with the actions and techniques of the SAGE behavioural insights group 

0:41 pre verdict piece on the euro about quantitative easing in the EU
0:42 EC statement - Von Der Leyen 
0:43 feedback on the verdict
0:46 what is happening in the EU right now?
0:48 the idea of a digital health passport, vcode company
0:49 immunity passport - Chinese model 
0:50 what follows on from covid is the worrying aspect
0:51 the Goodman / Dershowitz clash 
0:52 what people are saying about UK Column 

UK Column News 29th May 2020


0:02 Lockdown level 4 - explanation 
0:03 The New Lockdown - details
0:04 new visiting rules
0:05 Rishi Sunak - new furlough rule
0:06 how will companies be able to survive? Mortgage holiday extensions?
0:07 the banks response on mortgages 
0:08 sporting events, the new guidelines 
0:09 the five tests for coming out of lockdown, is it justified?
0:10 daily death rates are falling

0:11 excess mortality - 30% to 50% attributed to the lockdown
0:12 rate of infection, R graph, testing capacity PPE graph
0:13 where is the justification about a second peak? it’s a theory with no evidence
0:14 the virus inside/outside question 
0:15 spending more time outdoors
0:16 it  might have been better to do nothing at all
0:17 test, track and trace system is voluntary for the moment, confidentiality issues
0:18 tracking/tracing appears to follow the Chinese system and could potentially ruin lives
0:19 we have never been at serious risk from Covid 19
0:20 antibody tests for health workers

0:21 antibodies graphs - they become undetectable over a period of time
0:22 what will the rules be? much will be undetermined - tests are inaccurate 
0:23 is immunity long or short term? we do not know how long Covid 19 will be around for
0:24 all programs geared to Covid 19 - a folly / the gravy train
0:25 the importance of ‘T cells’ in long term immunity - our built in natural immunity
0:26 the adaptive immunity system, the immunity passports idea, colour code status
0:27 the new normal - immunity passports? a complicated and divisive idea
0:28 the use of unscientific / unrealistic computer models will be used in the new systems 
0:29 David Noakes details. The ‘R’ number graph, Accelerometer dashboard for ‘R’
0:30 - models will be dependant on caveats - way numbers counted is critical to its accuracy

0:31 - risks of overestimations
0:32 UK graph - the lockdown was too late
0:33 US graph similarities, the ‘R’ number relevance
0:34 critical assessments by experts - ‘R’ even less reliable than long range weather forecasts
0:35 the price we have to pay in adhering to the ‘R’ number, was OK in non lockdown countries
0:36 an experts opinion - the behaviour and pattern of the virus not factored in by government
0:37 natural immunity is a key factor 
0:38 the ‘R’ number is irrelevant as it is only a theoretical rate and artificially modelled
0:39 the government’s ‘R ometer’  graph is far too simplistic  
0:40 the government is ignoring all other variable factors when calculating the ‘R’ rate

0:41 the whole basis of the ‘R’ number is completely flawed, like the computer modelling
0:42 infections and hospitalisations had already peaked end of March in US and UK
0:43 what science is the government relying on? -science fiction?
0:44 the growth rate increase was not exponential, the decrease is
0:45 guided by ‘the science’ - how could the government have gotten it so wrong?
0:46 the Dunning-Kruger effect applies
0:47 the science just doesn’t add up
0:48 Conga line graph lol, it’s all getting rather ridiculous 
0:49 alarm bells ringing over new health passport and antibody test ideas
0:50 details on where to find the sources of reliable information

UK Column News 1st June 2020


  • Join the legal challenge to the UK government lockdown
  • SAGE minutes – 7 May: the introduction of bubbles is not straightforward…
  • Paul Chaplin: lockdown Boris violated SAGE advice
  • Who is secretly governing the UK…?
  • Some schools are reopening today – MainStream Media still peddling confusion
  • What happens when children are brought up to believe human contact is dangerous…?
  • Venus Gym (Renfrewshire, Scotland) forced to shut down
  • Disabled people who rely on exercise or physiotherapy are struggling
  • Guidelines, rules, laws…? Threats being used…
14:19 – 
  • Top lawyer says trials should be held without juries during pandemic
  • Sir Richard Henriques led the trials in James Bulger and Harold Shipman cases
  • Henriques also led investigation into Met Police conduct on historical child abuse
  • Juries are our protection against an overbearing state…
  • UK Column still unable to find out who appoints the Judicial Appointments Commission
18:58 – 
  • Many organisations helping government with Track & Trace app
  • USA: Minnesota now using contact tracing to track protestors as demonstrations escalate
  • What happens to the data collected from tracing apps…?
  • Virus benefits: personal income in the US shot up a record 10.5% in April 2020
  • The real economy no longer seems to matter…
  • Sweden sees economic growth in the first quarter despite global pandemic
27:15 – 
  • Sajid Javid: we must expose the hidden horror of child abuse under lockdown
  • Thames Valley Police extremely concerned with a 500% increase since lockdown
  • More social workers to be placed in schools…?
  • Javid to lead ‘no holds barred’ investigation into child abuse in Britain
31:26 – 
  • Masks: government urges people in England to wear masks in confined areas
  • Many medical experts warn of the dangers of masks – was any risk assessment done…?
  • BBC Future: why most Covid-19 deaths won’t be from the virus
  • The only solutions seem to be big government solutions…
  • German official leaks report denouncing Corona as ‘a global false alarm’
  • Government lockdown statistics and spin…but why – cock-up or deliberate…?
  • Telegraph: we appear to be blindly accepting an insidious denial of our liberties
  • Janet Daley: should free society tolerate introduction of ‘witch-finder’ surveillance…?
50:00 – 
  • Brexit negotiations resume tomorrow
  • No negotiating group for military, security and defence…
  • The Northern Ireland backstop has not gone away

UK Column News - 3rd June 2020


  • Neil Ferguson gives evidence to HoL Science and Technology Committee
  • Modelling chaos: huge discrepancies between estimated death rates and actual rates
  • Why is Sweden doing so well without lockdown…?
  • WHO: failing to buy anything and failing to do your job makes you a hero…
  • Applied Behavioural Psychology being heavily applied through the media
  • Anna Brees interviews German Professor Robert Endres from Imperial College
  • Spain: WHO Director of Public Health – models increasingly rule out second wave
  • UK government releases latest health protection guidelines (amendment No.3)
  • Mission creep: Matt Hancock – review period changed from 21 to 28 days
  • Why is sport being exempted but religious groups, libertarians, lobby groups are not…?
  • BBC jumping the gun: downward trend of daily deaths has stalled…?

20:44 -
  • TruePublica: Dominic Cummings – a cover story obscuring something far darker
  • Carole Cadwalladr (Observer): there is a smash-and-grab of our democracy going on
  • The Canary (13 May 2017): Brexit – how the campaigns were linked
  • Democracy questioned: technology has been harnessed by a global plutocracy
  • Analysis of Cummings provided by an informed UK Column viewer
  • Intelligence services now being used against the domestic population with no mandate
  • The public have no control over this – these people are completely unaccountable
  • Government now pressing buttons: assembling and taking council no longer exists…
  • While we are in lockdown, the system and constitution is being totally dismantled

37:01 – 
  • US pushback: health and safety to become the greatest national value…?
  • Reuters: new CoronaVirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says
  • Doctor gets immediate comeback from WHO and Italian health council…

41:45 – 
  • Android auto app: COVID-19 exposure notifications automatically installed
  • AP: virus-tracking app angers thousands in Moscow with fines
  • Telegraph: you are not alone – Salisbury safer than anywhere else in UK…?
  • Comparing Skripal incident is like a parallel to the CoronaVirus
  • Public Health seems to have less and less to do with clinical science

47:16 – 
  • Dennis Hutchings in court: being prosecuted for attempted NI murder in 1974
  • Case being heard by video link – no jury present…
  • UK military veterans not getting the same protections given to former IRA members
  • This is the further destruction of UK armed forces – warning off young recruits
  • Juries not wanted because they think differently to judges…
  • Who is the British government of occupation…?

