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WARNING: Media Circling Wagons to Link Trump to QAnon; Dems Showing Fear More than Hate w/ Dustin Nemos -

Dustin Nemos rejoins the program to discuss the media circus forming around QAnon and the wide spread persecution of the movements supporters. Dustin shares how the media will use the craziest members who support QAnon to link to Trump in an effort to make him look like a crazy conspiracy theorist (never mind all the crazy conspiracies they really did concoct). It will be a campaign strategy to disparage not only Trump, but all of his supporters in the process. By now, all of us are used to the lies and the made up narratives by the media. This will just be the next narrative they plan on using to smear those that do not share the same political views.
The Great Google/YouTube QAnon Purge of 2020: When Does It All End?

As I post this video two of my YouTube Channels are on Suspension from YouTube/Google. On Thursday October 15th Donald Trump spoke at a ABC News Town Hall in Florida where he was asked if he knew about the conspiracy Movement called QAnon. Trump mentioned (as he has done before) that he really knew nothing about the group except that they strongly disagree with pedophilia and that they like him as a President. Little did Trump know at the time that several prominent (I call them Q-Tubers) had been thrown off of YouTube. Earlier this Summer I lost my main channel after seven years on YouTube. Over twenty thousand subs and ten million views later YouTube unilaterally took my channel away over night without any explanation. It sounds like the same thing happened to several of these Q Tube Channels as well. I don’t believe in some of the things that come out of the QAnon movement, but I believe in Freedom of Speech and Expression. With what happened on Twitter and Facebook last week with the New York Post And the Hunter Biden story being censored on those two Liberal platforms and what is happening here on Google and YouTube it truly appears that we are living in a Marxist Orwellian State. Just remember one thing. In the end Satan loses.
Is the Push To Condemn “Q” Connected To Hunter Biden’s Laptop?
QAnon is a Psyop – Wake Up People! – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – Please Share

(Q movement mentioned ftom 24 minutes in)
Why are QAnon believers obsessed with 4 March?
(03-04-2021, 12:13 PM)awakened53 Wrote: Why are QAnon believers obsessed with 4 March?

what year?

Regarding 4th March ...

G’Morning! No there won’t be a Trump inauguration today, as much as we’re all patiently waiting for that day. Remember that Trump was chosen by the military to do a job. Dates were never revealed, as that would go against a military sting operation. It will happen, be patient and hold the line.

Looking back at some Deltas from today, Q Drop 835 is one of the first times Q started teaching how to “decode”.

Anons have evolved. There was a time when even anons would look towards dates (Dec 14, Jan 6 etc.). Not anymore. Like today, Mar 4th. We already know that the Deepstate likely has a false flag set up with Antifa. Define TRAP.

Q839 mentions Antifa, and we know they will be up to no good today. 

Q already told us Biden was going to be in the WH. “Is there a benefit (think public optics) to allowing your enemy to open the front door? & “WH Suicide”.

Q Drop 837: We are fighting for you.
Q Drop 838: BOOM!

Trump will be back to lead the country soon. Hold the line. In the words of Q, “Enjoy the Show!” ??

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