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The journalist, Lewis Lomas, who investigated the Martin Luther King and Malcolm X assassinations, wrote a book, To Kill A Black Man, where he revealed that John Ali, the treasurer of the Nation of Islam organisation to which Malcolm X was connected for some time, worked for the FBI. At one point, Ali was the most powerful man in the Nation of Islam. Lomas was following leads which could have linked the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King, particularly through the Guy Bannister ‘Detective’ Agency in New Orleans which played a key role in the JFK assassination. 

Lomas intended to implicate the intelligence agencies in Dr King’s death in a film he had been contracted to make. A few days into the filming, the brakes failed on his car and he was killed. The summer after the Memphis assassination, Dr King’s brother was mysteriously drowned in his swimming pool. Neighbours heard screaming, splashing, and then silence. Two years after that, Dr King’s mother was murdered when a ‘lone nutter’ walked into her church and opened fire. 

It is a matter of public record that all these events took place at a time when the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover was plotting to stop the black civil rights movement and those opposing the Vietnam War. So was the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of the terrorists who control Israel.

Shortly before the untimely death of Princess Diana in August 1997, Dodi Fayed announced a quite ludicrous plan. To avoid the paparazzi, the Mercedes which had been transporting Diana and Dodi all day together with the back up Range Rover were to be taken around the front of the hotel and used as a decoy for the paparazzi. 

At the same time another Mercedes would be brought around to the back entrance of the hotel to whisk the couple away to the apartment on the Champs Elysées. Henri Paul, the 41-year-old acting head of security at the Ritz, was called on his mobile phone by Dodi and told to report back to the hotel. 

He had gone off duty at 7pm and by the time he returned it was 10pm. No-one has established where Paul was in those three hours. Dodi said that his father, Mohamed Al Fayed, had personally authorised that Henri Paul should drive the Mercedes. Dodi always followed what his father told him and this is how it is going to be! 

Henri Paul was not a qualified chauffeur and had no hire car permit. L. Fletcher Prouty, a former colonel in the US Airforce who worked closely with the intelligence agencies, once said: 

“No-one has to direct an assassination - it happens. The active role is played secretly by permitting it to happen. This is the greatest single clue. Who has the power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions?” 

If this procedure is applied to Diana then one needs to ask who had the power, and used that power to reduce the usual security precautions for her that night. Mohamed Al Fayed? Given these circumstances he must answer the obvious question: Why was this security reduced?

When President Kennedy was assassinated, there were no bodyguards standing on his car while four were standing on the one immediately behind. He was also in an open-topped car at a dangerous time in a dangerous city. 

When Martin Luther King was shot dead at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4th, 1968, the black police officer in charge of security for King was sent home against his will hours before the shooting. The only two black firemen at the station next to the motel were sent to other stations just for that day. The scapegoat for this assassination was a guy called James Earl Ray. Not even King’s family believed he was responsible. So much so that they attended his funeral. 

When Bobby Kennedy was murdered after making a speech at the Ambassadors Hotel in Los Angeles on June 4th 1968, again the security arrangements were tampered with. The plan was for Kennedy to walk off the stage and through the crowd to the exit. But immediately after the speech, Kennedy’s ‘aides’, especially Frank Mankiewicz, insisted that it was safer for him to go out through the hotel kitchen. 

When he walked into the kitchen he was met by the mind controlled Sirhan Sirhan with a gun in his hand. Was Bobby Kennedy actually shot by members of his ‘security’ team? Thane Eugene Caesar was the ‘security guard’ who was employed at the last minute and had endless connections into far right groups and the intelligence community. But with Sirhan Sirhan at the scene with a gun, they had a mind controlled scapegoat to take the rap and that was all they needed. Sirhan Sirhan had been on a ‘mind expansion’ course with the Rosicrucians in the weeks before he was implicated in Kennedy’s death.

Frank Mankiewicz, who guided Kennedy to the kitchen, was a former public relations man for the Mossad-front in America, the Anti Defamation League. He turned up later as head of publicity for the Oliver Stone film, JFK , which claimed to be an exposé of the assassination of President Kennedy. It wasn’t. 

When the Israeli Prime Minister, Zitzhak Rabin, was shot dead by an assassin in Tel Aviv in 1995, an extraordinary video taken by an onlooker showed how Rabin’s security detail stepped back in unison to leave the assassin alone and free to kill his target. So, with these examples you can see a clear pattern emerging. 

And what happened in the crucial last minutes of Diana’s life? They must have surely withdrawn her security on the orders of Al Fayed via his son? All day she had travelled in the same Mercedes with the Range Rover as a back up vehicle. Now she would transfer to another Mercedes with no back up support whatsoever. This was an extraordinary decision for a man obsessed with his own security. 

