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any conclusions on las vegas yet?
ah, sadly, i think you've made the point though: whistleblowers are the only way we ever will know.

when i was watching the video, i kept thinking - contrary to the voiceover - if those cases had guns in them, the bellhops had a very good way of knowing something was amiss. they'd weigh a ton! each!

also reminds me of what chelsea manning said in an interview recently: that there's really no good advice to give anyone thinking of being a whistleblower. they know their situations better than anyone else, they know there are no truly safe channels. they have to do what they determine is right.

however, jesselyn radack also said recently to get legal representation before you blow the whistle, not after.

i'm appalled by what's happened to julian over the last 7 or 8 years. absolutely appalled. sometimes i think the masses should have stood up and started an actual war/revolution by now. so many appalling things going on in recent years.

but chelsea's free. and barrett, and john kiriakou, and a few others. i'm upset ed snowden is in exile, but he seems to be alright. i pray julian will come out of this safely as well. hopefully SOON.
"Cameras Off"  Video emerges of Vegas Shooting Strike team being told to turn off Body Cams
26 to 43 minutes ... Saudi Arabia & Trump -

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