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Mask Wearing
The Real Dangers of Wearing a Mask -

Martin May, FB

I did make a longer video yesterday....(See link below). I overlooked reading the Carbon dioxide percentages being held by my face when wearing a mask. This is a shorter video to show you that, as well as the oxygen levels.

This is from yesterday:

# Face mask DECREASE oxygen levels by around 8%, as proven by this video

# They also INCREASE carbon dioxide to around 35 times higher, from 0.1% to 3.5%

# Face masks are designed to protect the wearer so why does everyone have to wear one?.

# Face masks and coverings WILL NOT protect you from a virus so why is anyone wearing them at all?

# This is all a scam to test your conformity into believing their nonsense, and further their agenda.

# Face masks actually cause the wearer more damage. The irony of someone wearing one thinking it is for their own good, but are actually harming themselves.



More articles on masks ...







Also see this report by investigative journalist Jon Rappaport who has thirty years experience in the medical and health field.


Face masks pose serious threat to the healthy


Masks fail to filter Covid19 in coughing patients https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousd...id19/85814

From 'The Lancet' - there is no evidence that this approach prevents infection with respiratory viruses https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lance...1/fulltext

Also see this report complete with links to studies, expert accounts and other reports Useful info here re masks.


WHO - Coronavirus spread by asymptomatic people rare https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/08/healt...index.html

US Attorney on the risks of healthy people being forced to wear masks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW6fBEav...pp=desktop
‘Don’t be a sheep’: Washington sheriff urges residents to defy mask order -

Man, 26, suffers collapsed lung after jogging 2.5 miles while wearing face mask -


Face masks
Many people can now be seen in public wearing face masks. From 15 June 2020, face coverings became mandatory on public transportation. What is the evidence for their use? Currently there seems to be no strong medical consensus on whether face masks actually help.
Physics professor Denis Rancourt published a paper on the science relevant to face masks. After reviewing randomised controlled trial studies with measured outcomes over the last decade, he found that none showed statistically significant advantage to wearing a mask.
Nevertheless some proponents make the claim that masks are valuable for preventing asymptomatic carriers from spreading COVID-19. However, WHO in fact state that healthy people only need to wear a mask when taking care of a person with COVID-19.
Further, there seems to be growing evidence that wearing masks at best gives a false sense of security and at worst end up making healthy people more susceptible to getting sick. Dr. Jenny Harries, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer, warned that masks could increase risk of infection:
Quote:“For the average member of the public walking down a street, it is not a good idea…In fact, you can actually trap the virus in the mask and start breathing it in. Because of these behavioural issues, people can adversely put themselves at more risk than less.”
Even the HM Government’s guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services, published 23 June 2020, states:
Quote:[i][T]he role of PPE in providing additional protection is extremely limited…face covering may be marginally beneficial as a precautionary measure. The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you[/i]…[i]evidence of the benefit of using a face covering to protect others is weak[/i].

Is the Texas Covid Spike Fake News

Yet another reason how masks are causing HARM. Schools should NOT be mandating these -

# OSHA guidelines recommend CO2 levels under 1100ppb indoors.

# We begin to experience Illness at 2000ppb.

# Within seconds of N95 mask, the reading hits 10,000ppb and can not register anymore.

# Within seconds of a surgical mask, levels are above 8,000ppb.

# Within seconds of a bandana cloth mask, levels are above 9,000ppb.

# Even with a face shield, levels approach 1800ppb.

# Not only do masks become Petri dishes of bacteria, viruses and mold, they don’t prevent viral transmission, and they cause CO2 toxicity.

Follow Del Bigtree ♥

Denied access to Doctor's Surgery for not wearing a mask

Don’t Forget To Wear Your Masks!



https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SLPRBCNIkCY removed

Peter Hitchens: Mandatory mask wearing is more superstition than science -


Unenforceable in shops -


Asthma sufferers warned not to wear face masks amid coronavirus pandemic -

That's the advice from experts who claim that the pieces of protective equipment can make breathing harder for 12% of Brits...


Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science -

Airflow around masks ...

Penetration through masks ...

N95 respirators ...

Surgical masks ...

Cloth masks ...

Masks against Covid-19 ...

During walking or other exercise

... The foregoing data show that masks serve more as instruments of obstruction of normal breathing, rather than as effective barriers to pathogens. Therefore, masks should not be used by the general public, either by adults or children, and their limitations as prophylaxis against pathogens should also be considered in medical settings...


