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False Flag events through modern history
(01-28-2018, 01:48 AM)awakened53 Wrote: After reading so much about previous false flag events going back to WW2 such as Reichstag and Pearl Harbour, and obviously leading up to 9-11 and 7-7 London bombings it is now hard to believe the mainstream regarding any "terror" event.
There are serious flaws in the reported stories of the Boston Bombings, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas shooting, Paris shootings and bombings, Westminster, Dunblane, Raul Moat,  the Derrick Bird shootings, Madrid bombings and the killing of Lee Rigby and even the Ariana Grande concert explosion in Manchester.
The real issue now is what can we believe when these stories are reported in the mainstream?
They only hang around for a couple of days and then they are not discussed again so the sheeple move on believing what they have been told.

What do you guys and girls think?

I remember my grandfather telling me the story about the boy who found a hornets nest and then told his freinds where it was, and like all boys they simply had to go have a look, and when they did he got there slightly before them and took to hiding behind a bush, when his pals got near he threw a stone over the bush at the nest without them knowing, only to watch with silent delight as he watched them getting stung as they ran away.

This is the kind of trick some young boys and girls will play but there are not many with this kind of mindset but they still exist in adults today, the social climber is a likely candidate to procure this kind of false flag or down right dirty trick, it is part of human nature and one often sees those in avenues of power using a plethora of tricks to get their masters desired result, at any costs, hense they saying, all good men need to do is nothing for the bad mind to create such acts.
One comment that sticks in my mind and that is when Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his book Between Two Ages, Soon the public will be given a new way of thinking/IE, The World Wide Web, that will result in them eventually being unable to think critically for themselves, here is the mind of such a stone thrower but using words that would have little meaning to those listening, this kinds of mindset is to be found in the teams of Think Tanks.

The same minds that Bertrand Russell in his special schools programs were searching for and said if they could not coax them into working for them they were to be eradicated, and similar to how Thomas Malthus two hunderd years earlier said about the many tribes of Africa they were trying to change by persuasion, if they could not be changed towards a white way of thinking they too must be elliminated, different word but the same conjecture.

One problem we have today is quick access to information but by minds that have been by and large slighted by poor education, couple that with the new tech and the majority don't really stand a chance of working out how they have been mind fucked by cunts with minds that are useful but not that clever in my book, where as our forefathers did have a slightly better avenue of critical thinking, this has been done on a continuous pattern sice the day Brzezinski was born and has now become a marathon for most.

What the elite are doing today just like Russell was doing in the early, is using the internet to do the research out those minds for free and getting us to pay for our own scrutiny on their behalf, and will use every tick they can muster and simply will not stop.

So what do we do about it, I sugest we use the tech to empower us, but on our terms, we, re-skill from the ground up and hopefully the clever but not so wise use their brain powers for the betterment of everyone, and not those who currently own their minds.

Couple propaganda with falseness and you have a very destructive mind set indeed, these must be elliminated if we are to be free in the future.

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