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False Flag events through modern history
I actually posted an online tribute about Sandy Hook shortly after it happened and a few weeks later I noticed that there were people saying it was fake. I thought they were completely crazy. Over the next three years I didn't really do much surfing on YouTube or on the Internet in general but came back to looking up information a lot more a couple of years ago. I noticed that there were still people talking about Sandy Hook being fake so I actually watched a film about it. To be honest I've been looking into it ever since and maybe became a bit obsessed with it.

I couldn't believe that anyone would fake something like that and yet there seemed to be so many things about it that didn't seem right. I've read articles, looked at documents and photographs, listened to interviews and podcasts and watched hours and hours of video footage. What I can't understand is why people have been persecuted for asking reasonable questions and why the authorities wouldn't just answer their genuine questions and concerns. It's not something I talk to anyone about because they would think I was mad, just as I did about those who questioned the official narrative until I started looking into it.

With this as with so many things we need to do our own research and find out for ourselves in order to try to get at the truth. Of course I can't know for sure the truth about Sandy Hook but I do have a lot of doubts about what we were told.

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