UK Column News - 5th June 2020


  • Global Vaccine Summit 2020 London (virtually) took place yesterday
  • Egregious propaganda aiming to raise $7.4BN for GAVI (the Vaccine Alliance)
  • All participants were reading scripts – even answers to questions were scripted
  • First-world taxpayers to pump subsidies into the pharmaceutical companies…
  • Bill Gates: every ‘life-saving’ vaccine must be delivered to every child on earth
  • No comments allowed below YouTube videos…no press questions accepted
  • Boris pushes for 14-day quarantine for UK arrivals and returnees
  • Pushback has begun already on the plan as the pandemic is almost over
  • Covid conformity: face coverings to be mandatory on public transport
  • Why are children exempt from this but need a CV vaccine…?
  • Has a risk assessment been done on wearing masks – what about Hypercapnia…?
  • Social distancing and now face covering – this is psychologically inhumane
  • Boris urged by senior Tories to relax two-metre rule within a fortnight
  • Government still working with Covid-19 data from February…
  • CV infections and hospitalisations peaked in March and has been falling ever since
  • UnHerd: Karl Friston – up to 80% not even susceptible to Covid-19
  • Plymouth: spray-painted Covid-19 stencils sprayed on pavements across the city
  • Social distancing = social engineering
  • New normal (whether it’s needed or not) & cashless society also being pushed hard
  • Store owners buy into the narrative committing economic mass suicide
  • Footfall in stores will never be enough with social distancing restricting entry

33:39 – 
  • George Floyd memorial service – murals painted in many US cities
  • Floyd’s death has kicked off nationwide protests and rioting
  • Thousands attend Floyd’s funeral but you cannot attend your relatives’ funeral…
  • How and why did these protests explode so quickly and so widely worldwide…?
  • This comes on the back of Covid-19 lockdown leading to curfews in some areas
  • Thousands take to London streets to protest racism, George Floyd death
  • London police officer takes the knee with Black Lives Matter protestors
  • Psychology: who is behind this gesture as it seems particularly distasteful…?
  • This is driving a wedge between the police & the public leading to more distrust
  • Centre for Countering Digital Hate: countering CV online misinformation
  • CCDH are busy silencing free speech…
  • Guided by the science…? Facebook is censoring the science and further discussion
  • New York Times: US Senator Tom Cotton – ‘send in the troops’

52:40 – 
  • NATO aggression: Russia unhappy about military activity around their borders
  • Boris on Hong Kong crisis: we will meet our obligations, not walk away
  • 5G: US Senator Tom Cotton takes on Chinese company Huawei
  • Richard Dearlove (Former MI6): I do not think this (pandemic) started as an accident
  • Cyber war: 13 Signal Regiment now set up 
  • General Mark Carlton-Smith: no difference between peace and war…
  • 1984: war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

UK Column News - 8th June


  • Lockdown continues…?
  • Protestor tries to burn Cenotaph flags at BLM London demo
  • This is designed to create a violent backlash on the streets of Britain
  • Failure of the authorities: have the police lost control of the country…?
  • Violence on the streets can be used to lockdown the country further…
  • MoD: systemic racial inequality has deep roots within UK society including defence
  • Meet Sherin Aminossehe: Director of Infrastructure at UK Ministry of Defence
  • Positive discrimination never works – it only creates further division
  • MoD chaos: to overcome racism, we will become more racist…
  • Police Scotland join the Take the Knee intiative with endorsement from above
  • Head of Scottish Civil Service Leslie Evans joins in and takes the knee
  • Evans was intimately involved in the prosecution of Alex Salmond
  • She also refused to answer questions from Robert Green about his persecution
  • Stoking up trouble on the streets is helped enormously with people wearing masks…
  • Hypocrisy: huge gatherings of people protesting are allowed despite social distancing
  • This is politically-led policing
  • BBC truth-bending: 27 police officers injured during largely peaceful protests in London
  • Is MainStream Media the deadly virus we should all beware of…?
  • BLM beliefs: destroy the family, queer theory and collectivism not diversity
  • BLM: not about race but all about globalist policies…
  • David J. Harris questions why white people are asking forgiveness for nothing they did
  • The Atlantic: the Trump ‘regime’ is beginning to topple
  • The Atlantic uses language not to describe reality but to create their own reality

30:27 – 
  • David Noakes (GcMAF) has his assets taken as ‘proceeds of crime’
  • The MHRA’s hypocritical position: comparing David Noakes to GlaxoSmithKline
34:49 – 
  • Schools setup mental health support as result of CV ‘pandemic’
  • The Machiavellian model: create the problem, then supply the solution…
  • 14-day quarantine for UK arrivals begins today
  • BA, Ryanair & easyjet protest over ‘wholly unjustified’ UK quarantine plan
40:23 – 
  • Professor John Edmunds (SAGE): lockdown should have started earlier
  • Tony Robinson slams government for ‘manslaughter’ - half of CV deaths occur in care homes
  • No debate or coverage on this from MainStream Media…
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) forms used wholesale along with removing medical care 
46:47 – 
  • CV in Scotland: stare down shoppers who don’t wear facemasks, says minister
  • Guardian: pandemic is chance to reset global economy, says Prince Charles
  • World Economic Forum: using change agents worldwide (including plenty of bankers)
  • Book recommendation: The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab

UK Column News - 10th June 2020


  • NHS: the final clap – 5 July
  • Lockdown NHS policy should be questioned: deaths have occurred
  • BBC: CoronaVirus – weekly death figures continue to fall
  • BBC fails to ask questions about how 23,000+ unexplained deaths have arisen…
  • BBC: NHS waiting list ‘could hit 10 million this year’
  • NHS Confederation pushing the NHS Reset – is this privatisation…?
  • Government to become the controller of everything…?
  • If you control the NHS, you control the nation
  • Meet the instigator of the clap – the previously unknown AnneMarie Plas
  • Plas says she brings the campaign from the Netherlands but it seems unknown there…
  • Has Plas been played by the controllers…? What is the Civil Society Initiative…?
  • NHS Charities Together (among others) now collecting donations for  the NHS
  • What is the ‘next stage’ of the crisis…? Meet the NHS CT supporters…

30:32 – 
  • David Noakes (GcMAF) contact details
  • Gizmodo: scientists call for academic shutdown in support of black lives
  • No discussion on modern slavery is taking place…modern slavery is big business
  • Government spending to counter modern slavery is a pittance compared to profits made
37:34 – 
  • Reasons behind lockdown: where did the policy come from…?
  • Early document came from National Security Communications Team – who are they…?
  • Government Communication Plan 2019/20 – strengthening our democracy…
  • Controlling the narrative – started in March 2018
  • British king Mark Sedwill: Mr Lockdown – how does he have so much power…?
  • Cabinet Office is an executive sub-committee of the very secretive Privy Council
  • Who crowned king Sedwill…?
  • More statues under attack – no debate in parliament as national history is destroyed
46:18 – 
  • CogX 2020: Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI & Emerging Technology
  • How to get the next 10 years right: Teflon Tony to speak along with John Kerry…
  • NATO 2030 Initiative launched yesterday with a very similar narrative
  • Jens Stoltenberg: using NATO more politically
  • NATO is shifting from a European position to a global governance position

UK Column News - 12th June 2020


  • Lockdown deaths: CoronaVirus excess mortality rates
  • NHS patient testimony
  • The Hectator: graphs show large numbers of non-Covid excess deaths 
  • ITV: bereaved CV families call for public inquiry into government’s handling of pandemic
  • Spain: bereaved CV families file against Prime Minister for crime of genocide 
09:56 – 
  • Piers Robinson: OPCW propaganda investigations continue
  • MainStream Media continue their attacks on OPCW investigators… 
  • Attacks are designed to try and stop investigations
  • UK Column article: What is the Integrity Initiative…? A short briefing paper
  • Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media
  • How much is propaganda being directed at the public…?
  • How did 50 Syrian civilians really die in the Douma incident…?
  • UKGov propaganda network led by all-powerful British king Mark Sedwill
  • Great danger: Sedwill is completely unaccountable
29:06 – 
  • UKC article: GcMAF and the persecution of David Noakes, Lyn Thyer & Immuno Biotech
  • David Noakes to be extradited to France on Monday
33:48 – 
  • Neil Ferguson challenged on Sweden’s successful CV non-lockdown
  • Ferguson has got it wrong before on Foot & Mouth Disease
  • Ferguson admits that crippling restrictions made no difference…where’s the outrage…?
  • Jason O’Toole asks some serious questions – no coverage in MainStream Media
  • Telegraph reports on Ferguson’s lockdown chaos but buries the story on page 7… 
  • What is coming down the track & why does the UK public need to know urgently…?
  • Conservatives unleashed Applied Behavioural Psychology on public to change our views & values
  • The Fusion Doctrine: chaos is the key to change
  • Beware the coming global financial reset…
47:44 –
  • CoronaVirus lockdown = absolute economic collapse
  • Economic devastation: UK monthly GDP falls 20.4% in one month
  • BBC fails to ask any key questions as to why this has happened…
  • How the BBC treats the UK public as COVID-19 idiots – by accident or by design…?
  • LBC Radio: BBC criticised for cropping out weapon in ‘peaceful’ BLM protest photo
53:26 –
  • Blowing bubbles: £300 million of taxpayer money given to Test and Trace service
54:19 –
  • NATO and EU continue to push for military build-up
  • Alliance of Democracies: 2020 Copenhagen Democracy Summit

