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False Flag events through modern history
Hi Charlotte

There is some good detail on the Westminster attack and Manchester attack here

(02-01-2018, 05:11 PM)Charlotte4711 Wrote: I’ve noticed recently with the increase in better technology & HD the police have started pushing the “if you are involved in a terror attack, don’t video it, don’t take photos-just run” even my kids at school have been told if you see a terror attack- RUN!
Inciting fear & terror!
I can’t say how I’d react if I was caught up in something like this but the 1st thing is like to think I’d do is turn on the camera/video & stand still!

I too used to think sandyhook hoax was ridiculous & you can’t get a whole town to lie& parents etc but I’m judging these freaks by my own standards (Unpsychopathic!!) (is that even a word?? Lol)

After investigating SH after a long time ignoring it & after knowing 9/11 etc were false flags I now don’t trust any media, govt, whatsoever! I question everything!

Ps: I don’t know about Manchester but I strongly believe Charlottesville was a hoax after watching the footage!
My wife used to say the same to me about sandy hook. "Surely the whole town cannot be involved???" But I showed her a video where a lot of the mothers from the school were being interviewed and they were saying that they did not recognise any of the victims parents being interviewed  on  TV, they hadn't seen them around the town and they children didn't recognise the alleged child victims either.
Anyone who tried to get FOI from the government was denied and even attempts to find any property owned by any of the families involved turned up blank. It seems that they were only in SH for the shooting and funeral and disappeared soon after.
I don't believe any of them now tbh as the evidence of lies and deception is just overwhelming and there always seems to be another connection with the with the place or person too.

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