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False Flag events through modern history
I’ve noticed recently with the increase in better technology & HD the police have started pushing the “if you are involved in a terror attack, don’t video it, don’t take photos-just run” even my kids at school have been told if you see a terror attack- RUN!
Inciting fear & terror!
I can’t say how I’d react if I was caught up in something like this but the 1st thing is like to think I’d do is turn on the camera/video & stand still!

I too used to think sandyhook hoax was ridiculous & you can’t get a whole town to lie& parents etc but I’m judging these freaks by my own standards (Unpsychopathic!!) (is that even a word?? Lol)

After investigating SH after a long time ignoring it & after knowing 9/11 etc were false flags I now don’t trust any media, govt, whatsoever! I question everything!

Ps: I don’t know about Manchester but I strongly believe Charlottesville was a hoax after watching the footage!

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