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Mark Devlin DJ, Author, Podcaster

We truly are now living in the most momentous times in human history, and as the plot thickens every day, it becomes clear that it’s very much a battle between Good and Evil of Biblical proportions, and we have to get our hearts, minds and souls ready.

The cabal is now in its death throes and getting desperate to retain its power against overwhelming odds. The manufactured George Floyd event was an act of absolute panic in the wake of the wheels continuing to fall off of the “coronavirus” scam. New evidence is coming forward by the day to show that both events were put-up jobs, and sooner or later, the public is going to have to be FORCED to accept the truth about them, and those that perpetrated them. It'll be like Roddy Piper and Keith David beating the shit out of each-other in the alley in 'They Live.'

Every regime in the human timeline that has been built upon evil and injustice has, sooner or later, crumbled and died. It’s time for this one to go the same way. But we cannot get complacent and let up the fight. We must all continue to make our contributions towards the outcome that we wish to see - and it CAN happen.

God helps those who help themselves.

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