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Chemical Weapons and Syria
Russia calls for US to end support for ISIS in Syria

MOSCOW – As the Syrian government struggles to stabilize the still-volatile situation within its borders, the United States has continued to drag out the conflict by supporting groups related to the Islamic State (ISIS), Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists on Monday.....

Highlights of RT’s interview with Bashar Assad

... US ‘losing its cards’ in Syria
Washington and its “puppets” tried, and failed, to destroy Syria – and the US military will eventually be forced out of the country: These are a few of the highlights from RT’s exclusive interview with President Bashar Assad....

Syrian civilians from ground zero expose chemical hoax

Western media keeps referring to an alleged chemical attack on Douma, Syria, as an established fact, but have yet to produce one iota of evidence from the town that, until recently, was controlled by Jaysh al-Islam.....

 US, Britain and France inflicted worst destruction 'in decades' killing civilians in Isis-held city of Raqqa, report says

Syrian Army detects Saudi-made chemical weapons 

... in Terrorists’ positions in Southern Damascus

10 civilians killed in US-led coalition air raid on northeast Syria
This morning more than ten people were killed when  U.S. coalition jets heavily struck a town in the northeastern province of Al-Hasakah province .....


Syria, Russia warn of potential chemical weapons false flag
... staged by US, terrorists

Amnesty International says US led strikes on Raqqa may amount to War Crimes

US using ethnic cleansing to set up compliant state in Syria
Vanessa Beeley on RT

Over 70 Syrian tribal leaders to join Syrian Arab Army -
... in battling US occupation

Syrian Army initiates a powerful night attack in eastern Daraa -

Tonight the Syrian Army initiated a powerful offensive against militants inside the eastern countryside of Dara’a pronince.
According to Inside Syria Media Center Cources, the Syrian troops started a flurry of artillery shells and missiles towards the jihadists positions near the Lijat region....


Pentagon: U.S.-led coalition committed crimes -

... against civilians in Syria, Iraq
The US Department of Defense (The Pentagon) admitted that the U.S.-led coalition has committed crimes of killing civilians in Syria and Iraq.

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