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Hi I'm Liz, I'm arty and a bit of a hermit, hopefully this forum will make me more sociable! ❤
Hi all, it's a pleasure to be on this forum and looking forward to contributing to it regularly. I'm Steve from North Devon. I've been into these alternative views since 2008 since researching 'the credit crunch' and seeing how the banking system worked. That was a massive eye opener which paved the way for everything else. I love listening to Richie's shows. I usually listen to the podcasts the next day as I can't always listen live. Looking forward to getting to know you guys on here, Steve
Hey you guys...
I’m Charlotte, love the Richie Allen show never miss it although quite often have to listen day after! Its quite honestly 95% of what keeps me sane in an insane world!
Hope all goes well with new forum & good luck Richie and thanks from the bottom of my heart for doing the show!
Congratulations Richie, nice website. Worth the time waiting for it. Waiting for the next show!
Jenna here from Bristol. This is absolutely brilliant, so glad that there is now a forum. Really looking forward to meeting some like-minded people and hopefully some people in my area!! Have been loving the Richie Allen Show for over two years now, have learnt so much and am so grateful for the hard work Richie has put in, despite financial woes and the challenges that the show has faced.
Im keven from Australia , stumbled on to richie allen a year ago whilst looking for truths. Absolutely applaud his efforts and his list of guest great listening onya richie thankyou for web site
Happy days . Im Rob.This is gonna be my new scroler for sure !! Realy realy well done and thanks for this web page richie, your show is a breath of fresh air for news stories. If these forums spark as much spark as your shows do the country could be in for a speedier collective awakening .
Thank you
Hello Everybody!

Looking forward to some good open and honest discussions and info.
Thanks to Richie and team for providing this platform and for his show.. I've not long discovered it but it's sure is a breath of fresh air and a much needed counter to the mainstream.

Love it thanks ?
Thank you Richie for your show and this Forum. I enjoy listening to peoples points of view. I don't always agree with all that they say but I listen to the evidence being presented. As many of the people on this forum don't believe in God. I thought I can present a living God to them not the dead god of religion. As my barber once said during one of our discussions in the chair, I like the song but not the singer. As he is Italian and has been wronged growing up in the Catholic system, I took this to mean he didn't like what he had been presented so far. I am a Spirit filled Pastor from Australia who spent 32 years living on the dark side of life, with no knowledge of God. 28 years ago I had a powerful conversion to God so perhaps I can present a faithful singing performance of his song.Thanks again Richie for this opportunity.
Greg D welcome to the forum that sounds interesting!
I’m the opposite to you, brought up a Christian (school) with atheist parents I was atheist until 27 when I ‘found God’ I subsequently lived in a state of fear and guilt until last year when I finally ditched it!
I’d be interested to chat with you! My idea of God now is ‘consciousness’ not a judging god!
Look forward to chatting
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