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'Get Him to the Greek' was so close to being a classic.
I bring this up because I found the soundtrack in amongst my CD collection. Some of the songs on this album are pretty fucking great. 'The Clap' and 'Bangers, Beans and Mash' are properly good tunes. Jarvis Cocker even had a hand in some of them, which really adds to the 90s BritRock revival feel.
The movie itself just felt a bit empty to me. I enjoyed it, but it felt like it could have been a comedy great with only a little bit more polish. There were some great moments in there, but there was also a lot of swings and misses.
But the finale felt like something. It felt appropriately epic and even though the redemption story was basically shallow as fuck, you walked out of the cinema feeling good.
It's a little frustrating, is all I'm saying. Having said that, it goes to show how little the Academy Awards detest comedies, given that none of the songs were even nominated. FetLife

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