UK Column News - 15th June 2020


  • Lockdown ends: some shops reopen…
  • BBC fake news: long queues as shops reopen in England after lockdown
  • Doug Putman (HMV): if sales are down even 20% it makes a lot of companies unviable
  • Giant online retailers will benefit the most and consolidate their market power
  • Bank of England: ready to act…(print more money)
  • FT (April 2020): printing money is a valid response to CoronaVirus crisis
  • London School of Economics: direct cash transfers to households (Universal Basic Income)
  • USA: bankrupt Hertz rentals granted approval to sell up to $1 billion in shares…
12:36 – 
  • UK Column opinion article: Monumental Errors by David Scott
  • Channel 4’s Cathy Newman up to no good again…
  • Military veterans travel to London to help protect the Cenotaph – get labelled as ‘far right’
  • Police threaten the vets claiming the Cenotaph is a sterile area and off-limits…
  • Government is not government – it is an occupying power
  • MainStream Media labels anyone trying to protect statues as ‘far-right’
  • Agitators seen stirring up violence among protestors
  • Politicised: police reaction is in stark contrast to their actions during BLM protests
  • UKBLM: pure communism – everything is racist…
  • This is an embryonic colour revolution – who is fomenting this from within the UK…?
31:22 – 
  • Behavioural Insights Team: the government’s own applied psychology group
  • Applied psychology used to get the public to conform with government instructions
  • UK Column asks BIT for their mental health risk assessment regarding the use of fear & coercion
  • It seems that BIT wants to use CoronaVirus threat for future projects
  • BIT works ‘in partnership with the Cabinet Office’…is this the government…?
  • BIT also stands in solidarity with BLM…a look at the Contention journal
  • Government seems to have built all the machinery for revolution…
41:19 – 
  • Education: DfE tries to gag teachers on Covid-19 response
  • Sworn to secrecy: members of school advisory group were asked to sign gagging clause
44:15 – 
  • The Times view on universities and baseless conspiracy theories: academic abuses
45:47 – 
  • Public transport: face masks are compulsory – fines to come…
  • Volunteering Matters: Journey Makers to police public transport
  • VM President: Lord Freud – Great Nephew of Edward Bernays who wrote Propaganda…
  • Cabinet Office directly involved with Volunteering Matters
  • Cabinet office also connected to Red Cross Emergencies Partnership
  • Everything is controlled by (unelected, unaccountable) king Mark Sedwill
  • The public’s relationship with government is being crushed
  • Book recommendation: Stasiland by Anna Funder
54:22 – 
  • Spiked: Scotland had a lockdown culture long before Covid

UK Column News - 17th June 2020


  • Fake news: MPs legislate to ban protests…
  • Are these headlines deliberately designed to incite a public reaction…?
  • Infiltrated…? Guido Fawkes website also publishes the story

08:05 – 
  • BLM poster looks suspiciously similar to Ukrainian protest poster
  • Soros money again…?
  • ‘Hero BLM supporter’ follow-up: who is Patrick Hutchinson…?
  • Black Lives Matter Ltd company set up on 8 June 2020…
  • Who is company director David Wilkes-Carmichael…?
  • Hutchinson’s friends on the day of protest were from a private protection company
21:38 – 
  • UK Column article: Do veteran’s lives matter at the Ministry of Defence…?
  • Political interference…? Civil Service now backing BLM on internal memos…
23:40 – 
  • David Noakes (GcMAF) extradited to France
24:44 – 
  • Astute UK Column viewer’s email regarding COVID-19 policy in a school
27:15 – 
  • The Telegraph: keep quiet on two-metre rule, Sage experts told
  • Oh dear, cracks are appearing in the social distancing scam
  • Guardian: NHS warns betting firms against using ‘reckless’ ads to exploit football’s return
  • UK Column has a related question
  • NHS team clearly recognise the CV situation and its adverse impact on mental health
  • The government’s dangerous, covert attack on our minds and mental health
  • Behavioural Insights Team: the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased…
  • NHS Mental Health service likely to morph into a veritable Stasi...
  • Controlling people through their perception of the world
  • Wired: an army of volunteers is taking on vaccine disinformation online
  • The Public Good Project: the science and art of communication for change…
41:40 – 
  • Boris announces a new medication for COVID-19: Dexamethasone
  • MHRA: HydroxyChloroQuine trials stopped (without a fair trial)
  • Cost of Dexamethasone dose is vastly more than HydroxyChloroQuine
46:47 – 
  • Boris announces integration of DfID and Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Is the DfID under too much scrutiny by the public and needs hiding away…? 
52:06 – 
  • Guardian: with those in power failing us
  • Guardian gets its underwear in a twist as its ‘broken leaders’ public funding gravy train runs dry
  • Guardian begging for pennies to support its work protecting those in power

UK Column News - 22nd June 2020


  • Boris announces a move to a ‘one metre plus’ rule from next month
  • All made up: there is no scientific evidence or research to back this decision
  • HM Treasury considers temporary cut in VAT to help tourism and hospitality sector
  • CoronaVirus: saliva testing to be trialed
  • Business Secretary to amend Enterprise Act 2002 to prevent foreign takeover of critical businesses
  • Lord Jonathan Sumption on crisis handling: these people have no idea what they’re doing…
  • Book recommendation: Not Even Trying…The Corruption Of Real Science by Bruce G. Charlton
  • UK and USA both have absolute chaos happening in the corridors of power…
09:41 – 
  • Scotland: Devi Sridhar wants children back to school in August
  • Who is really running Covid-19 policy in Scotland…?
12:42 – 
  • Orchestrated chaos: the remarkable traits of the CoronaVirus
  • Report on Covid-19 precautions from UK care home and NHS professional
  • Precautions are adversely affecting people’s minds – is this a political conspiracy…?
  • What state are we in…? Covid-19 and the UK public
  • FTI Consulting: the real-world effects of ‘fake news’
  • Why is there so much concern about people refusing vaccines…?
  • Infotagion: the ‘independent’, expert fact-checking service for CoronaVirus…
  • People who are dubious about vaccines are merely asking for evidence and proper testing
  • Australia: new Covid-19 restrictions will be needed for ‘anti-vaxxers’
  • Australian Senator Raff Ciccone: a dangerous ignorant pro-vaccine bigot
29:57 – 
  • Behavioural Insights continue: I’m protecting shoppers and staff…
30:51 – 
  • David Noakes (GcMAF): latest contact information
31:40 –
  • BBC: Reading stabbings – what we know so far (again, the suspect is known to MI5)
  • Suspect has history of mental health problems and possible BLM influence
  • Spiked: the culture war is destroying equality before the law
  • Police officers are asking questions about why certain parts of society must be treated differently 
  • Scottish man convicted of calling ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend a ‘leprechaun’
  • This is cultural Marxism at work: making society a powder keg…
37:24 – 
  • Black journalist: I dared question BLM and got the worst racist abuse I’ve ever suffered
  • Peter Hitchens: I’ve seen hamsters more intimidating than this mob
  • ‘Hero’ BLM supporter – who was he carrying…? Meet former cop Mr Bryn Male…
  • Mail Online: top mandarin at MoD in Black Lives Matter controversy
  • Steven Lovegrove backtracks furiously in MoD teleconference interview
  • Common Purpose and positive discrimination are destroying British organisations

UK Column News - 24th June 2020


  • Fake news: MPs legislate to ban protests…
  • Are these headlines deliberately designed to incite a public reaction…?
  • Infiltrated…? Guido Fawkes website also publishes the story
08:05 – 
  • BLM poster looks suspiciously similar to Ukrainian protest poster
  • Soros money again…?
  • ‘Hero BLM supporter’ follow-up: who is Patrick Hutchinson…?
  • Black Lives Matter Ltd company set up on 8 June 2020…
  • Who is company director David Wilkes-Carmichael…?
  • Hutchinson’s friends on the day of protest were from a private protection company
21:38 – 
  • UK Column article: Do veteran’s lives matter at the Ministry of Defence…?
  • Political interference…? Civil Service now backing BLM on internal memos…
23:40 – 
  • David Noakes (GcMAF) extradited to France
24:44 – 
  • Astute UK Column viewer’s email regarding COVID-19 policy in a school
27:15 – 
  • The Telegraph: keep quiet on two-metre rule, Sage experts told
  • Oh dear, cracks are appearing in the social distancing scam
  • Guardian: NHS warns betting firms against using ‘reckless’ ads to exploit football’s return
  • UK Column has a related question
  • NHS team clearly recognise the CV situation and its adverse impact on mental health
  • The government’s dangerous, covert attack on our minds and mental health
  • Behavioural Insights Team: the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased…
  • NHS Mental Health service likely to morph into a veritable Stasi...
  • Controlling people through their perception of the world
  • Wired: an army of volunteers is taking on vaccine disinformation online
  • The Public Good Project: the science and art of communication for change…
41:40 – 
  • Boris announces a new medication for COVID-19: Dexamethasone
  • MHRA: HydroxyChloroQuine trials stopped (without a fair trial)
  • Cost of Dexamethasone dose is vastly more than HydroxyChloroQuine
46:47 – 
  • Boris announces integration of DfID and Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Is the DfID under too much scrutiny by the public and needs hiding away…? 
52:06 – 
  • Guardian: with those in power failing us
  • Guardian gets its underwear in a twist as its ‘broken leaders’ public funding gravy train runs dry
  • Guardian begging for pennies to support its work protecting those in power
UK Column News - 24th July 2020