Bob Loftus, the former Head of Security at Harrods, said: “Compared with the protection that Al Fayed affords himself, which is very professional, of a very high standard, that which was afforded to the mother of the future King of England was a Mickey Mouse operation.”
I have studdied the pictures of the stand in Mercedes in some detail, and as a former motor vehicle tech and MOT tester one thing stood out immediately, if that was indeed the real car released in the photos it was rather suspect, I will explain why.
Such vehicle pools would never use cars more than a couple of years old for such important clientele, this car judging by the underside and the exhaust system looked quite old and rusty which is out of charachter for a quality safe car, it was also not bullet proofed either, high security vehicles like this are much stronger due to reinforced pannelling added all over and below the chasis and would not crumple as easy, they are like mini tanks throughout.
The real controllers knew every step of that evening and it would be impossible to pull this off on the spur of the moment, someone on the inside simply had to be involved and know every step of the incident from the get go.
How I think they did this was by fitting a simple honing device where the car would automatically steer into the chosen pillar, the road speed etc controlled, the driver would be unable to stop the hydraulic steering from being sent where it was not suppose to be going, I also think the body gaurd saw what was happening with the steering and the way the car was handling and the reason why he donned his seat belt after they had alighted, if he had put his on immediately the others might have done the same and the results much different.
Fireman who saw Lady Diana in her last moments breaks his silence...
Assassinations/JFK  podcasts -

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Documents Reveal Two US Soldiers Overheard Plot To Kill JFK—and Were Committed After Reporting It
The Truth at last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King...
Podcast with Ole Dammegard from Denmark who believes many high profile deaths and assassinations are connected…
Probably the most important information on the JFK assassination is that no single gunman could have fired all the shots at the limousine.
There were even dozens of witnesses that testified that shots were fired from the grassy knoll (roughly from in front of the limo).

Personally I find the information on the Bronfman-linked assassination bureau PERMINDEX the most interesting.
PERMINDEX includes Donald Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn and Clay Shaw that was apparently one of the most important suspects in the Jim Garrison investigation of the murder.

There are also links from Clay Shaw to the same Freeport Sulphur, whose mining plans on the short term were made impossible when President John F. Kennedy ordered the Kingdom of the Netherlands to leave New Guinea:

Lady Di
Several witnesses saw that the driver of the car, the NOT drunk Henri Paul, was blinded by strong light flashes shortly before the Mercedes crashed.

The first doctor on the scene was Frederic Mailliez, who concluded that Diana was only uncounscious and her injuries weren’t life threatening. In the documentary "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel" Mailliez said:
Quote:she [Diana] didn’t have any blood on her face, but she was unconscious and her head was down like that and she had difficulty to breathe, so she needed some assistance very quickly.
I thought this beautiful woman had a good chance to live because I thought it was just a head injury.

Below you can see Frederic Mailliez on the left in "Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel", and on the right the “Frederic Mailliez” (7 years later) from “Who killed Diana? ” who claimed that he saw blood on Diana.
Am I the only on to see 2 different men?
[Image: ed0ad991cd11f2ef7c162f52fa7a98d2494f7d92.png]

Kurt Cobain
The body of Cobain was found with 3 times the deadly amount of heroin in his blood.
As a result he couldn’t have blown his brains out with a shotgun as the official story claims.

The suicide note doesn’t look like a suicide note at all, with 4 lines added later in a different hand writing:

Pim Fortuyn
Pim Fortuyn was a real threat to the Dutch Royal degenerates, wanting to reform the Netherlands into a Republic and stop the multi-trillion consuming JSF project. Fortuyn looked to get massively powerful and they murdered him for it on 6 May 2002.
Volkert van der Graaf was arrested BEFORE the ambulance was allowed to treat Fortuyn.
Even though Hilversum has no police dogs or riot squad, these were present for the arrest of Volkert:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
David Kelly suicided

David Christopher Kelly (1944 – 17 July 2003) was an authority on biological warfare, and once a weapons inspector for the UN in Iraq.
In July 2003, Kelly was pushed into the spotlight after BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan had cited an anonymous expert on the ridiculous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq claim by Blair and Co. It was quickly assumed that David Kelly had been the source and also as a “British scientist and biological weapons expert, who has examined the trailers in Iraq" source, published by The Observer on 15 June 2003, who said:
Quote:They are not mobile germ warfare laboratories. You could not use them for making biological weapons. They do not even look like them. They are exactly what the Iraqis said they were – facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill balloons.

Kelly had already on 30 June 2003 reported to his manager at the Ministry of Defence about his contact with Gilligan.
Kelly appeared on 15 July before a parliamentary Foreign Affairs Select Committee investigating him leaking confidential information to Gilligan.

After Kelly suddenly died 2 days later Prime Minister Tony Blair's government set up the Hutton Inquiry, to “investigate” Kelly's death. The inquiry concluded that Kelly had committed suicide…
On 17 July, Kelly took a walk like he did every day. He was found the next day in the Harrowdown Hill woodlands, about a mile from his home.

