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The Richie Allen Show - Live At 1 PM UK Time Today Friday November 23rd
Comment on The Richie Allen Show - Live At 1 PM UK Time Today Friday November 23rd. Post away!
Just wanted to say I think you have some great guests on, very thought provoking. I would love to comment on individual programmes but I refuse to resurrect either my Twitter or Google accounts and though I still have a Facebook account, which is sometimes useful for signing in to other sites now and again, I no longer want to use it.

I can fully understand why Richie doesn't post here very much. There are only so many hours in the day and he's a one man band in producing the programme. The important thing is that he and others carry on doing what they do in getting the information out there. What he said on Sunday view today is so true. It is hard to get people to listen to alternative views to official narratives or what the mainstream media put out. I do try to pass on information which I believe to be true but, not everyone, but a lot of people think I'm either nuts or deluded.

With regard to oversleeping it's a constant nightmare for me now I don't have anyone to wake me because I can sleep through alarm clocks and even thunderstorms. If I have an early flight to catch I just have to stay up all night. When I was young the man who lived in the flat above me said to me how come I often didn't hear my alarm but he always did!

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