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War on Drugs
War on Drugs

In 1986, the Reagan-Bush administration admitted that Adolfo Chamorro’s Contras, who were supported by the CIA, were helping a Colombian drug trafficker transport drugs into the United States, and the testimony of John Stockwell, a former high ranking CIA official, revealed that drug smuggling was an essential component of the CIA operation with the Contras. 

George Morales, one of South America’s biggest traffickers, testified that he was approached in 1984 to fly weapons to the Contras. In return, he says, the CIA helped him to smuggle thousands of kilos of cocaine into the United States via an airstrip on the ranch of John Hull, a self confessed CIA agent, and associate of Oliver North. 

At the time, George Bush was having a war on drugs –for public consumption only. 

Meanwhile, the other wing of Iran-Contra was continuing, the arms-for-hostages-deal with Iran. Oliver North was heavily involved in the supply of arms to Iran, via Israel, in return for hostages. The release of the hostages was explained, in part, by the efforts of Terry Waite, the representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Waite was being used without his knowledge by North who was quite happy for him to take the credit for releases which were, in fact, the result of arms sales via Israel. Waite would eventually be taken hostage himself. 

Bush, who as George Shultz publicly confirmed, supported the arms-for-hostages policy, was telling the nation: “We will make no concessions to terrorists”. The money and drugs involved in the arms transfers to Iran were laundered through Switzerland, the centre for Global Elite activities. 

Jean Ziegler, a member of the Swiss Parliament, writes in his book, Switzerland Washes Whiter:

"The Commerce developed by North and his accomplices was as simple as it was lucrative. With the expert assistance of the Swiss magnates, as well as some discreet help from the Swiss Secret Service, they delivered American and Israeli weapons to the Imam Khomeini. The Imam paid for some of the weaponry in dollars, but for most of it in drugs [morphine base and heroin]. The godfathers of Turkish and Lebanese networks installed in Zurich turned the drugs into cash on the international market. After taking their cut of the profits, the godfathers deposited the remainder in numbered accounts that had been opened in the main banks and financial institutions of Geneva and Zurich.” ....
“Where are the girls?”

“Likewise, the 40 year war on drugs has produced no benefit to the American people at a great cost. It is estimated that since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, the US has spent more than a trillion dollars to fight what is a losing battle. That is because just as with the welfare magnet, there is an enormous incentive to smuggle drugs into the United States.

We already know the effect that ending the war on drugs has on illegal smuggling: as more and more US states decriminalize marijuana for medical and recreational uses, marijuana smuggling from Mexico to the US has dropped by 50 percent from 2010.”

Trump and Clinton, just as bad as each other ....
Cokehead Bill Clinton’s War On Drugs -

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