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Geo-engineering preparing humans for the 5G ?
Aluminium is the perfect conductor when its kept away from oxygen, it is one of the most abundant substances upon on the planet, it is everywhere, the over exposure to it is why older people have trouble thinking or connecting properly as the signals in the brain missfire, however, if these particles are able to conjoin in certain ways inside the brain they could act as a sedative to bring full cognivity into a slower state, like we see in altzheimers disease, dis-ease.

But if the elite do have this technology then to prevent its use all you need to do is turn that kind of technology off.

Who ever has their fingers on the switch will rule its as simple as that, turn on tech turn out our lights/thoughts.

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RE: Geo-engineering preparing humans for the 5G ? - by The Apprentice - 06-15-2018, 11:08 AM

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