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Fake News
11,000 Scientists warn about Climate Change?

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we took a close look at the Canadians signing off on the latest media scare claiming that 11,000 scientists agree that we face “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” unless things change fast. SPOILER ALERT! There are a lot of non-scientists here, and one name really made me laugh ...
Mongoose: Are Crisis Actors and Freemasons Emergent in the Attack on China and the Global Economy?
Fake News Virus History -
" Putin Hacked our Coronavirus Vaccine " is the dumbest story yet
Trump Exposes Fake News -
Typically nasty BBC attack Kate Shemirani via her family in interview conducted by the child that is the BBC Disinformation Reporter (yes, they have one) Marianna Spring. You must be saying something right, Kate

The son of a suspended anti-vaxxer nurse who doesn’t believe Covid-19 exists and sparked violent clashes at a mass rally of virus deniers in Trafalgar Square has branded her ‘dangerous’ and an ‘attention-seeker’.  
Sebastian Shemirani, 21, whose mother Kate Shemirani, 54, from East Sussex, has become notorious for spreading baseless conspiracy theories during the pandemic, said he no longer has a relationship with her and believes she’s ‘too far gone to be helped’.
Speaking to the BBC, Eton scholar Sebastian, who is currently in his final year studying at the London School of Economics, said he is concerned about the impact his mother’s claims could have on public health.
‘What she’s doing is dangerous,’ he said. ‘Thousands of people are taking her to be this source of truth and this saint, and I wish I could tell them all my mum is not the person that you think she is.

Read More: Son, 21, of shamed anti-vaxxer nurse Kate Shemirani who sparked violent clashes at mass rally of Covid-19 deniers says they’ll ‘never have a relationship again’

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