  • CoronaVirus: new face covering rules (recommendations) come into force in England
  • Confusing messages: Lidl’s statement – do not refuse entry to customers not wearing covering…
  • Twitter mask fans use the term ‘new face mask law’ to imply it is a legal requirement
  • Brexit divisiveness is now amplified with friction between mask users and non-users 
  • 21 Wire: American Appeasement – poll finds 72% support mask mandates punishable by fine or jail time
  • BBC propaganda: how to wear a mask…
  • Mask madness: a look at some apparently ‘appropriate’ masks
  • USA: California sees a surge in armed robberies as criminals use CV face masks to hold up stores
  • SAS-trained security expert: CV face masks could be used by terrorists to hide their identity
  • Pro-mask advocates seem to be largely on the left of the political spectrum as with Brexit remainers
25:36 –
  • Coroni is confused: employees seem immune while customers are in danger…
  • CV national response: different laws in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • New ‘local lockdowns’ mean different ‘laws’ in counties and cities = the end of Common Law
  • Covid-19 Law Lab: collecting legal documents from the Covid-19 response (globally)
  • National sovereignty…? Globalists are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their control…
  • What’s coming this winter: UK to vaccinate thirty million people during flu season this year
  • Matt Hancock: Prime Minister announces £3 billion to ‘protect the NHS’
  • Chris Whitty: having the (flu) vaccine protects you and helps reduce transmission to others
  • Ramping up the flu vaccine allows many other respiratory diseases to increase
  • Flu vaccine has been pushed for years with no reduction in numbers
  • UK herd immunity: Prof. Sunetra Gupta (Oxford University) questions the CV narrative
  • Antibody testing for CoronaVirus is not the whole story…
  • Wonder vaccine panacea: AstraZeneca’s vaccine generated immune response in 1000 patients
  • The MainStream Media narrative: immunity can only come from a vaccine
  • AstraZeneca CoronaVirus vaccine trials are taking place in Brazil
  • Prof. Gupta: we are closing ourselves off not just to the disease, but to other aspects of being human
  • The Telegraph: (CV) lockdown may cost 200,000 lives, government report shows
  • Government is taking huge risks at the public’s expense
41:50 – 
  • UK Column viewers send serious CoronaVirus questions to their MPs
  • What was Coroni doing before the lockdown began…?
  • Suffolk MP Dan Poulter skirts his questions and suggests some may be libellous…
  • The Telegraph: viral second wave fear will drive us into another lockdown
  • Telegraph article: Imperial College’s research needs to be particularly scrutinised
  • Media should put its energies into probing the dishonesty of politicians & assertions of scientists
49:14 – 
  • Ex-NSA Bill Binney’s press conference now available on YouTube

UK Column News - 22nd July 2020


  • Covid 19: what is coming…?
  • UK Column viewer John emails PHE on mandatory mask exemptions
  • UK mask exemptions: documented proof is not needed
  • Government attacks the public mind with applied psychology on Covid and mask advice
  • These are soviet tactics similar to the old USSR – opacity leading to chaos and confusion
  • Autumn spike: The Academy of Medical Sciences…Preparing for a Challenging Winter 2020/21
  • Easy to see: a planned assault on the population of Great Britain
  • Advanced booking will be required for Accident and Emergency…
  • ‘Authorities’ may require access to people’s private homes – Germany already does this
  • DH&SC and PHE guidance for PHOs: people may be taken from their homes for Covid testing
  • Many other European countries are planning the same approach…
  • The ‘independent’ Academy of Medical Sciences: meet their partners & collaborators
  • Meet Professor Stephen Holgate: a huge conflict of interests…?

34:00 – 
  • Russiagate report released: many names of information providers redacted…
  • The reports main goals: legislate against ‘online harms’; new investigation into Brexit vote…?
  • UK government did not ‘seek evidence’ of Russian interference during 2016 EU referendum
  • Written evidence ‘appeared’ to suggest that HMG had not seen or sought evidence of interference
  • Study by Ben Nimmo (Integrity Initiative) mentioned by name along with others from II…
  • UK government propaganda network: Integrity Initiative a major part along with 77 Brigade
  • Between three and four thousand people now working to propagandise the UK public
  • A further 20,000 people are available on rapid readiness if needed…
  • A small clique with a blinkered worldview: if Brits think like Russians, they have been hijacked   

46:08 – 
  • Bill Binney (ex-NSA) makes his case to the world tomorrow 23 July
  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in London yesterday argues for further demonisation of China
  • No social distancing or masks in evidence at the meetings…
  • Discredited former MI6 officer Christopher Steele’s report on China: be scared…!
  • Due to Covid confusion the public are very malleable and can be led by government and the MSM
  • The Invisible College: a major pool of those who have plotted to capture UK institutions
  • Book recommendations: all titles by William Stuart (William Stuart Books)
  • Invisible College setup the Royal Society, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering & more
  • There is a hidden hand at work in the UK…

UK Column News - 20th July 2020


  • Russiagate UK continues to build
  • NCSC are 95% confident that ‘the attacks we investigated came from Russia’…
  • Russian Ambassador: I don’t believe this story, there is no sense in it (Russian vaccine hack)
  • BBC’s Andrew Marr suggests to Ambassador that Russia wants to see the UK split up
  • SNP claims that Russia hacked Scottish independence movement, then helped it…
  • UK security vetting chief to be moved from MoD to the cabinet office
  • UK government’s propaganda network – another look
  • Russiagate and the Skripal affair: all the Queen’s men
  • US Senate Judiciary Committee releases declassified transcript of FBI’s primary source interview
  • Document reveals primary source of Steele’s reporting not Russian but an employee of Steele’s firm
  • Bill Binney (formerly NSA) to make his case to the world this Thursday 23 July
  • Russiagate falls completely flat – who is really controlling the UK government…?
23:22 – 
  • Brexit: Dominic Cummings sends panic through EU with plot for ‘pure’ no deal Brexit
  • Deep state trying to deal with President Trump in USA and Brexit in UK…?
  • A clean break with the EU would be a huge geopolitical move…
27:00 – 
  • Face mask pantomime continues – confusion is deliberate to create friction between people
  • 38 Degrees runs campaign to get people wearing face masks
  • UK Column asks for a copy of the 38 Degrees medical risk assessment…
  • Asthma UK recognises the dangers of face masks
  • UK Column viewer sends Email to their MP – doctors refusing to write mask exemption letters
  • China: two children die after exercising with masks on
  • UNESCO: Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights – Article 6: Consent
  • BBC News: CoronaVirus outbreak investigated at Motherwell contact tracing centre
  • The Times’ Camilla Long: when all this is over there will be a great reckoning…
  • BBC News promotes vaccines: UK government signs deal for 90 million doses
  • Government Vaccine Taskforce chair Kate Bingham: we may never get a vaccine…
  • Bingham: a Managing Partner at SV Health Investors (a hedge fund making money from suffering)
  • SV Health Investors: another one working with Bill Gates
46:47 – 
  • OFCOM still trying to regulate the internet: video sharing platforms now under scrutiny
  • This is being driven by political motivation and the desire to control ideas
51:45 – 
  • 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalised
  • Twitter disallows sharing a link to the story on Natural News website…
  • Natural News: children vaccinated with flu shot have a 440% increase in risk of respiratory viruses
  • Twitter doesn’t want you to know about these stories
55:02 – 
  • First, Nightingale hospitals now Nightingale Courts: no recording or juries…?

UK Column News - 17th July 2020


  • Russian spies try to steal our vaccine…
  • Media independence – the same story appears across virtually all MainStream Media
  • NCSC: we are 95% confident that the attacks we investigated came from Russia
  • October 2019: ISCP sends its report ‘Russia’ to PM…report will be released next week
  • UKGov propaganda network: a closer look at Britain’s state spying apparatus
  • UK MSM now reliant on government money for their existence and complicit in propaganda
  • This is a soviet system being built – democracy no longer exists
16:24 – 
  • Air & Space Power Conference 2020
  • New British ‘Protector’ drones to enter service – who will control them…?
  • Third close incident between Royal Navy submarine and surface vessel in four years
  • Breakdown is seen wherever ‘transformational change’ is happening in UK organisations
21:46 – 
  • Ian R. Crane fundraiser still climbing
23:00 – 
  • BBC: manipulating us with every article they publish
  • Why no-one can ever recover from Covid-19 in England – a statistical anomaly
  • Matt Hancock launches urgent review into fiasco at PHE over recorded Covid deaths
  • Statistical flaw is likely why the daily death tolls hardly seem to be going down in England
  • Currently impossible to know how many deaths announced by DoH were not caused by Covid
33:48 – 
  • Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre and Atrazeneca receive huge handouts
  • Vaccine approval…? Who needs approval…?
  • Freedom of Information request on Covid vaccine tech information refused…
  • Trial of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine starts in Brazil
39:26 – 
  • Boris unveils £3 billion plan to get NHS ‘battle ready’ for winter
  • Behavioural Insights Team still hard at work…
  • UK on track to sell £533 billion of debt this year (but it won’t cost as much)
44:48 – 
  • TheCityUK: Supporting UK economic recovery post Covid-19
  • ONS: UK company payrolls fell by 649,000 between March and June
  • Largest annual decrease in total actual weekly hours on record
  • Centrica employees face revised contracts with no overtime
49:27 – 
  • Book recommendation: The European Union Collective by Christopher Story
  • Who is driving this policy in UK today…an external power or a government of occupation…?

