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Native Americans
Reservations Used to Build Deep State: Crown, Rothschilds & Wall Street w/ Susan Bradford (1of2)

Susan Bradford rejoins the program to explain how Indian Reservations have been used to build the deep state by the Crown back by the City of London, Rothschilds, and Wall Street. She explains how they used reservations to dodge laws, hide money, and swindle Indians and Americans out of billions, maybe Trillions of dollars.

Part 2 -

Legislation Allows Chinese Troops in Canada, Death Squads, Preserving Your Rights w/ Kevin Annett -

Kevin Annett rejoins the program to discuss recent legislation in Canada that allows Chinese troops on Canadian soil. The agreement allows China to protect their vast assets acquired over many decades. We discuss how the asset stripping from Canada and the United States into the hands of the Chinese is an indication of who is behind many of the events transpiring today. We also discuss the globalist agenda and how their plans also tie into the overall plans of the Chinese and ultimately how we will lose all of our basic rights if we do not push back. See more about Kevin and his work at or at

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