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Marshall Law and Chaos in the USA
(03-11-2018, 06:52 PM)Styleezy Wrote: Yes, and i especially agree with the 'back to basics' principle you insinuate. I have often thought of the situation a lack of electricity would bring, also the fact that this can happen without 'elite' powers, ie. solar flares/pulses. The result of this, or a manmade power cut would be almost identical, although i am sure if it was manmade, it would not be a total 100% powercut (wink wink)

I forgot about the natural solar flare model, it is bloody frightening to even think about it really is, We have all seen the scary but quite obvious flare scares as I call them, but it is a possibility and reality if such a thing did occur, not good.

But I think the elite have many other different things up their sleeves, or our I should say our sleeves, I do not trust them whatsoever, during the full retreat of the Roman Empire they purposely opened their once well gaurded borders and let people with yellow fever flow freely, where they were quarantining them during their iron grip of their empire before hand.

And as we all know the elite simply do not want folks to be able to fend for themselves because they know we would, skills in hand flourish without any problems whatsoever, this trait always creates and abundance by self generation.

If you see China today, this can only happen when one form of abundance is redistributed and another has to be taken down to an almost skill less pool of headless chickens, sorry to put it like that but that is what we have been turned into, we are long past the service industry and certificated semi skilled paradigm and model already, the next step is real hardship for those without money, skills or resolve, we are truly entering a nightmare situation.

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