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City of London, Bank of England and the Central Banking System
Brief History of The Bank of England and the Central Banking System

William of Orange became William III of England as husband of Queen Mary. It was William’s grotesque treatment of the Irish which led to centuries of bitterness in Ireland which continues to this day.

In 1694, William signed the charter for the Bank of England and the Black Nobility, and together with the aristocracy already well established in Britain, made the City of London, the New Troy, the centre of global finance, a position it still enjoys. 

Other central banks had already been created by the Black Nobility branches. They were the Bank of Amsterdam (1609), Bank of Hamburg (1619) and the Bank of Sweden (1661), but the Bank of England was the jewel. 

They were designed to lend those governments money that did not exist and charge them (the people through taxation) interest on the debt. The greater the debt the greater the interest and therefore the greater the taxation. Get the idea? We’ve been had, and it’s time to wake up!

Governments, of course, could create their own money interest free and have no interest to pay to the private banking cartel. The reason they don’t introduce this most obvious system is because the governments are controlled by those who control the banks –the Elites. And they coordinate between their branches in the various countries to ensure that anyone who sought to do this would be immediately crushed economically and politically. 

The main coordinating body between the interconnected central banks is called the Bank of International Settlements, based in the elite stronghold of Geneva, Switzerland. Just as the elite control the monarchies because they are the monarchies, so they have created and controlled all the political parties, left, right and centre. 

The ‘radical’ Liberal Party in Britain, now the Liberal Democrats, used to be known as the Venetian Party and at their highest levels they are all part of the Elite under different guises. Ever wondered why politicians appear to differ so much in public and yet introduce the same policies when they get into government? It’s all a conjuring trick on the human mind.

The list of people who arranged for William of Orange to take the British throne reads like a Who’s Who of the bloodline Elites. 

Among the long list of the British, aristocracy who subscribed to the Bank of England at its formation (making unbelievable profits) was William Cavendish, the Duke of Devonshire, who also signed the invitation for William to become King. 

The Cavendish’s are based at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, now a tourist attraction. As with all these stately homes of the Elite, goodness knows what has gone on there over the centuries. The Cavendish family crest is a reptile and a snake, and whatever its origin it is highly appropriate. 

The Cavendish’s fused with the Kennedy family of the United States another Elite bloodline which go back to the ancient Irish kings and beyond. The arrival of William of Orange was also supported by the elite aristocracy of Scotland where many of the bloodlines based themselves.....
Central banks are using the trade war to hide their direct influence on stocks -

There has been a lot of confusion lately in the mainstream economic media as well as in independent media circles as to the behavior of stock markets in the wake of the recently initiated global trade war. In particular, stocks suffered one of the longest runs of negative days in their history in June, only to then spike just after Donald Trump “officially” began trade war tariffs in July. The expectation by many was that the headlines would cause an immediate and continued downturn in equities markets, but this was not the case. Many analysts have been left bewildered .....
Politician Flips Out and Exposes Central Banking Scam .... (removed)
War Castles Documentary
Secret City.. A Film about the City of London and the Corporation that Runs it
Central banks have gone rogue -

... putting us all at risk

Excluding institutions such as Blackrock and Vanguard, which are composed of multiple investors, the largest single players in global equity markets are now thought to be central banks themselves. An estimated 30 to 40 central banks are invested in the stock market, either directly or through their investment vehicles (sovereign wealth funds). According to David Haggith at Zero Hedge:
The Spider's Web... Britain's Second Empire
Complete list of Banks owned or controlled by the Rothschild family -

Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws” – Baron M.A. Rothschild
Easy money is a recipe for fake booms and real busts -

I periodically explain that you generally don’t get a recession by hiking taxes, adding red tape, or increasing the burden of government spending. Those policies are misguided, to be sure, but they mostly erode the economy’s long-run potential growth.....
I'm posting here because I want to get this message out and possibly Ritchie can explore the implications of this comment on my Facebook post !

When will people wake up? Ireland is the real reason why the EU can not let Brexit happen. Why? That will be because of the Gold in the ground in Ireland, millions of tonnes of it that is or will be needed to back up or prop up the euro. Let me put this into perspective for anyone who is interested: All the Gold in the world above ground that is would fit into a 67ft cube, now the gold in the ground in Ireland is 10 x that what is in open circulation today, I am not talking out of my hat look it up for yourself ask Google "What would all the gold in the world fit into?" below is the latest information of what they estimate is in the ground in Ireland. "

His Quote refers to the following;

"Specifically,the report states that Curaghinalt should be good for measured :
1.      25000 ounces of gold,(0.03 Million tons of gold @26.99g/t gold.
2.     Indicated:    2.07 million ounces off contained gold (5.58 million tons @11.33 g/t
3.      Inferred,2.31 Million ounces (7.13 Million tonsgold  @ 10.06 of Gold  g/t"


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