UK Column News - 15th July 2020


  • Huawei cancelled
  • What has caused this decision…? The US is the primary driver
  • The Mark Sedwill crowd put Huawei in place originally
  • GCHQ cyber security team expressed concerns and were allegedly silenced
09:18 – 
  • Mask moaners
  • PrimaryDoctor.org -  masks are neither effective nor safe: a summary of the science
  • WHO: widespread use of masks by healthy people is not yet supported by scientific evidence
  • BBC – CoronaVirus: why attitudes to masks have changed around the world
  • BBC again fails to report facts but promotes the opinion of Masks4All
  • UK Column asks for a copy of Masks4All Medical Risk Assessment on wearing of masks   
  • Birmingham: revealed – 16 care homes given £1000 to take Covid-positive hospital patients
  • Where was the Precautionary Principal…?
  • UK Column article: Lockdown deaths, not Covid deaths
20:15 – 
  • Netherlands: further draconian regulations introduced – public protest follows
  • Fascism rising: Dutch police appear to be deliberately provoking a riot…
  • Germany: soldiers go door-to-door and force CoronaVirus tests on public
  • The new normal: lockdowns to continue indefinitely
30:16 – 
  • EU Defence Union – the end…?
  • UK and USA in talks: joint modernisation of British and US Armies
  • Is this a realignment away from the EU…?
  • Chatham House: why the UK has taken Foreign Policy out of Brexit negotiations
  • There are two forms of elitism involved…
39:23 –
  • Bristol: Edward Colston statue is replaced by unofficial sculpture of BLM protestor
  • BBC and national media promotes statue’s ‘artist’ - meet Marc Quinn
  • Peter Whittle: if this is allowed to stand, then the triumph of mob rule will be complete
  • Dealing with a mob: don’t follow them…
45:28 – 
  • New York Times – Tom Cotton: send in the troops…article causes chaos
  • A toxic self-censorship environment exists in media, universities, schools, government 
50:06 – 
  • London Evening Standard: Commons church runs out of money for Sunday services
51:12 – 
  • BBC: how to talk about conspiracy theories
  • Spectacular misleading ‘advice’ and propaganda from the BBC…

UK Column News - 13th July 2020


  • Good cop, bad cop: mask confusion continues
  • Scotland: face coverings must be worn in Scotland’s shops and public transport
  • Susan Michie (SAGE): ...but that’s not enough
  • Masks: a voluntary code unless you don’t comply…
  • No risk assessment is available from government on wearing of masks
  • Royal Society President: face masks should be seen in same way as wearing seatbelts
  • Why is this policy being so heavily pushed in the UK and USA…?
  • US virologist didn’t have CoronaVirus after weeks of daily NBC (fake) news updates…
  • Peter Hitchens: forget face masks and fear – let’s relax and accept the risk
  • How deadly is the CoronaVirus in reality…?
  • Testing rises: Florida breaks US CoronaVirus record for most new cases in a day
  • Florida’s new case numbers have been significantly inflated in recent weeks
  • BuryFreePress: Suffolk CoronaVirus infection rate one of the lowest in England
  • Public Health England takes steps to avoid any further double-counting errors…
  • Matt Hancock: by acting collectively to test & trace, we will keep Covid cornered
  • By ‘protecting the NHS’, government has ended up killing people by shutting it down
  • Hancock enjoying his ‘swift and silent’ powers to remove individuals for screening…
  • Serbian government caves to public pressure and cancels new lockdown
  • Ireland to impose quarantine on incoming travellers
  • Areas and regions are creating their own unique rules to prevent freedom of movement
  • The China model is coming: fully automated medical mass surveillance
34:26 – 
  • Covid culture: pub PPE confusion  
  • Treated like a herd of cattle: Cornwall pub installs electric fence at the bar
  • Meanwhile, US government deficit for June: $863 billion in a month…MSM ignores it
39:02 – 
  • Ian R. Crane crowdfunding donations continue to rise
39:33 – 
  • Councils prepare massive cuts in jobs & services after losing cash on investments
  • Shades of the Icelandic banking crash losses – when will this end…?
  • Councils using hidden reserves from Council Tax payments to gamble with public money
43:11 – 
  • Brexit: the UK transition – check – change – go 
  • £750 million investment to be made in UK borders
47:00 – 
  • Turkey’s Hagia Sophia cathedral museum to become a mosque
  • 21 Wire article: Turkey’s 6th religious council – dawn of a sharia-compliant new Turkey
  • Plenty of mishief can be wrought in this area by the EU…
54:57 – 
  • Ireland: protests against mass-sexualisation of children & new children’s minister
  • The creeping normalisation of paedophilia
  • New children’s minister Roderic O’Gorman: protestors are far-right nazis…

UK Column News - 10th July 2020


  • Guidance for Public Health Officers – potentially infectious persons
  • What is a Public Health Officer…? Do they have law enforcement powers…?
  • As the CoronaVirus threat rapidly diminishes, new powers appear…
  • Simon Dolan (UK lockdown challenge) takes on the fight against these new rules
  • Arrivals to the UK from dozens of countries will no longer have to self-isolate
  • Scotland’s Sturgeon refuses entry to Spanish visitors
  • UK: Swedish, Serbian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Chinese and US visitors not welcome
  • It’s bio-jingoism but geo-politics is the real reason

19:13 – 
  • IHME: more CoronaVirus modelling used to control populations
  • More evidence on ineffectiveness of face masks against CV and danger of Hypoxia 
  • Telegraph: A&E appointments should be introduced in response to CoronaVirus
  • Gradually shutting down the NHS to force people to use private health care…?
29:28 – 
  • Ian R. Crane fundraising campaign still growing
30:18 – 
  • Chancellor’s mini budget last Wednesday: happy meals all round…
  • Pubs and restaurants in England trade at half their pre-virus levels
  • UK Column receives letter from a UK chef
  • Why is UK facing draconian lockdown regulations while other countries are not…?
  • The new normal: 13,500 work coaches to help people find work
  • Track & trace officers, Covid police, Public Health Officers are the new employment
38:44 – 
  • UK government debt hits £2 trillion…
  • OECD: facing the jobs crisis – unemployment is soaring worldwide
  • CoronaVirus is not driving this – government policy is the driver…
43:06 – 
  • The cost of rolling out universal credit rises by £1.4 billion, say auditors
  • Universal credit is not the solution and will just lead to more debt
44:07 – 
  • China and the new Steele dossier
  • British court rules against Steele in dossier lawsuit, orders ex-spy to pay Russian bankers
  • Russiagate comes to a screeching halt
45:31 – 
  • Al Qaeda pet rescue – the latest white helmet propaganda

UK Column News - 8th July 2020


  • Revealed: seven year CoronaVirus trail from mine deaths to a Wuhan lab
  • Former MI6 head Richard Dearlove: it’s an engineered escapee from Wuhan Institute
  • Christopher Steele: the Chinese are influencing British politicians, academics & business
  • Russiagate and the Skripal affair: all the Queen’s men
  • The same people who have been trying to oust US President Trump are involved here…
  • China and Russia are foils for a small clique
  • Any future hot war (real or proxy) will lead to world government…
  • Boris, Cummings and others are trying to head in a different direction
  • While being distracted, a huge psychological operation is underway on the population
14:41 – 
  • Huawei rhetoric: it’s not what it seems
19:44 – 
  • Army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No.10 plan is approved
  • This plan is not originally from No.10 – it has been in the works for a number of years
  • This is not about defence cuts it is preparation for EU military union regardless of Brexit
  • Defence procurement: we bought some masks but the Type 45 destroyers still don’t work
  • Deliberate mismanagement and inefficiency to weaken the British military for unification
  • Book recommendation: In The Public Interest by Gerald James
  • An unelected cabal has taken over control of the UK – the governmenr of occupation
  • EU Defense Washington Forum – July 8-9 2020
  • Does US President Trump fully understand what the EU is trying to build…?
  • Outgunned: the EU along with Eurasia will be able to overpower the USA
39:38 – 
  • The Spectator – dying of neglect: the other Covid care home scandal
  • Northern Ireland ‘action plan’ - 5 biggest hospital A&Es to no longer accept walk-ins…?
  • No accident: the bogus second-wave of the plandemic…
  • Joint Biosecurity Centre to take over UK’s Covid-19 response
46:44 – 
  • This is what you get asked on a 45-minute NHS test & trace phone call
  • Meet Gurinder Singh – NHS test & trace work leader
  • University of Reading: leading the government propaganda
  • BBC: CoronaVirus – WHO rethinking how Covid-19 spreads in air…
52:36 – 
  • Ian R. Crane appeal growing fast – any excess funds to be available to others
53:43 – 
  • Devon: facemasks amid the sea, sunshine and fresh air…
  • Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad
  • HM government: using a face covering is weak and the effect is likely to be small
  • Discarded face masks are now littering the sea
  • The public must challenge the smokescreen of chaos

UK Column News - 6th July 2020


  • CoronaVirus could lead to 35,000 extra cancer deaths
  • CV didn’t stop cancer treatments – it was due to the government’s response
  • Peter Hitchens: we’ve all turned from normal humans into muzzled masochists
  • Hitchens: the political cleansing of our schools and universities continues ferociously
  • Stasi state: people now informing on others to the police
  • Scotland: Devi Sridhar tweets herself into more trouble
  • Scots ordered to wear face coverings in ALL shops from July 10 and face £60 fine
  • The minutiae of your life is now dictated by the state…
  • LNL meetings debate 2020: Corona – the role of science in times of crisis
  • CoronaVirus response is not being led by science, it is being led by politicised science
  • Science is broken leading society into disaster – many scientists speak out but are silenced
  • Experts silenced: shades of the climate change agenda…?
  • Poynter: a leader of thoughts…fighting the infodemic – the CoronaVirusFacts Alliance
  • Behind Poynter: who are the Shuttleworth Foundation…?
  • BBC: CoronaVirus lockdown – eight ways the lockdown has changed the UK
  • BBC deceives the public on Covid-19 death statistics
  • Off Guardian comment from Catte Black
30:16 – 
  • Friends of Ian R. Crane fundraiser up and running…and climbing
32:35 – 
  • Actress behind BLM protest in Whitehall disowns ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter
  • BBC tells staff not to wear Black Lives Matter badges on air
  • BBC doesn’t get modern culture: ‘Karen’ totally misunderstood by them
  • Labour party’s Kier Starmer goes all-out for positive discrimination…
  • US President Trump speaks out against the far left at Mount Rushmor
  • President Trump speaks to spiritual nature of conflict: we only kneel to Almighty God
42:26 – 
  • The Times: army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No.10 plan is approved
  • Un-named sources being used again by the Times…
  • David Ellis (SDI) asks pertinent question of Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Burridge
50:55 – 
  • Technology hailed as a ‘game-changer’ will expose identities of racist trolls
  • Signify: the Threat Matrix tech to be used – still no definition of ‘hate’…
  • Enter the Organization: adapt and innovate in uncertain times
  • Relax, we are to be developed by ‘The Organization’

