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Chemtrails - The Top Secret Nanoparticle Delivery System Which Is Changing Our World.
Comment on Chemtrails - The Top Secret Nanoparticle Delivery System Which Is Changing Our World.. Post away!
Fact or fiction: chemtrails are sprayed from airplanes

Top 10 natural supplements and herbs that can fight the toxicities emitted by chemtrails -
There are some excellent videos out there where people has tested soil samples after the spraying and the frightening results  of the research into the toxins and metals that are found afterwards. This is happening worldwide and it is no coincidence that Dementia is fast becoming the number one killer in the western world.
Some farmers in the Caribbean are rushing out to cover their crops when they see the Chemtrails start to appear due to the devastating effects it is having on their livelihoods.

Would be great to have a full show dedicated to this topic. Richie??
I would dearly love to get my hands on some of these Morgellons samples and put them through my lab and top end microscopes, if you have anyone who has such a thing/samples or patients, then please contact me here.
On a very recent visit to Britain I saw planes over Reading and Bristol spreading trails. They were just going round and round leaving these trails not going anywhere so clearly it was not a any kind of trail from an ordinary aircraft just passing through. Over Reading I saw just one plane high up leaving the trails but over Bristol there were three planes flying quite low leaving trails. I live in Cork and to date have never seen these trails here. I can see the planes coming into land at Cork airport from where I live and they never leave a trail. Shouldn't someone be asking questions in parliament about what is going on? Those of you in the UK could you write to your MP and see what reply you get and come back and let us know.

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