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Mystery of the crystal sphere of Atlantis -

Theories about Atlantis mention the extensive use of crystals by Atlanteans. Crystals varied in slight, color, and harmonic frequencies. Crystals follow harmonic frequencies and could be used with an instrument that looks like a tuning fork.....


The legends of Atlantis and Lemuria tell of two vast continents, one in the Pacific, which many people believe were ruled by highly advanced races. The continents are said to have disappeared under the sea in the Great cataclysms, leaving only islands like the Azores as remnants of their former scale and glory. 

Atlantis was described by Plato (427–347 BC), the ancient Greek philosopher and high initiate of the secret society-mystery school network. To this day this secret network has passed on much knowledge to the chosen few while denying that privilege to the mass of the people. Official history dismisses Plato’s contention that such a continent existed and there are apparent historical discrepancies in his accounts (according to official history), but there is geological support for his basic theme. 

The Azores, which some believe were part of Atlantis, lie on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which is connected to a fracture line that encircles the planet. This line continues for a distance of 40,000 miles. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is one of the foremost areas for earthquakes and volcanoes. Four vast tectonic plates, the Eurasian, African, North American and Caribbean, all meet and collide in this region making it very unstable geologically. 

Both the Azores and the Canary Islands were subject to widespread volcanic activity in the time period Plato suggested for the end of Atlantis. Tachylite lava disintegrates in sea water within 15,000 years and yet it is still found on the sea bed around the Azores, confirming geologically-recent upheavals. Other evidence, including beach sand gathered from depths of 10,500–18,440 feet, reveals that the seabed in this region must have been, again geologically-recently, above sea level. 

The oceanographer, Maurice Ewing, wrote in National Geographic magazine that: “Either the land must have sunk two or three miles, or the sea must once have been two or three miles lower than now. Either conclusion is startling.” The geological and biological evidence also suggests that the widespread volcanic activity which caused the sinking of the land in the region of the Azores, happened at the same time as the break up and sinking of the land mass known as Appalachia which connected what we now call Europe, North America, Iceland and Greenland. 

Even their degree of submergence appear closely related. Similar evidence can be produced to support the view that the continent known as Mu or Lemuria now rests on the bed of the Pacific.  The so-called Bermuda Triangle between Bermuda, southern Florida, and a point near the Antilles, has long been associated with Atlantis. It is also an area steeped in legends of disappearing ships and aircraft. Submerged buildings, walls, roads and stone circles like Stonehenge, even what appear to be pyramids, have been located near Bimini, under the waters of the Bahama Banks and within the ‘triangle’.  

So have walls or roads creating intersecting lines
Possible site of Atlantis found using satellite imagery -

Thanks to Plato’s account of the lost city and Google Earth, new visual and arithmetic clues suggest that the mythical city of Atlantis may have been hiding in plain sight the entire time, in rather an unlikely place ......
Atlantis and Underground Cities....

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