UK Column News - 3rd July 2020


  • Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell charged in US
  • 21 Wire: why did Ghislaine Maxwell leave safety of France for arrest in US…?
  • The Sun: bet you’re sweating now, Andy
07:04 – 
  • Super Saturday: ‘victory day’ tomorrow, 4 July
  • MainStream Media psychology: using terms like ‘new freedoms’ and ‘new normal’
  • Plymouth repaints pavements with Keep Apart signs…
10:56 – 
  • Self-isolation lifted – except for Leicester
  • CoronaVirus only affects tourists it seems…
  • Leicester: clothes factory bosses refuse to close as they can’t afford to shut again
15:08 – 
  • CoronaVirus: excess mortality didn’t exist before lockdown began
  • NPR: parts of Myanmar unaware of Covid-19 due to internet ban – no deaths
  • Wirral Council: Covid-19 outbreak prevention & control plan
  • Surveillance is a big part of the plan…for our safety of course
  • Cases or deaths – are statistics really important…?
23:48 – 
  • BBC: CoronaVirus immunity may be more widespread than tests suggest
  • Health and care staff front of queue for ‘game changer’ antibody tests
  • Antibody tests allow plenty of scope for suggesting a lack of immunity…
  • T-cell response is a far better indicator
  • Herd immunity works but social distancing prevents it from happening
33:00 – 
  • New York Times: how to help kids embrace mask-wearing
  • NYT article uses psychology and reframing to twist the narrative
  • Dr Simone Gold commentary: we do not consent
  • Dr Gold: the scientific usefulness of a mask has been aggressively overstated
  • Masking everyone is superstition, mandating face coverings requires consent of the governed
38:41 – 
  • Bill Gates: you will have a ‘choice’ whether you take the vaccine or not
  • USA: Colorado governor signs bill tightening vaccine exemptions…
  • Will normal engagement with the world require vaccination in the future…?
  • 21 Wire: US University requiring both flu and Covid-19 vaccines for students to enter campus
  • Where will this end – will this policy become standardised…?
43:28 – 
  • US election season: White House dismisses reports of bounties to kill US troops
  • President Trump: this is all a made-up, fake news, media hoax started to slander me
  • Bountygate: Taliban paid by Putin to kill US troops – details from an anonymous source…
  • Neocons: The Lincoln Project – we are Republicans and we want Trump defeated
  • US election season dead horse: this is Russiagate 2.0

UK Column News - 29th June 2020 -


  • Masks: what kind of face mask gives the best protection against Covid-19…?
  • CoronaVirus excess mortality did not exist before worldwide lockdowns began…
  • Why are we being forced to wear masks…? Are masks really any help…?
  • Pavlov’s Dogs: the public is being socially condititoned to accept more control
14:10 – 
  • Governing Global Health by Devi Sridhar & Chelsea Clinton
  • A significant discovery relating to children’s deaths from CoronaVirus
18:07 – 
  • Syria’s children go to bed hungry because US coalition is ensuring food insecurity
  • Ongoing Sanctions on Syria and deliberate fires targeting crops having a devastating effect
  • Crop theft is also a big problem in Syria – all designed to force regime change
  • Syria is being balkanised, having large areas annexed…
  • Many small sporadic attacks happening within Syria to destabilise the country
  • Recommended reading: Rick Sterling – the Caesar Law
  • Boots on the ground: RAF scramble to save SAS soldier wounded in IED explosion in Syria
  • What are the SAS actually doing in Syria…?
32:20 – 
  • David Noakes still in prison in France
  • Fiona Bruce MP fails to offer any assistance – the EAW still applies in the UK…
35:08 – 
  • British king Mark Sedwill offers his resignation but who will replace him…?
  • National Security Advisor David Frost is a strong possibility
  • Is he concealing the use of UK defence as a bargaining chip with the EU…?
  • Mark Sedwill being moved to House of Lords and put in charge of G7 economic security panel
  • Who’s government are we now getting…?
  • Boris to announce plan soon to ‘build, build, build’
  • Dominic Cummings is planning a major overhaul of the Civil Service
  • Who is really running the UK government of occupation…?
  • The green agenda: is a global financial reset on the horizon…?
  • The real plan: the utter destruction of UK institutions, history and culture
  • Policy Exchange: unleashing the power of the union – ideas for new leadership
  • The crisis in science: flawed scientific evidence now being used to create policy
52:10 – 
  • BLM: American preacher warns his congregation about the real danger
  • BBC Countryfile joins the ‘woke’ agenda and peddles race-baiting and division
  • Neil Oliver: don’t go to university, find an honest way of earning a living, read widely, collect booksp

UK Column News - 26th June 2020 -


  • 500,000 naughty people ‘swarm’ to beaches on hottest day of the year
  • Matt Hancock: we do have the power to shut down beaches
  • Bournemouth councillor Vikki Slade initiates ‘emergency response’
  • The ‘second wave’ narrative is being pushed out hard across Europe
  • Italian Professor Alberto Zangrillo: CoronaVirus no longer clinically exists
  • Being outdoors on the hottest day of the year is probably the safest place to be…
  • Policy is the real CoronaVirus killer not a lack of preparedness
  • BBC: CoronaVirus – UK councils fear bankruptcy amid Covid-19 costs
14:03 – 
  • The New Abnormal: government propaganda is on steroids
  • Catering, hospitality and leisure is facing a vast amount of new rules and regulations
  • Reopening under these regulations will not be feasable for many businesses…
  • Ireland: pubs will be required to collect contact details of drinkers when they reopen
  • Patrons to be limited to a maximum stay of 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Why are regulations in the UK so draconian compared to much of Europe…?
  • Covid clubbing in the Netherlands: no dancing allowed
  • The general population has never been at any serious risk of being hospitalised for Covid
  • USA: Covid-19 Essentials store opens in Miami, Florida…
  • Face mask safety: know the facts before you wear one
33:20 – 
  • Covid hasn’t killed globalisation but it has made the world a far more dangerous place
  • Agenda 2030: the ‘green recovery’ and climate crisis being pushed again post Covid
  • World Economic Forum is pushing the great ‘economic reset’ via the Covid Action Plan
  • Government policy has shut down economies not the CoronaVirus…
  • IMF: Global Financial Stability Report – severe economic contraction looming
  • A huge consolidation of power will take place, eliminating competition & killing independents
  • This is all part of a pre-planned policy to re-architect the global economy on green agenda lines
  • 500,000 UK workers have been removed from furlough scheme
  • UK workers furloughed: 9.1 million at its peak

44:08 – 
  • UK trade is golden: despite Brexit fears, gold still tops the import export lists
  • UK’s other notable imports: $10 billion of human and animal blood…
  • DHSC guidance: ensuring blood and blood products are safe if there’s no Brexit deal
  • Where is this blood coming from and where is it going…?
47:40 – 
  • Don’t leave veteran’s fate to the jobsworths, says Frederick Forsyth
  • Dennis Hutchings case switched to jury trial after all…scheduled for next February
  • The British king: Civil Service chief’s future in doubt as Boris eyes Whitehall shake-up

52:14 – 
  • Start Treaty talks: China…has a responsibility to take part in global arms control
UK Column News - 14th August 2020

Test and trace: 250,000 people ‘reached’

Behavioural Insights Team are involved with test and trace…

This is the biggest surveillance operation ever seen in the western world

Tougher fines for ‘serious breaches’ of CoronaVirus restrictions

Travel chaos: more countries are being added to the UK’s quarantine list

Washington Post CoronaVirus propaganda: the reality is far different under examination

CoronaVirus ‘project fear’ is becoming an election issue in the USA

US President Trump puts pressure on schools and colleges to re-open

Children are going to suffer across the world from the continued lockdown

Covid has politicised absolutely everything about society

22:35 – 

David Kurten: New Zealand becomes a police state nightmare

Covid-19 false positives are creating a never-ending worldwide viral infection…

More and more questions are being asked in the MSM on testing procedues and accuracy

All government policy and regulation is built on results despite inaccurate testing system

Covid: the reality is not the story that is being told in the MainStream Media

33:01 – 

More government marching orders come from Bill Gates

HRH Bill Gates: we’re lucky this one wasn’t a more fatal disease…

Who appointed this man the world expert on public health and pharmaceuticals…?

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: now the largest funder of the WHO

AstraZeneca vaccine deal: approval…? Who needs approval…?

Gov.UK death statistics reintroduced after a month – 5000 people removed from count

41:40 – 

UK Column summer holidays: 17-28 August (returning on 31 August)

The slippery slope: new UK border stop and search legislation now in place

47:52 – 

21 Wire: Why Democrats can’t ignore Biden’s mental decline any longer

Biden announces Vice Presidential running mate for 2020 election
Who is Kamala Harris…?

