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A Funny Handshake!
The history of Freemasonry in Britain, Europe and the United States

The Masonic societies went through a massive change and expansion after the English Civil War and especially in the early 1700s. Up to that point, only people who worked by profession as masons or building craftsmen could be members. Now it became open to all and Freemasonary or Speculative Masonry was born. 

It is likely that Francis Bacon was a force behind this transformation. The centre of the Freemasonic network that now expanded rapidly was a new Grand Lodge (launched in London in 1717) which became known as the Mother Grand Lodge of the World. It was a centre of Freemasonic manipulation, encouraging other lodges to be set up throughout Europe, the British Empire, and the Americas. 

Many other versions of Freemasonry were introduced, including the York Rite and the Scottish Rite of Michael Ramsey (which was based on the Knights Templar system). The Scottish Rite has 33 degrees of initiation and today has enormous influence in the politics, economics, military, and security services of Britain, Europe, the United States, and many other countries. 

New York was named after the York Rite of Freemasonry. The Brotherhood plan was for the establishment of an independent United States of America –independent of the British government, that is, not independent of the Brotherhood. Encouraged by the Mother Grand Lodge in London, the Freemasonic lodges in the colonies of America began to plot and agitate against British rule. 

An economic crisis was engineered, not least through war between Britain and the French. As part of their desperation for income, the British government imposed higher taxation and duties on the American colonies. It was an operation created and coordinated by the Global Elite which has been repeated over and over again. The network in Britain, as in every other country, includes key bankers, many politicians, and, more importantly, their political advisers. They secretly engineered events which caused an economic crisis in Britain. 

They then advised the British government that the only way out of trouble was to levy higher taxation on the American colonies. At the same time, the American arm of the Brotherhood was being directed to whip up hostility against this action and turn that anger into demands for independence from Britain. 

It appears on the surface –and in the history books –as Britain versus the American colonies. In fact, the same network was manipulating both sides. This is how all the major wars and revolutions have been created. This strategy was described very well by P. Sedir in his Histoire et doctrine des Rose-Croix, published in Paris in 1910: 

“Unable to control destinies on Earth openly because governments would resist, this mystic alliance can act only through secret societies… These, gradually created as the need for them arises, are divided into distinct groups, groups seemingly in opposition, sometimes advocating the most contradictory policies in religion, politics, economics, and literature; but they are all connected, all directed by the invisible centre that hides its power as it thus seeks to move all the sceptres of the Earth.” 

The opposition by the American colonies led the British government to withdraw the new taxes, except for those on tea, but the Brotherhood was not going to let the anger subside. Members of the St. Andrews Freemasons Lodge in Boston, led by the Junior Warden, Paul Revere, dressed up as native American ‘Indians’ and threw tea chests into the harbour to protest at the tax on tea.The Boston Tea Party, as it became known, was hatched during a supper at the home of the Bradlee brothers, who were both members of the St. Andrews Lodge. The momentum for a war of independence gathered strength until it was unstoppable. 

The leading revolutionaries and those who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 were almost all Freemasons. George Washington, the triumphant Commander-in-Chief of the American armies and the first president of the United States of America, was a high ranking Freemason and all but two of his brigadier generals in the war were Masons. 

Top Freemason and Freemasonic historian, Manly P. Hall, says that of the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence, nearly fifty were known to be Freemasons and only one was known not to be. Another researcher, Enrique De Vincente, says that fifty-three of the signatories were Freemasons and that seventeen presidents, beginning with Washington, have been members of the Order. The second president, John Adams, belonged to a secret society known as The Dragons, named after the magnetic energy lines in the Earth’s energy grid. He studied the sacred geometry contained in the energy grid and knew how to harness the power it contained. 

One of the leading revolutionaries and founding fathers of the United States was Benjamin Franklin, the first Grand Master of the Freemasons of Pennsylvania. He became a friend of Sir Francis Dashwood, the Chancellor of the British Treasury, and founder of the secret society called the Club of Hell’s Fire. Franklin became a member along with the Mayor of London, the son of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Prince of Wales. He travelled to France to canvass successfully for the support of the French Freemasons for the American Revolution, and he also secured the services of the German Freemason, Baron von Streube, who served in the army of Frederick the Great of Prussia. The baron was to play a major part in the colonists’ victory over the British. 

