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False Flag events through modern history
Saudi Aramco oil false flag

Saudi Arabia has staged another false flag attack...
On 14 September 2019, there was NO major attack on the Saudi Aramco oil production facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais in eastern Saudi Arabia but nothing else than a smoke screen (quite literally).

There are tweets on twitter that the Houthis claim that they are responsible for these attacks hundreds of miles over the border with drones. There is no evidence that these attacks were actually performed by the Houthis, who don’t even have the technical ability.
Houthi drones are mostly short-range, up to 186 miles (300 km). It´s not clear how Saudi Arabia could have missed these drones travelling literally hundreds of miles into their territory.

The Houthis claimed that they (only) used drones.
Pictures like the following of cruise missiles (that’s not a drone!) near the Saudi oil plant were shown for evidence.
[Image: Abqaiq-wreckage-of-a%2Bcruise-missile.jpg]

There is no evidence whatsoever that Iran, which has denied being involved, was behind these attacks in any way either, but then again this didn’t stop the governments of the USA and Saudi Arabia to accuse them.
Trump warned the US is “locked and loaded” for Iran after the attack on Saudi oil fields.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted:
Quote:Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply
There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.

CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen claimed that while admitting that “there was no proof” whatsoever a “source in the Gulf region” told that the “indications” were that the attack came from “southern Iraq” (that isn´t Iran though).

Houthis spokesman Yahya Saree has more or less said that it was an inside Saudi job (for which Iran and/or the Houthis are used for scapegoats); who reportedly said the operation followed “an accurate intelligence operation and advance monitoring and cooperation of honorable people inside the kingdom”:

According to former US ambassador to Oman, Gary Grappo:
Quote:I think the Saudi leadership has a great deal of explaining to do that a country that ranks third in terms of total defense spending ... was not able to defend its most critical, and I can’t underscore that enough, its most critical oil facility from these kinds of attacks.

A reasonable motive looks to be the coming AramCo IPO; reportedly the World’s Biggest IPO ever. With oil prices booming AramCo could suddenly be worth trillions worth more (you can bet your life that the “terrorists” staging these supposed attacks made a nice profit!):

I think that I found an even better motive for staging this false flag – covering up the following 3 part story on how the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are arming ISIS in Yemen with Serbian weapons.
Government officials from the US, Saudi Arabia and UAE have trafficked at least 3 million pieces of Serbian weapons (mortar shells and rockets) to Yemen and Syria in the last 3 years.

The Pentagon has sent US Special forces to Yemen.
See an American soldier posing with Islamic State terrorists, who are fighting the amazing Houthi rebels.
[Image: 3609f14c3c21b98b0fb8136bb6910464360b697c.jpg]

ISIS terrorists in Yemen have often been pictured with weapons manufactured by the Serbian state-owned arms factory Krusik, for example in a 27 July 2019 propaganda video, which shows weapons purchased by the US government in the hands of the Muslim extermists. An investigative reporter traced this to lot 04/18.
These 82 mm M74HE mortar shells KV, lot 04/18, were purchased by the US company Alliant Techsystems LLC (a subsidiary of ATK Orbital, USA) for the US Government. The exporter was the Serbian state-owned company Jugoimport SDPR, under contract MP00135498.
The contract MP00135498, signed 20 January 2017, for a total of 105,150 82 mm mortar shells “for the needs of the US Government” was worth $8,043,975.

The packing list for the export of 10,500 pcs was signed on 12 February 2018.
[Image: Yugo-Kru-Rev-PL-82mm-HE-GXX_10500ea.jpg]

A 15 March 2018 e-mail between Jugoimport and Krusik show that the weapons exported to the Afghan National Police (lots 06/18, 07/18 and 08/18) under Pentagon contract W52P1J16D0058-0006 were shipped to storage depot 22 Bunkers, Pol-e Charki, Kabul.
The weaponsin the ISIS video in Yemen, lot 04/18, were shipped to the same address but to end user the Afghan National Army.

On 3 April 2018, Jugoimport SDPR (the exporter) sent an e-mail to the Serbian arms manufacturer Krusik to confirm the shipment on Silk Way West Airlines flight 7L9632 on 15 April 2018 from Belgrade to Kabul-Baku. Silk Way used a special NAG military call sign for this transport. This is a military call sign given by NATO for operation “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan. In other words the weapons were supplied under the cover of NATO.
Silk Way Airlines, which the US Government hired to transport the weapons from Serbia and Bulgaria, is an Azeri state-run company. In 2017, Silk Way Airlines carried out 350 “diplomatic flights” with weapons for terrorists in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Africa. These flights were chartered by the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The mortar shells featured in the ISIS video in Yemen, lot 04/18, 10,500 pcs., were shipped on a Silk Way Belgrade-Kabul flight for 8 May 2018 to the Afghan National Army (ANA). On the same flight also 2,406 pcs. (lot 06/18) and 2,920 pcs. (lot 07/18) of 82 mm mortar shells were transported to the Afghan National Police (ANP):

In another video, ISIS terrorists were shown with mortar shells 81 mm M72 HE KV. These are from lot 01/18, purchased by the Saudi Ministry of Defence.
As of 1 June 2018, manufacturer Krusik manufactured 11,880 pcs. of 81 mm M72 HE mortar shells, lot 01/18, exporter was the Serbian arms company GIM.
[Image: Dnevni-izve%C5%A1taj-01.06.2018..jpg]

The Serbian arms company GIM was represented by Branko Stefanovic.
Branko is the father of the Serbian vice prime minister and interior minister Nebojsa Stefanivic!
[Image: GIM-Letter.jpg]

The exporter from Serbia, GIM, signed 4 contracts in 2016 and 2018 with Saudi Arabia for the delivery of 517,000 pcs. of mortar shells from Krusik.
The importers in Saudi Arabia were 2 private companies: Rinad Al Jazira, Saudi Arabia and Larkmont Holdings LTD, an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands. The end user was the Ministry of Defence of Saudi Arabia.

There was also an apparent fraud involved (kickbacks and/or money laundering for the father of minister Nebojsa Stefanivic?). GIM purchased weapons from Krusik at a much lower price than normal.
See for example that GIM paid a much lower price per mortar shell than for example the state-owned company Jugoimport SDPR.
[Image: GIM-Jugoimport-prices-1294x420.jpg]

The weapons were exported from GIM to Saudi Arabia again on Silk Way Airlines flights, or by sea from the port of Burgas in Bulgaria to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has purchased 1,286,462 pcs. of ammunition from the Serbian arms factory Krusik since 2017. This is just a small part of a covert international weapons shipment network for arming terrorists in the Middle East:

For more information on how Anglo-American intelligence brought Ayatollah Khomeini into power of Iran:

For more on the Yemen genocide:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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