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False Flag events through modern history
(03-06-2018, 06:29 PM)Steve Wrote:
(03-06-2018, 12:59 PM)OPurple Wrote: The latest one was a hoax designed purely to disarm Americans. (((They))) have form. Libya Iraq. You can't annialate your enemy unless they are disarmed.

Gun control

Yes, looking back on history, the Nazis banned Jews in 1938 from ‘acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons’.

If say the US authorities decided to disarm Americans in the same way, the question posed might be 'why this is so after the Jews’ experience with the Nazis?' 

Also, the Soviet and Chinese tyrannies did the same to their peoples before embarking upon mass slaughter. Illegal gun ownership under Stalin carried the death sentence and the population was at the mercy of a man who did not even acknowledge the word’s existence. Tens of millions were murdered or starved to death. 

Tyrants always seek to disarm the target population before they move in for their final takeover. Looking at the actions and behaviour of the police in the US in recent times, who can tell what the future may hold.

The companies who make all of the arms that the public own and use is a huge profit for the corporations themselves so I doubt very much they will want to loose a billions a year profit, however, the way they will do it is not by forceable removing the weapons themselves but the ammo, this has been commented several times by myself and others, one guy I came across said its getting harder to buy the smaller calibre rounds like .22 or similar, this may be due to stock pilling after each scare monger incident or something else.

Civil war in the US right now would seriously hamper the NWO bid for global governance so I doub't they will be able to pull it off as things are, the powers that should'nt be may have things worked out, but not with a gun toting US public, these good people are our last hope for some kind of uniformity, if they loose their guns the cabal might once agian might begin killing millions more, both physiclly and electronically, or as I call it the "Electronic Baton" .

What I would like to see is the public ripping down every 5G transmitter that is put up without the peoples consent, best done a night, but don't get caught, only kidding, LOL.

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