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Update on Melanie Shaw
As we heard last week from the interview with Andrea Davison, Melanie Shaw, could blow the lid off child abuse in Nottingham.
I heard an update from Ian R Crane last week. It seems that Melanie was prosecuted in a secret court proceeding and sentenced to more jail time.
I am not a very techie  person, so if interested please go to Ian R Crane, follow that to his report called Notts Police, Investigate child abuse or pallets.
Seems some pallets went missing & the police in Nottingham were very concerned, but no so much about the children.
Here in the U.S. the child stealing, abuse is rampant, as well. But at least in the UK, you have a smaller land mass to secure. This is in no way an excuse for us across the pond. Our corruption & compliance with this as a Nation & people is disgusting. I truly wish there was more coverage. The average person is completely ignorant.
It is a global, shame, violation, and cover up. Andrea Davison touches on this in her interview with Richie.
what is our future? It is our children. They must be protected at all costs.
Please if you have the mind to, support Melanie Shaw. If you feel compelled to write to any authorities on her behalf I'm sure she would be grateful. If she ever sees the light of freedom again, I hope all of her knowledge will come to light.
Keep fighting,
Poor woman it’s so awful what she’s going through... I would like to write to her! Anyone know her address/ prisoner number?
I think she may have been moved again. The best way to find contact info would be the UK Column. Brian Gerish, has a contact e-mail on that site.
If only she could be freed, allowed to speak, and get the truth out to the public.
I had an address at Christmas to send cards of support, but have misplaced it.
I'm sorry I could not be of better help, Charlotte.
From UK Column...
Message from Robert Green about Amnesty International and jailed child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw
Robert Green's letter to Chris Leslie, Labour MP of Political Prisoner Melanie Shaw
Melanie Shaw - the disgusting tale of a UK political prisoner

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