by Steve at Yesterday, 01:34 PM
Robbie Williams hunts for aliens at ranch plagued by paranormal events in documentary -

The singer recalls a close encounter with a UFO as he and director Jeremy Corbell wander the reservation at 3am in  Hunt The Skinwalker .....
by Conspirafactual at 09-18-2018, 02:39 AM
I admit it, I was one of those who thought things would be different with Trump. As in, drain the swamp different.

It wasn't so much what he said, it was a seemingly relentless campaign by the MSM and other Politico figures world over to discredit the man like I'd never seen before.
It wasn't just they went after him, but telling they rumour there was, constant negative attention, while Clinton, despite her often obvious trail of crimes, including server gate, wikileaks etc, got a free ride, and constant promotions.

Clearly Trump is an outsider, the butt of jokes in years gone by, and the establishment fear him, so they are lying to prevent him winning, fake polls "he's a joke, should stop now he's embarrassing himself etc".

(Or so I thought)

It was easy to fall into the trap that most "truthers" do in their first couple years, namely, if it walks, looks and sounds like Duck, then it's likely a duck, especially if the MSM says otherwise.

When he won, I was expecting the MSM to either fold in large numbers, or issue massive apologies to both trump Trump and their readers, to at least try retain SOME respectability.... But they didn't, they doubled down on the seeming hated and lies about Trump.

The online, alt news could effortlessly pick apart the MSM BS and it seemed a clear case of "these media congloms and their masters are fighting for their lives, they can't ever admit any wrongdoing, nobody, not once."

Then I began to smell a rat. The people who couldn't see the obvious lies in the MSM by mid 2017 are likely never going to, and were more likely to be the older half of the population, the younger, internet era, more likely pro Trump, with the exceptions of those at "progressive colleges" (ie 99% of them).

This technique was never about convincing everyone - those days were gone and they knew it - but they could divide the people, often the same family, through having enough people on both sides to create agro and division.

The "Russian hack" narrative was a clever move, it focused both the MSM and most the alt media on covering a fake story at both extremes, thus dividing a nation even further on an issue that didn't exist, and also steering everyone away from the real issue - who was really behind Trumps success. Is Trump really MAGA, or MZGA (Zionism).

The constant MSM bashing of Trump, got the average person who could see this to support the man, and it worked. Anyone who didn't support him was clearly a "with her lefty libtard".

Over 18 months have passed, and other than romours of "50,000+ sealed indictments" and "10,000s low level pedos arrested" nothing but NAFTA and obamacare seems to have really helped.
The same sealed indictments can be left sealed, effectively stalling any court dealings with any of these people - upto forever.

We would all be naive to think that bad actors in Intel agencies and/or elite circles saw an explosion of the masses getting woke online, and figured they'd leave it.
They will have put their key folk in position, bought,  bribed, or blackmailed others like Alex Jones,

Thus using basic logic /alt news
 sounds nice/emotions MSM news
To deepen ever more the division in the USA.
by Steve at 09-16-2018, 05:21 PM
Denver International Airport trolls conspiracy theorists in new ad campaign -

We live in a culture cartooned in memes. Symbolic imagery that once held power in the minds of the masses can now be folded over and onto itself ad infinitum, becoming overused, watered-down and sometimes comedic versions of the original form ...

Researcher Alex Christopher advises that Denver Airport, reputed to be a cover for a deep underground reptilian-human base, is certainly a very strange place where people often experience a weird, unpleasant energy. The airport was built at enormous cost on open land a long way from Denver and it is full of Masonic symbols. There are also gargoyles, the winged-reptile figures that you find on the stately homes of the reptilian aristocracy in Britain and on the churches and great cathedrals of Europe which were built by the Brotherhood network. 

There are also gargoyles on a building in Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was assassinated and now they turn up again in a modern airport built on an alleged underground reptilian base. Gargoyles are symbols of the reptilians and that is why you will find them at Denver Airport. 

