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Where did the missing $$$ trillions Go?
What appear to be government organisations are actually private. The US Federal Reserve is the central bank that directs the American economy but it is in fact a cartel of private banks and its control by government is purely illusory.
The Myth Of Authority:

Sacred Economics; Charles Eisenstein:
My letter to Charles

Charles you ask what would money look like, well let me tell you, the peoples labour and physical effort, that they do not get to keep for themselves and give it away under duress, skiils equals labour, equals money, and the very part and atribute that nature has always thrived without it. What is happening is those in power are re-inventing a new world religion a new \Gaia\ a mother earth who is always giving and never taking until you kill parts of her so she cannot give any longer, or have enough time to heal before she can begin giving again, humans are electrically driven entities and are seen as cells of energy by the powers that should not be.

Climate change is not a part that the economist looks at, neither does a banker, who knows that the sea level is not going to flood the lower region in the Florida keys in 10 years time, otherwise they would not give out the mortgages, and stand to loose their investments in ten years time.

You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that wealth in huge numbers requires huge numbers of people who work for less so the wealth can have more.

Labour is our currency, and labour certificates is our currency, see the Silvio Gessell model which was shelved once those who ran the experiment saw how fast they would go out of bussiness.

The single best way to empower the people is to train them how to create something for themselves, labour-skills = freedom.
How $21 trillion in U.S. tax money disappeared -
$21 trillion lost: largest theft in history buried

... under guise of US national security – Lee Camp
Pentagon logistics agency lost track of $800 million – report -

In the latest instance of negligent bookkeeping at the Pentagon, its Defense Logistics Agency has failed to account for more than $800mn intended for construction projects, Politico has revealed citing an audit by Ernst & Young....
Since 9/11, the US govt has “lost” $58,000 every single second -

When U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld revealed that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion on Sept. 10, 2001, it seemed like a massive amount—little did the American people know that the events that would occur the next day would wipe the missing money from the headlines, and over the next 16 years, the amount of money the government is missing would increase at a rate in excess of $58,000 per second....
The 1% will own two-thirds of world wealth within the next decade -

The media is telling us that the economy is stronger than ever. That GDP is outstanding, that middle class income is higher than ever, and that the stock market is smashing all records. Hooray! With all this so-called good news, it’s easier than ever to forget that we are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth scheme in the history of the world.

US gov. spends a record $433 billion in one month -

... as deficit explodes
Two days ago we previewed the US budget deficit for the first 11 months of fiscal 2018, which according to CBO data, hit $895 billion, up $222 billion or 39% from the same period last year. Additionally, we noted that according to CBO calculations, the US would hit a $1 trillion deficit in calendar 2019, one year sooner than the previous forecast of 2020 ....

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