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Coronavirus False Flag
Flu disappears worldwide while ‘Covid’ with the same alleged symptoms ‘soars’ – just a coincidence nothing to worry about, move along now nothing to see here

[Image: Screenshot-2021-01-16-at-10.39.00.png]
Book Virus Mania (PDF)

How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits, At Our Expense ...

Thousands of Israelis Tested Positive for ‘Virus’ After First Vaccine Shot – what a sick joke it all is

Over 10,000 Israelis test positive within two weeks of receiving the first dose, while antibody tests on health workers show ‘the vaccine works wonderfully’ after the second dose.
Over 12,400 Israeli residents have tested positive for COVID-19 after being vaccinated, among them 69 people who had already gotten the second dose, which began to be administered early last week, the Health Ministry reported.
This amounts to 6.6 percent of the 189,000 vaccinated people who took coronavirus tests after being vaccinated. According to the ministry’s data, 5,348 people were found infected up to a week after getting the vaccine, of the 100,000 people who were vaccinated and then tested a week later – an infection rate of 5.4 percent of those vaccinated during that time.

Read More: Thousands of Israelis Tested Positive for Coronavirus After First Vaccine Shot
FACT CHECK – BBC Release Propaganda Lies about Children and Covid

The BBC yesterday released a recorded interview with a London Nurse. The headline they used – “It was minimally affecting children in the first wave…we now have a whole ward of children here”. The article has had over 2.6 million views at the time of writing. But it has been disputed by the Professor Russell Viner, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. 
The interview was carried out on BBC Radio 5 Live between Adrian Chiles and Laura Duffel, a Left Wing Activist and Chair of the ISEL Branch Team of the Royal College of Nursing, the world’s largest Nursing Union. Laura currently works as a matron at the Kings College Hospital in Children’s Ambulatory Services, as you can see here.
Ambulatory care refers to medical services performed on an outpatient basis, without admission to a hospital or other facility (MedPAC). It is provided in settings such as:
[li]Offices of physicians and other health care professionals[/li]
[li]Hospital outpatient departments[/li]
[li]Ambulatory surgical centers[/li]
[li]Specialty clinics or centers, e.g., dialysis or infusion[/li]
[li]Urgent care clinics[/li]
So what that doesn’t cover is intensive care for inpatients, or any care whatsoever for inpatients.

Read more: FACT CHECK – BBC Release Propaganda Lies about Children and Covid
National flu and COVID-19 surveillance reports -

National influenza and COVID-19 report, monitoring COVID-19 activity, seasonal flu and other seasonal respiratory illnesses.


... from Richie’s FB post -

The graph below, was taken from this website.


Week three. The seven day period ending Jan 21st 2021

Look at the graph below. We are to believe that in January, less than 2 in 100,000 people have flu in the middle of Winter. Take your time....I'll wait for you.
Are you getting it now? I mean...are you getting it? There is no pandemic. This is tyranny. You are being coerced into taking a vaccine that by their own admission cannot stop you getting their so called deadly disease.
Halfway through this winter of Covid, overall mortality is around normal for this time of year. Something doesn’t add up

By Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist and writer based in London. He has a background in the life sciences, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in genetics
Although the numbers of deaths attributed to the virus in the UK are higher than they’ve ever been, in total, not many more people are dying than in any other cold season. Is the mainstream media finally waking up to this?
A recent article in the Telegraph is one of the first in a mainstream outlet to even suggest a challenge to the official coronavirus narrative. These days, that narrative claims that the ‘second wave’ is actually deadlier than the first. (Recently, some Branch Covidians have been claiming a ‘third wave’, but there is not yet a united front on that.)
The basic reasoning of the article is sound, even if it is long overdue. It laments how every day, the media solemnly reports the latest figures on Covid deaths. Presenting this figure in isolation results in graphs such as this one, which does indeed seem to show that we are at the height of a second, worse phase of a pandemic. But, like any statistics, daily death numbers are meaningless without context, which the media rarely provides.
They do not provide context because, if they did, the public might see a graph such as this one, from the Telegraph article. It quite clearly shows the spring spike in overall mortality, which was caused by Covid (plus lockdowns). After that ends in summer, we see… nothing. Overall mortality ever since, even through this winter, hovers at around the five-year average. And overall mortality, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, is the only true way to know whether you are in a pandemic or not – all other figures can easily be fiddled.

Out of whack
So, why are the excess death data and the Covid deaths data so out of whack? And why isn’t Covid killing lots and lots of people this winter, as it did in spring? Even if you ascribe all excess deaths to Covid and none to lockdown, there really does not seem to be anything out of the normal variation in total deaths from year to year. And surely, by now, the toll of unnecessary deaths caused by untreated cancer, heart disease, depression and so on, has at least begun to register.
One reason coronavirus might not be slaying all around it this winter is because, well, this is not its first winter. Remember: it is called Covid-19, as in 2019. Of course, the official version of history states that the virus never reached Western civilisation until the spring of 2020, but evidence for this assertion is based on dodgy polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and a profound rejection of common sense. (By the way, how many people do you know who had a severe bout of pneumonia-like symptoms last winter?)
But the main reason for the disparity is obvious: mass PCR testing. Under the current regime (science is the wrong word), a ‘Covid death’ is someone who dies having tested positive for Covid within the previous 28 days. When you test all hospital patients, as the UK does, then some of them will turn out to be positive – how many depends largely on the way you do the tests. And the more tests you do, the more ‘Covid deaths’ you will generate. It is that simple. Dr Mike Yeadon has written extensively on this, which he calls the PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic

Too little, too late
In another time, it might have been shocking that it took so long for the science editor of a broadsheet newspaper to wonder why, in the midst of a killer pandemic the world’s not seen for a century or so, the number of people dying in the country is ordinary. Better late than never I suppose, but do not take this as a sign that the reinforcements are coming. Even this article makes absolutely certain to pledge allegiance to Covid orthodoxy, stating without evidence that “severe restrictions were … clearly essential to control the growing pandemic’’.
Most people do not get their information by sifting through government-issued statistics on websites designed to hinder you. But there used to be a word for someone who got paid to do exactly that and then tell the public, in plain English, what they found. Oh, that’s right – we used to call those people ‘journalists’. There don’t seem to be many of them about these days, not even at the Telegraph
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