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Hi Charlotte. Perfect love casts out all fear. Jesus is called the prince of peace and it was him who said the truth will set you free. We shouldn't be afraid to call God our consciousness as he gave it to us. I guess none of us are in a position to judge God either. Thanks for the welcome God bless. I hope you find my posts so far interesting.
Hello everyone! I am a nature-lover, into natural health in a big way, and seeking the truth about the human situation on this planet. My spiritual background is that I was brought up to be a "devout" atheist, reacted to that by entering a strict religious phase, outgrew that and would now describe myself as spiritually aware with no affiliation to any religion. Always listen to the Richie Allen Show and am of course also a fan of David Icke - and of the philosopher Alan Watts, whose talks are often found on David Icke's website! I am sure this is going to be a great forum!
From Sweden, but i'll stop there because I don't want to blow my cover. (lol, that sounds like paranoia probably, but what the hell... who isn't paranoid when the eye of sauron aka the all seeing eye is searching and scanning the web?)

The one thing I want to share with everybody is that I remember when I was a little kid, it was september 2001 and I remember seeing George W Bush on TV, something wasn't right about him, it was almost like somebody had told him what to say. That was the first time I had that feeling...hard to explain what it was, but it definitely made me think twice about everything after that. And once I learned what the FED was, that's when I knew it was a set up, We've been set up. It's a slow process, that's how they do it, because then people don't resist. And that is what has to change.
Welcome to the forum Boudicca & Deepinvocaleuphoria! (Not a mouthful at all!!)
Boudicca I feel the same I was atheist, then ‘found God, then got shot of him again!! (The religious god anyway) We have that in common!!! Lol
Welcome everyone, great to have you here. We hope you enjoy the forums and if you have any issues all you have to is ask.
Hello everyone. Greetings from (not so...) bonnie Scotland. I've been listening to Richie for about 6 months, and its good to know that there is a platform to discuss ideas raised on his show.

I am sure we'll all get along famously!
Hello All,
My name is Bill, I live in Newfoundland, been listening to the show for some time.
Welcome Bill & Manicstreetpreacher! Smile
Thank you Charlotte4711
Hi All, I met Richie briefly at the David Icke event in the Isle-of-Wight last year. I have been down many of the usual rabbit holes over the years. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in here Smile .
I came here after seeing that the Richie Allen Youtube site has been taken down.....among many others Sad
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