UK Column News - 12th August 2020


Economy: we are in a depression not a recession

86% drop in income for accommodation and food services sector

Pharmaceutical sector grows…

Jobs down over 730,000 and benefit claimants up to 2.7 million

Mask risk assessments: UK Column viewer writes to Angela Rayner MP

UK Column has questions for Angela Rayner MP

Government is not being led by real science but by pseudo-science 

Professor Carl Hennegen: who is making these rules up…?

Why are PHE death numbers currently 2 or 3 times higher than the ONS…?

Britain under attack: lockdowns still occurring even though cases are not rising…

Misrepresentation of data is being used by government for a political agenda

St John Ambulance: what to do if someone is unresponsive & not breathing normally

UK Column viewer Email re. Government applied psychology

33:22 – 

UK Column summer break: 17-28 August – returning on 31 August

UK Column article – Beirut: a tragedy that threatens the region with war and chaos

Attack is also an attack on Syria as many goods for Syria arrive in Lebanese ports

Cui Bono – who benefits from this attack…?

Lebanese Ambassador to UN calls for international intervention (interference)

Many elements within Lebanon are being encouraged by external forces…

Neo-colonialists show interest in getting involved

46:01 – 

Syria: update from a country under siege

48:53 – 

The spies who hijacked America

Russiagate: all the Queen’s men and the Cambridge Four

A crossover of participants were also involved in the (anti-Russian) Skripal affair

Why are we listening to these people – who is really running the UK…?

55:19 – 

The UK government are still not protecting our children

Parents start to realise that their children are at risk from Covid regulations…

Exam triple lock: exam results to be chosen and handed out by teachers
A psychological attack: the UK is no longer any form of democracy

UK Column News - 10th August 2020


Covid testing in schools: they are coming for the children…

Gavin Williamson: there is little evidence that the virus is transmitted at school

PHE report due to be released later this year – why can’t it be released now…?

Children’s Commissioner report: detaining children on public health grounds

The government definition of the word ‘voluntary’…

Preston latest UK city to see lockdown tightened after increase in Covid cases

Local lockdowns are on the increase – to control public disorder…?

Obese people in CV hotspots will be told to stay indoors – no definition of ‘obese’

Piers Corbyn holds anti-lockdown protest in Bristol city centre

Many other lockdown protests are happening across the UK

Silencing the debate is a primary desire of the controllers

Many people visit beaches during heatwave as their own way of protesting

BBC: CoronaVirus – how to stay cool in a face mask as hot UK weather is forecast

Why are we even considering wearing face masks outside in the fresh air…?

Still no medical risk assessment has been done on the wearing of face masks…

Public health nonsense: mask-wearers touch their faces far more than non-wearers

East Kilbride hospital tells staff (under threat) that all people over 45 are to be DNR

Governments are lying: anyone challenging the official Covid line is censored

32:23 – 

Economics: employers intending to make redundancies increases to 33%

Employee demand is also down – pay rises will be negligible

35:36 – 

Newsguard: UK Column branded after secret trial

UK Column summer break: 17-28 August

37:35 – 

Scotland: registering to vote from age 14…

41:30 – 

Supporting victims…? The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry update

Political interference being used by John Swinney to control the inquiry

46:24 – 

Defence: sovereignty on defence will mean nothing if we are drawn in by EU

EU are chasing the UK’s nuclear capabilities for themselves

The Foundations of Scotland’s democracy have crumbled and you should worry

No end in sight: five street names in Fife under scrutiny as links to slave trade identified

Book burning continues: calls for history teaching to be banned in the USA

We are told normal life has gone…who has the power to steal our future lives…?
The enemy within: The David Ellis Show – Betrayal

UK Column News - 7th August 2020


BBC: this is what CoronaVirus will do to our offices and homes

BBC article – a distopian view of the future that has been planned for us…?

Covid-19: the forever bug – a bug with no end…

H.G.Wells (and the BBC) – The Shape of Things to Come

11:02 – 

Australian authoritarian lockdown: Victoria declares ‘state of disaster’

Mandatory curfew and muzzles (masks), 1 hour daily exercise, no visits to friends…

Australian Defence Force door-knocking anyone supposed to be isolating

Pre-crime: Victoria police arrest rally organisers ahead of protest

Sky News Australia: Covid-19 ‘denier’ arrested in Melbourne

Show me your papers…Australia has moved into full-tilt fascism

The psychological operation continues on the public – fear is driving this

26:12 – 

T-cell immunity testing is far more important than the antibody measure

Cases and testing: faith in quick test leads to epidemic that wasn’t…

Valneva vaccine: Britain to invest £10 million and agrees to buy 60 million doses

Vaccine approval: does it matter…?

Meet Dr Amir Khan - ‘medical expert’

Khan: men can take women’s birth control pill to protect against Covid

Video was almost immediately pulled from the internet…

40:30 –

UK Column summer break details

Economy: Bank of England releases Monetary Policy Report

Consumer confidence has picked up slightly…but remains very subdued

BoE: important that we move forward and not keep people in unproductive jobs

The real agenda: non carbon-neutral companies will be bankrupted

Twitter: new labels for government and state-affiliated media accounts

The double-standard: Twitter’s new labels only apply to some accounts…

Twitter: the new arbiter of ‘truth’…? The real targets are China and Russia

The greatest producers of world propaganda are the UK and the USA 

54:36 – 

PlymouthLive: TV licence bailiffs threat for pensioners who don’t pay up

56:03 – 

Christopher Steele: ex-spy says more must be done to stop Russian interference
Steele’s hypocrisy: he was doing the very thing he accuses Russia of…

UK Column News - 5th August 2020


Councils can demolish contaminated buildings to stop CV ‘second wave’

The ‘Covid-19 Contain framework’ – to enable a ‘more normal way of life’

Restrictions could include: closing businesses, restrictions on movement & gatherings

‘Contaminated’ buildings, conveyances or structures could be destroyed under order

A very serious attack on free speech is coming…

Government wants power taken from the people and given to local authorities – the ‘city state’

UK government is introducing soviet policy into modern Britain

Unlimited power: government is now reviewing the judicial review process…

14:23 – 

UK Column gets hit by Newsguard on 30 July with some loaded questions

The Trust Project (2017) – the beginning of control of free speech and media

Newsguard saying that one outlet is to be trusted over another doesn’t make it true

The importance of feelings over facts is mind control

Newsguard: a closer look at this mysterious organisation and its advisory board

Newsguard Managing Director Europe: no transparency at all in her details

Newsguard’s FAQ: a very interesting insight…’let us think for you’

Who provided the $6 million seed funding to start up Newsguard…?

45:15 – 

Berlin lockdown protest: huge numbers protest about enforced mask wearing

Berlin police statements point to a turn out of up to 1.3 million people

BBC fake news: Berlin protest turn out was 20,000…

UK: Simon Dolan loses court case over ‘draconian’ lockdown

51:07 – 

Massive Beirut explosion: what happened there yesterday…?

55:34 – 

Turkey: jihadist terrorist flag displayed in Hagia Sophia

Book recommendation: Beware of Small States by David Hirst

Meet Sir Philip Barton – new permanent under secretary for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
UK: a coup is underway and a government of occupation is in place

UK Column News - 3rd August 2020


Lockdown: major incident announced in Greater Manchester

Government lockdown changes planned for 1 August will be postponed…

The unknowable, magical ‘R’ number – has anyone seen it…?

Matt Hancock hashtag trending – HancockMustGo

DNA Nudge band: uses your unique DNA to nudge you towards healthier choices…

CoronaVirus testing: more options coming to market

UK Column viewer spots new government ‘advertisement’ in the Daily Mail

UK government fear propaganda massively on the rise in the MainStream Media

Testing positive for CoronaVirus now being pushed as tantamount to cancer

Stasi state: NHS is cynically being used to collect people’s personal data en masse

Scotland: public interaction with Devi Sridhar being severely restricted…by her

Anyone asking questions against the government line are immediately quashed

Care home patients now isolated from one-to-one NHS care…

Big public backlash against government’s new over 50s plan

Behavioural Insights push out possible plans to see how far people can be pushed

29:26 – 

AstraZeneca vaccine: liability…? Who needs liability…?

Liability to be passed to taxpayer – thorough vaccine testing is being bypassed

No-one knows what level of harm may occur from mass-vaccination with untested vaccine

Russia to make several million doses of Covid-19 vaccines per month by 2021

MSN: UK Column viewer describes being silenced on website comments section

Free speech & discussion: anyone criticising government line will be silenced & shutdown

Common Purpose: MoD written question on Armed Forces and Police use of CP

Baroness Goldie tries to deny any knowledge…

Why is the UK government so shy of the truth about Common Purpose…?

42:58 – 

Economics: what victory looks like for lockdown advocates

CV lockdown financial damage worse in 2 months than 3 years of Great Depression

Global debt crisis looming – the crazy fixit ideas just keep coming…

UK Column series: Deconstructing the Magic Money Tree

HSBC bad loan provision - £6.9 billion

SNP’s Scotland: too toxic for new business now…?

