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Monsanto and Glyphosate
Goodbye Monsanto; hello Bayer on 'steroids' ....
Pesticides are making America Stupid.. Agricultural Chemicals Found to lower the IQ of children
GMO Golden Rice over hyped nutritional claims dismantled by none other than the FDA
Unapproved Genetically Modified Wheat found in Canada
Bayer + Monsanto = a match made in hell  (Video)

It is hardly surprising that the first thing Bayer did after completing their takeover of Monsanto earlier this month was to announce that they were dropping the Monsanto name, merging the two companies’ agrichemical divisions under the Bayer Crop Science name.....
Dying man testifies against Monsanto, first trial on Roundup’s link to cancer -

A 46-year-old school groundskeeper is now at the forefront of the fight against Monsanto, despite the fact that he may not have much longer to live. Monday, June 25th marks the historic date that the terminally ill man will be in the first trial that links Monsanto’s weedkiller to cancer......
Even low-level exposure to pesticides increases your risk of Parkinson’s

We all know that pesticide exposure is bad, whether it comes from the food you eat or you happen to live or work on a farm. You might think you can get away with a few non-organic fruits here and there or that a couple hours working on the farm won’t be enough to hurt you. Unfortunately, this line of reasoning could come back to haunt you as a new study shows that even low-level exposure to pesticides can raise your risk of Parkinson’s disease.
Europe sold billions more in conventional food with a non-GMO seal of approval -

It seems the entire Western world is desperately trying to escape the clutches of the GMO disaster it has allowed itself to be ensnared in. While politicians, scientists, and corporate media have repeatedly sold them out, the people themselves seem to be doing everything they can to get a hold of organic, non-GMO food or, as previous generations would have labeled it, food ....
The EPA’s pesticide approval office is funded by pesticide manufacturers and relies on their submitted data as “science”
Internal emails show Monsanto worked to 'bully scientists' -

Monsanto started marketing Roundup in 1974 which was recently linked directly to cancer by the WHO's cancer agency ....

"They fought science," attorney Brent Wisner said, according to the Guardian. "Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully … and to fight independent researchers." 

Monsanto ghostwriting journal papers, internal documents reveal -

In a powerful essay for Environmental Health News entitled “Monsanto’s Ghostwriting and Strong-arming Threaten Sound Science – And Society,” Sheldon Krimsky has blown the lid off a number of Monsanto scandals that have been buried in the mainstream corporate news per business as usual ....


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