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False Flag events through modern history
Israeli 1954 “Lavon Affair” in Egypt

I don't know if it's "modern" enough for this thread (1954)...
This is sort of an “innocent” admitted false flag in the sense that nobody got killed by the attacks (but 4 of the arrested terrorists died).
It´s of course doubtful that the “official explanation” is correct for a change, but this false flag attack was reportedly performed to force the British government to keep its troops occupying the Suez Canal.

The top-secret Israeli cell in Egypt, Unit 131, had existed since 1948 and was controlled by Aman (military intelligence) since 1950. In the spring of 1954, Aman activated Unit 131 in “Operation Susannah”.
A group of Egyptian Jews working for Aman would plant bombs inside Egyptian-, American-, and British-owned targets in Egypt. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists".
“Operation Susannah” was later named the “Lavon affair” after Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon, who was forced to resign after the incident.

On 2 July 1954, bombs were detonated at a post office in Alexandria, and on 14 July libraries of the US Information Agency in Alexandria and Cairo and a British-owned theater were bombed. The homemade bombs were inserted into books and would explode several hours later. They did little damage and caused no injuries or deaths.
Israeli agent Avri Elad (Avraham Seidenwerg) was sent to Egypt to oversee the operations. Elad assumed the identity of former SS officer Paul Frank. Elad allegedly informed the Egyptians, resulting in the Egyptian authorities arresting Philip Natanson, who had a bomb with him.
Was it intentionally sabotaged in support of Nasser or to later have a reason to invade Egypt?!?

The Egyptian trial began on 11 December and lasted until 27 January 1955; 2 of the arrested died of a reported “suicide”, 2 of the accused (Moshe Marzouk and Shmuel Azar) were condemned to death by hanging, 2 were acquitted, and the other 6 received long prison terms (2 of which were released in 1962). Israel hailed these terrorists as martyrs.
In 1954, Maurice Orbach went to Cairo for Winston Churchill and the World Jewish Congress to request to spare the lives of the Jews sentenced to death.

Israel retaliated (after they had staged the terror!) with a military mission in Gaza that killed 39 Egyptians.
Nasser announced nationalisation of the Suez Canal, followed by the failed invasion of Egypt by Israel, France and Britain.

More than 50 years later, Israel honoured 9 Egyptian Jews for these failed terror attacks:

In 2015, Israel released information that shows on 28 December 1954, Minister Pinhas Lavon and Military Intelligence chief Binyamin Gibli were arguing over who was to blame.
Lavon accused Gibli of dumping the responsibility on him, because Gibli had told the General Staff that Lavon had given the order to activate the cell.

Lavon told Gibli sharply:
Quote:I wanted to give you another chance to tell me the whole truth. Don’t hide anything, neither person nor issue. Unfortunately, either you didn’t understand or you decided not to understand.
Gibli replied:
Quote:I can’t believe you, Mr. Minister. I’m very sorry.

Both Lavon and Gibli were forced to resign within months.
According to Israel, later inquiries showed that Gibli had lied, which cleared Lavon of responsibility:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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