After many “conspiracy theories” on Kelly’s murderer, in 2009 a group of British doctors, including barrister and former coroner Michael Powers, challenged Hutton's verdict.
Hunt stated that the only artery that had been cut was the ulnar artery. This couldn’t have been the cause of death as it is too is small and could never result in the blood loss needed to cause death - about five pints of blood…
It has been confirmed by the ambulance team on the scene that the quantity of blood at the scene was surprisingly small. Paramedic Dave Bartlett said in an interview that “I’ve seen more blood at a nosebleed than I saw there”.

It wouldn’t make sense that an educated doctor, like David Kelly, would choose the ulnar artery in the wrist to commit suicide.
It would also be strange that Kelly would kill himself, as he had recently converted to the Baha'i faith which expressly forbids suicide.

Hunt claimed that Kelly had also ingested 29 tablets of painkillers and co-proxamol (an analgesic drug) that were missing from the packets found at the scene of the crime. There is however no hard evidence that Kelly had actually ingested 29 tablets, as only one fifth of a tablet was found in his stomach.
The forensic toxicologist at the inquiry, Alexander Allan, concluded that the amount of swallowed Co-Proxamol wasn’t enough to cause death. According to Allan, the blood level of each of the drug's 2 components was less than a third of what could cause a fatal overdose.

The pathologist's report describe "livor mortis", a purplish-red discolouration of the skin when the heart is no longer pumping and blood begins to settle in the lower part of the body.
If Kelly had bled to death, then significant livor mortis could not have occurred, because there wouldn’t be enough blood in his body.

Norman Baker is the best known “conspiracy theorist” on David Kelly’s murder.
Baker spoke to a source, who in turn asked an old friend, "spook" from MI6, who told Baker that his MI6 friend had told him that Kelly's death had been "a wet operation, a wet disposal".
When Baker called his source a few months later, he told him that 3 weeks after their meeting, his house had been broken into and his laptop - with all his material on Kelly – was stolen:

When a police helicopter with heat-seeking cameras flew over the area where David Kelly was later found, at about the time the pathologist estimated he died, the helicopter didn’t find him.
This suggest that Kelly had died somewhere else than where he was found.

Louise Holmes described that she found Kelly’s body “at the base of the tree with almost his head and his shoulders just slumped back against the tree”.
Detective Constable Graham Coe’s “guarded” the body until reinforcements arrived. One of the paramedics, Dave Bartlett, described that Kelly “was lying flat out some distance from the tree. He definitely wasn’t leaning against it”.
Why had they moved the body?

According to police reports, a small water bottle, a gardening knife, a painkiller blister pack, Kelly’s glasses and his watch were found at the crime scene. No fingerprints were found on any of these objects. Why (or how) would Kelly wipe his fingerprints from these objects?
The water bottle found was still half full. It’s difficult to see how Kelly could have swallowed 29 co-proxamol tablets, with such little water.

Kelly had fractured his right elbow earlier that year and according to friends was “unable to cut a steak” with his right hand.
Could Kelly have cut his left wrist (with his right hand)?

Various scuffs, abrasions and cuts were found, but they were quickly dismissed as having been caused by Kelly “stumbling”:

Government liar John Morrison responded to these “conspiracy theories” on Kelly’s murder with:
Quote:It is indeed complete fantasy that there are agents that are licensed to kill.
There are intelligence agencies around the world who do engage in assassinations, there’s no doubt about that. Some of them not very nice people at all….. But we [in Britain] have never had a policy of assassination to my knowledge in the history of the UK intelligence agencies, and certainly not in the last few decades.
Sure John whatever you say!
Quote:Since 1994, British legislation gives its secret agents the right to break the law, as long as they have the permission of a “Secretary of State”.
This has enabled the British intelligence services to participate in a wide range of illegal activity, including murder, torture, terrorism, drug trafficking, arms sales and money laundering.

This couldn’t possibly be a motive, as Britain doesn’t “engage in assassinations”…
David Kelly was writing a book at the time of his death in which he intended to write that he had warned PM Tony Blair that there were no WMD in Iraq weeks before the US/UK led invasion of Iraq was started.
Following his death, Kelly’s computers were confiscated by the cops:

Or see the following video from James Corbett (1 hour).
A helicopter landed at the scene 90 minutes after the body was discovered and took off in 5 minutes. Reports after FOI requests revealed only a heavily redacted set of names. We don’t know who was on board or why this helicopter landed there and quickly flew away.

Operation Mason that “investigated” Kelly’s death, was started 9 hours BEFORE he was reported missing by his family.
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:
At the Highest Levels - the Seth Rich murder -

This is the kind of series I’d hope I’d never have to write.

And yet, here we are. After three years of doing my best to serve the groundswell that is the Patriot movement in the United States, and six total, being on the total warpath for Trump, I must now bring to you what are possibly the most important articles I will ever have to write which will reveal corruption, and contempt for the American people at the highest levels. This will be a three part series, released over the next few hours, so please, pay close attention to everything I’m about to tell you, because the future of the Republic now hangs in the balance.

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