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Toxic Food and Drink
Environmentally-caused disease crisis? Pesticide damage to DNA found 'programmed' into future generations -

When Dr. Paul Winchester, a pediatrician, moved to Indiana from Colorado in 2002, he noticed something disturbing—a high number of birth defects ......
12 toxins in your drinking water -

Water quality is a subject that’s been big news lately. Residents of Flint, Michigan are suffering from toxic levels of lead in their water due to incompetent governance .....
Energy drink health risks -

Survey reveals over half of youth, young adults who consume them experience serious side effects such as nausea, rapid heartbeat, and even seizures ....
Renowned doctor slams medical education & says we have “an epidemic of misinformed doctors” -

  • The Facts:
    Dr. Asseem Malhotra, a well-known Doctor in Britain had some choice words to say in front of the European Parliment about modern-day medical education and overall knowledge doctors possess. He's one of many who continues to emerge and speak out.
  • Reflect On:
    Why do doctors continue to learn nothing about nutrition? It seems they are trained to prescribe medicine and do not question what they are prescribing. They risk losing their jobs by speaking out and educating themselves.
Chemically induced Frankenstein-humans -

One of the biggest open questions of the 21st century is whether 144,000 different chemicals swirling throughout the world are properly tested and analyzed for toxicity. By almost all accounts, the scale of toxic risk is unknown. This may be the biggest tragedy of all time, a black eye of enormous proportions.
Correspondingly and very likely, not yet 100% proven but probably 99%, as a result of ubiquitous chemical presence, one hundred fifty million (150,000,000) Americans have chronic disease, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cancer, stroke, asthma, cystic fibrosis, obesity, and osteoporosis.1  Why?

Over fifth of meat in Britain's restaurants and supermarkets contains 'unspecified animal' DNA -

Over a fifth of meat in British supermarkets and restaurants including sausages, burgers and pizzas contains 'unspecified meat' an alarming investigation has found .....
Studies show microwaves drastically reduce nutrients in food -

Did you know that microwaving your food is one of the most damaging things you can do to reduce food quality and nutrition (and your health)?
Top 20 chemicals that cause cancer are readily found in US foods and drinks -

There’s one thing that most major cancer foundations and cancer drive organizations never mention when “searching for the cure” or “marching for the cure” for cancer – and that is chemicals in food. In fact, at most pink ribbon events, many of the worst cancer-causing chemicals are served up in the foods and drinks everybody is sucking down while hoping to find a cure. In fact, you’ll find nitrate-loaded (KFC) fried chicken and Mike’s hard lemonade (alcoholic style) at the Susan Komen Foundation events. They might as well serve carcinogenic diet soda and administer mercury-laden flu shots while they’re at it. Thanks Komen ......
Fluoride literally turns the pineal gland to stone

In Brief
  • The Facts:
    Research shows a high level of calcification in the Pineal gland as a result of fluoride. Fluoride is also a dangerous neurotoxin linked to multiple neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Reflect On:
    A large number of communities around the world have banned water fluoridation. Does your community still practice this? It's the same thing as being medicated without permission....
The Actual Truth about Fluoride

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