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A Word From Richie
Comment on A Word From Richie. Post away!
YEY Richie, absolutely wonderful to hear from thee. Take a rest and some well deserved sleep and catch ya in early September. You are missed xxx

YEY Richie, absolutely wonderful to hear from thee. Take a rest and some well deserved sleep and catch ya in early September. You are missed xxx
I wish you a speedy recovery and a solution to your sleep problems.
I have lived with insomnia for many years...people who are emotional sensitives have this problem as they are constantly being bombarded with the this chaotic dark energy prevailing the world.
For me, I have found that a controlled diet, Clary Sage oil, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and other breathing exercises and gentle stretching can reduce excessive brain activity and aid sleep.
I look forward to hearing your show again in Sept.
Thank You Richie!
My Brother,


Glad to hear from you, Richie. I myself have issues sleeping. I used to take prescription sleeping pills, NyQuil or anything OTC for sleep when insomnia would stay with me for months. It was absolutely infuriating, thinking about sleeping when you can’t makes it even worse.

I have found that melitonin supplements are the best. Take it 30mins before bed, and I’m out for at least 6hours. I don’t feel like my organs are failing like they were with the prescriptions or OTC NyQuil stuff. No grogginess. I found that taking melatonin for long stretches doesn’t work, that’s when smoking a blunt helps.

Feel better Richie, can’t wait to hear your show again in September.
So glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. I miss hearing your show but you need to take the time to fully recover. I too suffer from insomnia, I think it is those of us who have an over-active mind who can't sleep - we really need an on/off switch. I would seriously recommend taking a meditation course, it really does help. Enjoy your time off just smelling the roses. The world's problems will still be here when you get back, sadly.
Richie I am so glad to hear you are on the mend. You are a strong, intelligent and compassionate man, it shows in your work and how you interact with your guests. I know you will overcome your sleeping issues without chemical medication, we support you all the way mate. Stay strong and look forward to seeing you back rested and refreshed in September. All the best.
thank fuck! was worried about you, kiddo. Big Grin

yet another fellow insomniac here. (wrote a post here when saw you were taken ill. was so tired, i never hit 'post reply'. & didn't notice til 2 or 3 days later.) do what you need to do to get your strength back. glad there were no other problems.

maybe you'll go on a news hiatus. i do that every few months or years. catch up later. it's more efficient & less dramatic, sometimes. haha

or you could go on one of those technology breaks altogether. you seem to love outdoors, as you should. & it's still summer. be by water. that always helps.

or you could just do whatever the fuck you want! lol without random advices.

eat well, too, though, yeah?
see/hear you in september!
Great to hear that you're getting better, Richie - not enough sleep is a real problem for so many people these days but hopefully you will be able to overcome this.

Looking forward to your shows in September!

Here's an interesting article on sleeping patterns -

The benefits of a two-phase sleep cycle ....
Great to hear from you Richie, Make the most of your break, enjoy the rest and I hope you manage to find a solution to your sleep problems,
Take care of yourself x

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