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Victoria Deryshire show
BBC (Victoria Derbyshire)  just did a perfect  hatchet job on the situation in Syria. Even I, who know perfectly well whats really going on there, was in awe at the range of guests she had on from inside Syria spinning the line of the evil "TERRORIST"  Russians and the rogue state Iran causing havoc in their country, Syria.  She even had 18 yr Old young man, a syrian lad,  in the studio with her who weirdly knew that Russia blocked USA efforts at the UN Security council 10 times (very specific)!  I follow the conflict there very closely and I didn't know the actual number of times Russia exercised it's veto.  What was very noticable was a slight change in narrative, its not Assad who used Chemical weapons, it was RUSSIA!!  The show did this BRILLIANTLY!!  It almost convinced me of Russian guilt in everything from the weather to Man United crashing out the champions league!  This was state propaganda misinformation at its  absolute finest!

It's actually Horrifically terrifying!
Hamish de Bretton Gordon, a British Chemical Weapons expert, has been doing the rounds on Sky and BBC  conflating the Syrian conflict with the incident in Salisbury, stating that  Russia's use of chemical weapons in Syria has emboldened them which is why the UK is in the situation it finds itself with a chemical weapons attack On European soil.  The presenters are eating this up, loving this!!   A new narrative of chemical weapon use by Russia is definately snowballing!!

Queue the White Helmets!  I'm now expecting imminently in the next few days  a whopper of  false flag in Syria, which Russia, rather than Assad, will be blamed for, Giving NATO and Isreal the excuse they need to launch  "FIRE and FURY!"
they really are ramping this up very quickly. do they have a deadline to meet, do you think?

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