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Trans Agenda can of worms
The madness continues.....
Be Prepared for Transgender numbers to Skyrocket in future generations, NHS health boss
Gene Therapy and the Transhuman Agenda by Jon Rappoport
Government drops doctor who says gender given at birth
Judge Backs LGBT Activists Over Children And Forbids Parents To Know The Truth
The Insanity Continues !!!

 Lesbians demand 'L' be removed from LGBT
Only in Trump’s America!

The Austin school district (Texas) will introduce transgender education for children as young as 8-years-old by May 2020.
School children are taught about “gender identity and sexual orientation”. The curriculum states that school children will learn differing expressions of gender and how to communicate respectfully about that, along with topics like puberty, reproduction, intercourse, and sexually transmitted diseases and prevention.

The curriculum also states that “sex assigned at birth is independent of gender identity”! Children are instructed to “challenge homophobia” by for example “attending a pride rally” and “being an ally to someone who identifies as LGBT”.
The lessons will teach kids to find an adult to talk to if they get pregnant, and seventh graders will learn to use a condom.

Vice-president of Texas Values, David Walls, said, that this teaches:
Quote:children to denounce and challenge fellow students that don’t share their views. The curriculum is an attack on family, on parental rights, on life. It promotes identity confusion by teaching children to dismiss their biological sex. It encourages sexual activity, and it demands that children become advocates in the LGBT political movement. Adoption of this curriculum will send a clear message: people of faith and traditional values are not welcome in Austin ISD.

Parents can choose to keep their children out of these sex, transgender lessons by sending opt-out letters before 3 April 2020.
Over in the UK, efforts to introduce similar LGBT lessons at schools have met with protests, mainly from Muslim parents:
Donald Trump is very cozy with the Rothschild crime syndicate:

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