50:05 – 

Defund the BBC: a look at the team behind the campaign

52:53 – 

SNP Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill needs better public understanding

Scottish Police Federation Gen. Sec: HCB could devastate police relationship with public

Free to Disagree campaign ramps up their efforts

Christianity under intense attack across Western world
Bible burning returns – as happened with the Bolshevik and Maoist revolutions…

UK Column News - 31st July 2020


Boris propaganda: a new lockdown for the North of England

Rossendale included after first positive test creates ‘100% rise’ in case numbers…

The timing of this latest move seems suspect – designed to create tensions…?

Priti Patel: putting more police officers on the streets to keep us safe (who is ‘us’)

Are politicians getting nervous of a huge potential public backlash…?

USA: CDC latest provisional death counts for CoronaVirus – still dropping like a stone

Associated Press: US virus numbers now include probable cases without tests…

BBC: Matt Hancock calls for urgent review into CoronaVirus death data in England

‘Cases – lots of cases’: data and statistics are being heavily manipulated

Case numbers will obviously rise when numbers of people being tested (as now) rises

21 Wire: Chicago resident required to quarantine after visiting 22 states, threats of huge fines

This opens the door for complete chaos – a rolling quarantine and lockdowns…

15:38 – 

SPI-B (SAGE Behavioural Sub-Committee) – public ‘fear’ to be increased

Professor Robert West (UCL Behavioural Science) – we need to ramp up public concern

NHS launches test and trace campaign with sickening propaganda advert

UK government is exporting the propaganda & Behavioural Insights Team technology

World medicine man Bill Gates getting very concerned about CoronaVirus misinformation

Outspoken doctors and medical experts are being silenced on social media…

Google CEO admits company engages in manual censorship and blacklists

YouTube CEO: we’ll ban any CoronaVirus content against WHO guidelines

Del Bigtree (The Highwire) has entire YouTube channel deleted without warning

Huge conflicts of interest: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is just one example

After US funding for WHO was pulled, the Gates Foundation became the largest donor…

The cartel: WHO, Big Pharma, social media and the MainStream Media

37:01 – 

Head of SIS Alex Younger (‘C’) retires – replacement is Richard Moore 

Dominic Raab: EU Cyber Sanctions will continue after end of transition period

US President Trump: Germany is delinquent

12,000 US troops to be removed from Germany, more planned for removal from Japan

45:24 – 

UN: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – 30 July 2020

Nicola Murray: UK Gov is committed to the eradication of all forms of modern slavery

Profit from modern slavery – £130 billion, UK Gov commits £61 million to fight it…

47:35 – 

Economics: Cabinet Office Plan to Rebuild (Covid-19 recovery strategy)

Furloughed employees then made redundant to receive redundancy pay based on original salary

Lloyds Bank bad loan provision: £3.8 billion for 2020

Royal Dutch Shell: $18 billion loss
Governments did this: none of it is caused by a virus…

UK Column News - 29th July 2020


Spikes not wanted in a bubble…

Coroni is confused: WHO says spikes are here and there are lots more to come

Propaganda: number of cases not important – the number of hospitalisations and deaths is

BBC propaganda: young people driving Europe virus spike, WHO says…

Classic divide & conquer tactics – using the young (less wise) against the older generations

CoronaVirus being used by government to drive forward many globalist policies

UK being controlled by a government of occupation – not who the people voted for

UK Column viewer’s email on UK Excess Mortality Spikes

SNP minister says he is considering wearing a face mask ‘for the rest of my life’

Masks: where is the best available scientific evidence…? Still no risk assessments…

Many people are now emailing MPs with serious questions on mask safety

MPs are responding with a standard letter regurgitating government advice from SAGE

The Royal Society: face masks and coverings for the general public

Spanish Flu: mask wearing was ineffective then too…

Masks: all about using applied psychology to modify people’s behaviour and control them

BBC: Covid studies to examine virus link with ethnicity

Can vitamin D lower your risk of Covid-19 (among many other illnesses)…?

29:17 – 

Corona vaccine (still unapproved) – another 60 million doses on the way…

Government has secured four different vaccine classes to date for the UK

Vaccine approval…? Who needs approval…?

Freedom of Information being slowly strangled to prevent public access to important data

35:27 – 

The David Ellis Show – starts this Thursday 30 July at 7:30pm

37:05 – 

The state uses applied psychology to enforce bad science

Government ‘Mindspace’ document 2010: people’s behaviour will be changed, they will not know

Mail Online adds to CV mask confusion: masks are safe except when they’re not…

CNN: fear-mongering tactics using wrong death figures from South Africa

BBC: CoronaVirus in South Africa – why the low fatality rate may be misleading

BBC on CoronaVirus: short on facts, big on fear

46:11 – 

Email from UK Column viewer on HydroxyChloroQuine (HCQ)

Another doctor releases video questioning the virus

47:09 – 

Economics: lockdown causes £30 billion sales loss for pubs and bars

BBC: CoronaVirus – business rescue package has ‘delayed the inevitable’

NatWest boss warns of business failures but pledges support to struggling firms

RBS systematically destroyed its customers’ businesses for profit, leaked files show

51:10 – 

UK’s first ever space launch…?

Why was UK’s Black Arrow rocket project cancelled in the early 1970s…?

New UK space launch likely to be for the military to put weapons into space…
Ian R. Crane’s funding drive is still ongoing and climbing

UK Column News - 27th July 2020


  • Compulsory face masks and a new anti-obesity drive
  • Teachers’ unions call for compulsory face masks for schoolchildren…
  • What is really driving the Covid mask policy…? 
  • As Covid infections fall away to almost nothing, masks become compulsory…?
  • Government’s creeping regulations are taking more and more power over people…
  • Asthma UK produces revised mask advice, lacking in factual information
  • UK Column viewer email regarding the danger of masks
  • Official mask advice is reckless at minimum – still no risk assessments provided
15:26 – 
  • My Last Will and Testament: Covid threat to last for ever…?
  • Chaos continues: Vietnam evacuates 80,000 from city after 3 positive Covid-19(84) cases
  • CV testing is creating much of the hype and furore surrounding the ‘pandemic’
  • UKC viewer email regarding Covid-19 and high level NHS opinion on Covid…
20:56 – 
  • NHS to benefit from £13.4 billion debt write-off…? Where is the money coming from…?
  • David Scott writes to the Scottish government with NHS debt write-off questions
  • October 2018: SNP to write off £150 million of debt from Scotland’s hospitals
  • Precious metal: gold hits a new record high in UK and USA as Dollar freefall accelerates
  • Jim Grant (Grant’s Interest Rate Observer): a most curious juxtaposition 
  • ZeroHedge: is the ‘monetary moment’ sparking a loss of faith in FIAT…?
  • A new historical time is upon us: what will happen next…?
  • All of this is happening under the smokescreen of Covid…
  • West Sussex County Council: an ‘Economy Reset Plan’ is in the offing
  • The ‘great reset’ is coming down to the local level – more ‘climate change’ agenda ahead
  • BBC: Covid agenda pushed hard but virtually nothing on the state of economy
  • BoE Chief Economist Andrew Haldane: there had been a V-shaped bounceback
40:55 – 
  • Defence Secretary Wallace: we are putting Space at the heart of Britain’s defence
  • Russiagate Fake News: Steele dossier now completely debunked
47:03 – 
  • BBC: what the heroin industry can teach us about solar power
  • Almost 80% of Afghan opium now comes from the South-West, including Helmand
  • BBC report suggests opium production is part of the ‘green’ economy
  • Afghan opium production virtually stopped in 2001 under the Taliban…
53:27 – 
  • Free to Disagree campaign launches in Scotland
  • Hate Crimes Bill makes it possible for people to be prosecuted over remarks made at the dinner table
  • Still no definition of ‘hate’…
  • Book recommendation: The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy
UK Column News - 31st August 2020


UK Column News - 2nd September 2020


Valid pictures of the Parachute Regiment wearing EU badges on their face masks, we now have faceless warriors without a voice, the same will be extant with other EU forces who will most likely be sent here to quell any uprising as a non native group will have less empathy for others not of their nation.

If you take a look at a map of England you will see that there is a number of postcode areas, these are known as sectors and began to take shapes as early as 1960, the whole network chnged from the GPO to a corporative control system including the BBC.

In 1922 a group of radio manufacturers formed the British Broadcasting Company (BBC), which was the sole organisation granted a broadcasting licence by the GPO. In 1927, the original BBC was dissolved and reformed by Royal Charter as the British Broadcasting Corporation.
From the start the GPO had trouble with competitive pirate radio broadcasters who found ways to deliver electronic messages to British receivers without first obtaining a GPO licence. These competitors were well aware of the fact that the GPO would never grant them such a licence. To police these unlicensed stations the GPO evolved its own force of detectives and "detector vans".

The radio regulation functions were transferred to the Independent Broadcasting Authority and later Ofcom.

Due to its regulatory role, as well as its expertise in developing long-distance communication networks, the GPO was contracted by the BBC, and the ITA in the 1950s and 60s, to develop and extend their television networks. A network of transmitters was built, connected at first by cable, and later by microwave radio links. The Post Office also took responsibility for the issuing of television licence fees (and radio, until 1971), and the prosecution of evaders until 1991.

Everything is interconnected and ready for the next phase of EU integration, this will include Russia.

[Image: 50305017322_1613c05ff8_c.jpg]eu Paras by apprentice 01, on Flickr

There is not a squeak about this on the other forums, all they are concentrating on is what you are listening to now and who is going to riot and what weapons the protestors can hide upon their persons and use to hurt police and security members.





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