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Julia Skripals amazing hair.
#1 first thread here, Hello to all I hope it's, in the right place... 

  I'll make this brief, 

We have seen lots of pictures of Julia Skripal, victim of the alleged Novichok attack in Salisbury. It is clear that she likes to change her hair style and colour, as is quite the norm nowadays, so nothing extraordinary there, but I have noticed something quite amazing.

Today, the UK MSM, in a terribly obvious bid to reinstate the story and to keep the psychological operation rolling, (and any excuse not to talk about that inconvenient interview with the syrian 'gas attack' victim)  are showing pictures and cctv footage that apparently shows Julia Skripal moving through an airport during her last journey to England.  In these images we see poor Julia sporting a purple top, back back and red hair cut into a fashionable short 'Bob'.  We know it's
 Her because the nice man on the telly said so and they kindly highlight her with a big red circle, arrows and the ticker tape 'julias fateful journey' or similar. You've probably seen it. 
The following day she took her fateful journey onwards into Salisbury with her Dad and before eating their now famous meal, took a selfie with her Dad to post on social media and what a nice photo it is too,  I'm sure we have all seen it, 'the last photo'. Julia sporting her now blonde and past the shoulder length hair. 
Yeah,  hair dye technology is pretty good nowadays and we've all seen the pics of her ever changing hair colour. But, to grow it at least 6 inches in 24 hours? 
Come on! 
So, do the Msm just want to rub it in our faces or do they just not give a flying lump of dung any more?
... and there is this, as well! -

Yulia Skripal's social media page accessed while she was reportedly in critical condition -
Yes, very interesting Steve. I do think it was probably investigators checking her accounts though, we don't have any secrets, I suspect that social media access is no obstacle to mi5, mi6, cia etc, but that is conjecture, as is pretty much the whole affair! (Unless your bojo or treason may, in which case its 'highly likely evidence') . But as the above article discusses, it may be that the whole thing is a charade. I wouldn't be surprised.
ha! very interesting. this story disgusts me so, i keep thinking things like, do these people even exist? are those anyone's actual names? etc.

+ welcome! Smile
Sergei is now being released from hospital...
Will anyone get to see him or hear him speak?

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