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Current Syria spat involving Sibel Edmonds
(04-29-2018, 11:10 AM)The Apprentice Wrote: I have already seen the video, however, what we have here is someone who is a tad better at detective work than the other, so you cannot blame Richie for making decissions without having the time to looking at the bigger picture.

These two spokesmen are as different as cheese and chalk.

You really must expand using your own intuition instead of the other two minds working for yourself.

I have to laugh. You are a senior member on here and I have made just a handful of posts which makes me look like I'm just rubbing my eyes.

I don't want a pissing match but I've been around a long time. I'm almost as old as David Icke and I was 'woke' several years before he wrote his first awakening book, The Truth Vibrations, which a friend gave me in 1991.

In that time, I was probably one of the first 9/11 truth activists in the UK. I know I was the first person in the UK to watch Alex Jones 911: The Road to Tyranny (not that I endorse Alex Jones) even ahead of Paul Joseph Watson. Mine was the first copy that Infowars sent to the UK - I spoke to Violet Jones on the phone and she kept me up to date on progress of the PAL transfer. Starting the day after I first saw it, I was making VHS copies and giving them out as fast as I could copy them (three hours per copy). If I had sought fame and fortune, I could have achieved it by compromising my beliefs and ignoring my instincts and intuition and I have often found myself operating alone because I refused to endorse something which stank and to be later vindicated.

I have been attacked relentlessly over the years for standing my ground and shot from both (and often, many) sides for not taking a side. It was sometimes like dealing with teenage gangs; other times it was like dealing with mafiosi. I have had first hand dealings with many key individuals and I have no doubt that some of them were directly or indirectly involved with government agencies.

One phenomenon I recognised early on, I called to myself the Pied Piper; somebody who would create a following and then lead them off into wasteland and then either keep them entertained there or abandon them. I'm not sure that all the Pied Pipers I have identified did this deliberately - I am prepared to extend the benefit of the doubt to some notable individuals.

I became aware of Sibel Edmonds very early on but never really got what she was bringing to the table and never fully trusted her. She always seemed like a firework that looked as if it had gone out but one should not pick up. On the other hand, James Corbett has always been meticulous, occasionally irritatingly so, but he will never endorse anything with which he does not completely concur.

If you want to equate them with each other, that's up to you. If somebody opens their mouth before informing themselves, they are a fool. And the problem then compounds because the choice is either to acknowledge one's mistake or to embark on a path of confirmation bias and double down on one's assertions. Richie Allen is doing the latter.

If he is not concerned about his reputation, why should I be; it's his business but I felt it my responsibility to point out his folly.

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