The capstone or dedication stone at the airport is marked with the classic compass symbol of the Freemasons and it stands in part of the terminal called The Great Hall, another Freemasonic term. On a wall is a grotesque mural full of malevolent symbolism, including three caskets with dead females in them: a Jewish girl, a Native American and a black woman. Another girl is holding a Mayan tablet that tells of the destruction of civilisation. A huge character, described as a ‘green Darth Vader’ , stands over a destroyed city with a sword in his hand and women are walking along a road holding dead babies. All the children of the world are depicted taking weapons from each country and handing them to a figure of a German boy with an iron fist and an anvil in his hand. 

Denver is apparently scheduled to be the headquarters of the Western sector of the United States under the fascist global state called the New World Order which is planned this century. Atlanta is said to be the centre for the Eastern sector and the design of Denver and Atlanta airports were so similar. Colorado is a major centre for the New World Order and the Queen of England, under another name, has been buying up land there. The British Royal Family are massively involved in this story and so is the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales. 

Phil Schneider, the son of a German U-boat commander in World War II, was commissioned to build a number of deep underground bases in the United States. Some of his lectures that are on video show him beginning to speak out publicly about the underground network of bases, cities and tunnels throughout the United States. He later died in very suspicious circumstances which was meant to appear like ‘suicide’. 

Schneider said that Denver Airport was connected to a deep underground base that went down at least eight levels. It included a 4.5 square mile underground city and a vast base, he said. Other contacts who have been underground at Denver Airport claim that there are large numbers of human slaves, many of them children, working there under the control of the reptilians. Two of the bases that Phil Schneider claims to have helped to build are the infamous Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce in New Mexico, which is connected by the tunnel network to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The vibes in Los Alamos are said to be simply horrible. 
by VelvetNoir at 09-13-2018, 01:34 PM
Hello all!

Just wondering if someone might be able to offer any support or point me in the right direction of people within the UK who can help shed more light on this topic! The internet seems to invert all my searches (no surprises there!)

As someone who has read David Icke and others and regularly listens to the Richie Allen show, my views on vaccinations are very much that they are not something that I wish to partake in. I still stand by this and honestly the thought of getting any kind of vaccination injected into me makes me shudder and recoil. However, I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my first and it is a very testing time as I am overwhelmed by the urge to do whatever I can to protect my unborn child. This vulnerability and uncertainty is not helped by the fact that the midwives are sharpening their claws when it comes to me turning down the flu jab, but even more passionately, with the whooping cough vaccine (at my appointment today I had TWO midwives in the room staring me down and challenging me regarding my decision to not take this vaccine and literally wouldn’t take no for an answer, finally submitting to the fact that I will ‘think about it’ after telling me about babies who have died horrendous deaths in their first few weeks from this disease).

I understand that this is what the NHS is told to do when it comes to vaccinations, I understand that it is going to be a long road of many of these situations should I stay strong with this stance and I understand that no one other than myself, my (likeminded) partner and our own research can really make this decision.

However, it would really help to speak to others in the UK who have specific experience of turning down these particular vaccines and others that are on the horizon throughout the pregnancy, birth, infant journey. Any words of support, advice or pointing in direction of reading material would be seriously appreciated.

Many thanks,
Forum: UFOlogy
by Steve at 09-12-2018, 02:24 PM
Former Area 51 employee discloses how he worked on spaceships from another planet (video)

David Adair claims to have had 'extraordinary experiences at Area 51,' where he would have met aliens and seen their crafts. Find out from this space technology expert and former Area 51 scientist , who has actually seen and examined the engine of an alien space vehicle! David was taken to Groom Lake, long before we knew it as Area 51, where he was shown the engine of an extra-terrestrial spaceship ....
by Steve at 09-11-2018, 04:09 PM
Never forget: what the deep state wants -

