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Grenfell fire
Firefighter comment after Grenfell Fire

The one thing that really pissed me off while being a serving firefighter was when the government changed legislation around fire deaths.

If any of those poor people fighting for their lives die in hospital, they will not be counted in the government figures. Which means that when they say fire deaths are reducing, year on year, they are talking utter bollocks!! 

They have changed the goal posts to reduce funding in the emergency services. None of this was ever mentioned in the commons or the press. (Surprise) 

They did however decry our "golden" pensions and continually attack us. Reduced funding, corresponding station closures and removal of fire engines and fire personnel to name but a few! 

We need a voice but the propaganda machine continues to whir!!!
A costed proposal to fit Grenfell Tower with panels that did not burn was dropped amid pressure from the Conservative council to slash the cost of the refurbishment.

A cladding company which fits nonflammable aluminium panels claimed it provided a £3.3m quote to fit its system to the 24-storey tower. The Conservative council turned it down in favour of a cheaper quote, but ended up agreeing to a budget of £3.5m for the plastic-filled aluminium panels and synthetic insulation which burned so fiercely on June 14th 2017.

The survivors’ group Grenfell United described the development as heartbreaking. “It is more news that tells us our loved ones would be alive today if different decisions had been taken and if the people in charge had put safety first,” said Sandra Ruiz, who lost her niece in the fire....

Grenfell Tower: fire-resistant cladding plan was dropped
Exclusive: Nonflammable panel system might have saved lives, expert says, and ended up cheaper
Robert Booth
Tue 8 May 2018 14.20 BST

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