As Americans turn against each other over mask mandates, many scientists are speaking out, including former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt, PhD, who just released a paper compiling seven studies on the science surrounding the effectiveness of masks.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C1ODBTdNiG0 removed



Remember, according to social distancing shop staff cannot “touch” you or come within 1 metre without breaking guidelines, (but of course they touch everything your buying) and if you refuse to wear a mask in their shop cannot physically throw you out, but can only call the police to enforce a government 'guideline'. The big problem for the police is that that would be breaking the Law if they tried to enforce a 'guideline', because police can only legally enforce Criminal Law.

If the police detain you, or arrest you because, naturally, you have refused to cooperate, they are then guilty of unlawful detention, which comes under the criminal code of 'kidnapping'.

If they try to fine you, without first 'kidnapping' you, you are not obliged to give them any information, not even your name, and without your name they cannot issue a fine.

If they find out your name, by whatever means and then issue a fine, you can simply state that you refuse to accept or pay any fine and they will then be obliged to caution you, which would be totally illegal since you will not have committed any crime (guidelines being optional to follow) and again, they would not be enforcing any law.

Know the difference: Guidelines come under 'civil law' and crimes come under 'criminal law'. The police are not allowed to enforce 'civil law' - only the local authority and the civil courts can attempt to do that. So, demand that the Court issue you with a date for an appearance, and when/if you go to court your defence will be illegal detention and kidnapping, and in the civil court you will be able to demand substantial compensation as a counter-claim from the police, plus insist that criminal charges are brought against the arresting and detaining officers.

Now, nobody says that it will get to that stage, indeed it would be very unlikely to, but can you imagine how the Courts will be clogged up for years, perhaps decades, trying to process those bloody awkward bastards who had the bald-faced cheek to know the Law and also know their civil rights.

PS: Ensure you use your phone and record the whole event, to be used as leverage and evidence. But just remember this one fact - the police cannot enforce civil Law and therefore have no rights in determining whether or not you have to wear a mask, just because the government says so. That process would be called a 'dictatorship' and we are not quite there yet, despite this government's valiant attempts to make it so.



They're not a thing where I live besides a few easily fooled folk wearing them voluntarily. Not so in other parts of the world.

You have some options here. Even Rectum Central aka the WHO openly state that masks do not protect against made up viruses. They don't protect against real ones either because it's impossible to inhale or ingest a virus and have it take up residence in you.


If offered - and it's only ever an offer- to wear a mask in public you have a few options, all of which are honourable in commerce:

1) politely decline based on your medical condition. No one has a right to probe you about your private medical life. You can say it's a respiratory condition and that's all you're willing to say. It's private information, thank you very much.

No one has the right to refuse essential services such as food.

If you're feeling frisky you can take option number 2 which requires you to have a witness by your side who will sign and affidavit or you need to voice or video record (if you plan to take things further and actually press charges).

2) conditionally accept the offer to wear a mask.

"I'll accept your offer to have me wear a mask on the condition that you can provide evidence that there is

a) a virus
b) that this virus is deadly compared to, say, a flu.
c) that a mask protects against a virus when the WHO and the makers of masks state that they offer no protection against covid 19
d) why are you allowing any mask and not checking that they are bona fide particle masks. Isn't that negligence? Are you putting me at risk by your own standards? I might have to sue you for that.
e) show me your source of authority that shows you have the right to make me wear a mask and refuse my purchases of essential services food/travel etc. If you can't provide that I'll sue you for false claims against me.

Now, some non-thinkin' folk think that's being a pain, just do it, don't make people's lives hard, they're just doing their job. That's right, they are just doing their job and that is why you remain polite and courteous. No need to make their life difficult and it won't be if they comply with your offers.

The idea that no one should question is insane because it completely removes a person's responsibility to do what's right. If they enforce the establishment's directives they are working against us and for them. If everyone turned their back it would instantly collapse, but we  won't because people are weak and want their cheese today, even if it means there's no tomorrow.

So no, they have the choice. They have many choices in fact. I've dealt with plenty of local people who don't bother making me use hand poison in a store. They think for themselves and don't make a fuss because it's THEIR choice if a fuss is made, not mine.

If police are involved, same questions apply and same counter claims to sue.

I recently sued and won against a government employee so yes it can be done.

Or, if you're up for some creativity and fun, you can take advantage of the fact that no one has ever stated what type of mask is required.

.... Enter Amy Rose LaPrairie. This girl is my current favourite. Very creative, very fun, very legal, very lawful and very honourable in commerce.
Instagram @amyrose_rewilding
Go give her a follow or friend request and post your escapades in the comments or tag us in your photo or video of unmasking common sense, and let's have some fun....

Well seems like masks will be our day to day routine for the nearest months maybe even a year. I flew yesterday to Spain to visit my friend in his Costa Blanca property here and it was obligatory to wear a mask in the terminals, in the airplane all the time. You could remove it only when you eat or drink. Everywhere are hand sanitizers, it's just crazy.
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