Franklin’s connections with the French Brotherhood were very close and he became a high ranking member of the Lodges of San Juan and the Nine Sisters which, in league with the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, would trigger the French Revolution of 1789. Franklin was made Grand Master of the Nine Sisters. One of the central revolutionaries in France, the Marquis de Lafayette, was a friend of Franklin and supported him and the colonists during the American Revolution. 

Freemasons manipulated and won the War of Independence and then took control of the new United States of America. They, and other Brotherhood groups, have never conceded that control to this day. How appropriate, then, that when the founding fathers commissioned a design for the Great Seal of the United States, it included the classic Brotherhood symbols which go back to ancient Egypt and beyond, including the pyramid and all-seeing eye. 

Above and below this symbol are two Latin phrases, Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum. These translate as “Announcing the birth, creation, or arrival” of “A New Order of Ages”. In other words, announcing the creation of the New World Order. The founding of the United States was a massive step forward in the plan for centralised global power. Today this part of the seal can be found on every dollar bill,  and again this is very appropriate, given that the Elite controls the American economy and everyone else’s. 

The decision to put the Pyramid/ New World Order symbol on the dollar was made by the 33rd degree Freemason, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1935, with the full support and encouragement of his vice president, Henry Wallace, another 33rd degree Mason. The American flag, the Stars and Stripes, was also designed to reflect Brotherhood symbolism and the Statue of Liberty was given to American Freemasons by the French Grand Orient (Illuminati) Masonic Order. While ties were ‘officially’ severed between Britain and the United States after the war, those between the American Brotherhood societies and ruling families and their brethren in Britain and Europe grew still stronger, through the secret network. 

That is not to suggest that everyone involved in the fight for American independence was negatively motivated, nor that all in the Brotherhood lodges are of a similar state of mind. Most would have been persuaded they were doing the right thing and in many ways they were. Often it is not the act, but the motivation behind the act that we need to watch. 

One country owning and controlling another is quite wrong, but one needs to look at the wider agenda and motivation behind a course of action and look very carefully at what the proposed alternative will be. Control of America by a British monarch and government being replaced by control of America by a secret Brotherhood hardly advances human freedom, but, and here’s the point to remember, such a transfer of power and control can be, and invariably is, justified under the banner of expanding human freedom. 

The American War of Independence was the first in a series of ‘people’s revolutions’, created and financed by the Brotherhood. The plan was to end the power of the monarchs. Of course, there isn't a problem if it is done peacefully and with genuine popular support. But instead of ‘power to the people’, the monarchs were replaced by other dictatorships, called revolutionary committees, communists, fascists or, more subtly, by the illusion of ‘democracy’, which in reality was and is rule by the Elite. 

To summarise where we are - A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the negative manipulators. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid, or the Global Elite. These, in turn, manipulate the lower levels of the network, within which you will find most of the major national and global decision-makers in politics, banking, industry, commerce, the media, the military, etc. 

This negative force manipulates the Elite, the Elite manipulate the Brotherhood network, and the Brotherhood network manipulates the world. Each lower level doesn’t know what the level above knows, and none of them knows what the one at the top of the pyramid knows. It is a manipulators’ paradise, with most people within it not knowing what they are part of or what the final goal will be. You could describe it symbolically as the clear-sighted manipulating the partially-sighted (Global Elite/ Brotherhood), who then manipulate the blind (the mass of humanity). With the United States now created and in Brotherhood hands, the control of the world could be advanced even more quickly than before.
Masonry like any other religion has been twisted and infiltrated shortly after they began, the whole shooting match is Kabalistic in nature and came through into Europe through inter marrying the royal blood lines, and have always prescribed to the rulers of every nations, but as you say, the majority of the lower ranks know nothing whatsoever to what is really happening.
We are surrounded by Masonic symbols―how modern logos are linked to secret societies -
(05-16-2018, 08:47 AM)Steve Wrote: We are surrounded by Masonic symbols―how modern logos are linked to secret societies -

For those who truly understand symbology and where and how masonry was first instituted, copy and save them before they are removed, this information is unique and when masonry first came to Britain from Pergamom/Teos.

[Image: 20160923_121351.jpg]

[Image: 20160923_141355.jpg]

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The Mysterious Boys in Blue
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