... you to remember about 9/11

Never forget that it was those scary dirty bearded Muslim boogeymen who did 9/11, and it was definitely the Muslims who were cheering the destruction of the Towers, not the Israeli Mossad agents who were there to “document the event.”
Never forget that it was those damn dirty Afghans who were just begging to be smart bombed on 9/11, despite the fact that 92% had never even heard of 9/11 in a 2010 poll. (They must have forgotten about it in the meantime.)
Never forget that the fact that every single major terror bust since 9/11 has turned out to be a plot instigated, planned, funded and “busted” by the FBI just means that the FBI’s loyal agents are really really really good at their jobs!
Never forget that the American public was given not one, not two, not three, but four separate, conflicting stories about the lack of air defense on the morning of 9/11, and that 9/11 Commissioners wanted to bring criminal charges against Pentagon officials for their deliberate lies . . . uhhhh, hold on. Actually, maybe it’s better if you forget that one.
Never forget that the laws of physics just don’t apply at certain times and places. (The northeastern United States on 9/11 was one of those times and places.)
Never forget that the mistranslated videotape obtained under dubious circumstances in late 2001 proved Osama Bin Laden’s culpability for 9/11 once and for all . . . even if the dastardly arch-terrorist mastermind repeatedly denied any involvement in the most spectacular terrorist attack in history up to that point.
Never forget that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the 9/11 mastermind “from A to Z.” Please do forget that everything obtained from him was torture testimony inadmissable in any court of law and that he also falsely confessed to crimes he did not (and could not have) committed.
Never forget that Wirt Walker III, a Bush family relative and a business partner of Marvin Bush, was COMPLETELY CLEARED of any 9/11 insider trading because, after all, the FBI’s investigation of him “revealed no ties to terrorism or other negative information.”
Never forget that Iran was probably behind 9/11, too. Somehow. The details are unimportant, just trust us.
Never forget that Christine Todd-Whitman is now a hero of the resistance so we should never acknowledge that she is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of 9/11 first responders and many thousands who are still dying from the toxic dust at Ground Zero.
Never forget that two airplanes can completely pulverize three of the largest skyscrapers in the world, bringing them directly down into the path of most resistance at freefall acceleration, and if you question this fact you’re a lizard-fearing loony who deserves nothing but scorn.
Never forget that if NIST ever revealed to the public exactly how they got their computer models to replicate the miraculous self-immolation of WTC7 it would “jeopardize public safety,” so they classified that data for your own good!
Never forget that Rumsfeld’s “war on bureaucracy”—declared on 9/10 in response to the uncomfortable issue of the Pentagon’s missing trillions—must have been successful, because you never heard about it again!
Never forget that the war of terror will never ever be over until every last opponent of the New World Order is eliminated from the planet. But feel free to forget the actual legal “justification” for that war.
Never forget that if you have any questions about the official government-approved story of 9/11 (you know, like those vile victims’ family membersfirst respondersmilitary officers, American congressmen and womenintelligence agents, foreign dignitaries9/11 commissioners and other conspiracy nutjobs) then you are unpatriotic slime . . . and potentially a terrorist just asking to be locked up for life.
by Steve at 09-11-2018, 03:51 PM
Podcast from August 13 2018 with Australian Fiona Horne, Rock Star, Pilot .... and Modern Witch -

"Witchcraft for the 21st Century"

Protecting Yourself and Your Home: A Basic Warding Ritual -
by Steve at 09-11-2018, 09:21 AM
The great fire of London, 1666 -

In 1666, London was England's economic powerhouse with an estimated population of 500,000. Its closest rival in size was Bristol with a population of only 30,000 ...
by Steve at 09-10-2018, 07:39 PM
Legend of the 13 crystal skulls revealed in 2017 documentary (video)
by Steve at 09-09-2018, 09:41 PM
Natural law (part 4):this man explains how to take down the corporatocracy -

After going into detail about the concept of Natural Law in the first 3 articles (Part 1Part 2Part 3), we are now ready to bring our understanding into the application of Natural Law in the real world. For those of us in the awakening community who feel that there is ‘something wrong’ about the system we seem to be trapped in, but can’t really wrap their head around what it is exactly, this article and the imbedded video below may contain the most important information you’ve ever heard ....

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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