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Toxic Food and Drink
Food Brands Owned By Monsanto...
Nearly all bottled water found to contain microplastics… you are drinking “plastic stew” that disrupts human hormones
Fluoride in Drinking Water May Harm Children, Scientific Evidence Mounts

By Michele Merkel
Since 1945, local governments have added fluoride to public drinking water supplies to reduce the rates of tooth decay. Now, more than 207 million people in the U.S. receive fluoridated drinking water — nearly three-quarters of the population served by community water systems.
Hailed as a major public health accomplishment of the 21st century, community water fluoridation has contributed to significant declines in dental caries. Thanks to fluoridated products like toothpaste and mouthwash, we’ve also seen similar reductions in countries that don’t fluoridate drinking water. The benefits of fluoride in preventing tooth decay are well documented, but it’s time to revisit community water fluoridation in light of new research. Scientists are coming together to raise the alarm about fluoridated drinking water. The data show fluoride consumed from drinking water may have adverse neurological health impacts — especially among children.
This is why Food & Water Watch, alongside groups including Fluoride Action Network and American Academy of Environmental Medicine, filed a petition in 2016 asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to limit or ban fluoridation. We’ve since taken them to court. When science is constantly under attack, we need to hold our public health agencies accountable, ensure they review new research, and make science-based decisions to protect our communities.
Risks to children outweigh benefits of water fluoridation
Mounting scientific evidence suggests fluoride could have harmful neurotoxic effects, especially among formula-fed infants, the elderly, African Americans and the undernourished. These risks include a decrease in average IQ in children, ADHD, and cognitive impairment in older populations.
Studies in Canada and Mexico, for example, found associations between fluoride concentrations in pregnant women and adverse outcomes in their children — including lower IQ and greater risk of ADHD and inattention. Another Canadian study found formula-fed infants in regions with fluoridated drinking water had lower non-verbal intelligence scores, compared to those living in non-fluoridated regions. Because formula-fed infants consume more water than breastfed infants, and therefore more fluoride when living in fluoridated areas, they tend to be at greater risk of elevated fluoride exposure. Additionally, regions where more people receive fluoridated drinking water have seen higher rates of ADHD in children and teens, even after adjusting for socioeconomic differences.
The EPA hasn’t considered the neurotoxic effects of fluoridation
Despite the emerging science, existing limits and recommendations made by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for fluoride in drinking water aren’t based on the potential neurotoxicity of fluoride — they’re based on impacts to teeth and the skeletal system. But several studies have found neurological effects from consumption of fluoride at concentrations considered acceptable by the EPA – less than 4 mg/L. Average IQ reductions have been observed where fluoride levels fall below EPA’s limits. Even at lower fluoride concentrations where drinking water is “optimally fluoridated” to prevent tooth decay (0.7 mg/L), formula-fed infants could experience adverse IQ outcomes. Considering the benefits but not the drawbacks, as EPA has done with fluoridation, isn’t sound science or good policymaking.
Community water fluoridation has been a hotly controversial issue since it started over a half a century ago. What shouldn’t be controversial is the commitment to making science-based decisions to protect public health. When the growing body of science indicates community water fluoridation may put the public at unreasonable risk, we need to assess the threat seriously. And when safer alternatives to preventing tooth decay exist, we can’t take a fluoridation ban off the table.
Michele Merkel is the managing director of advocacy programs at Food & Water Watch.
Published with permission by Food & Water Watch.

What the Health is a ground breaking feature length documentary from the award-winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy, that follows the exciting journey of intrepid filmmaker, Kip Andersen, as he uncovers the impacts of highly processed industrial animal foods on our personal health and greater community, and explores why leading health organizations continue to promote the industry despite countless medical studies and research showing deleterious effects of these products on our health.
Featuring world known Doctors 
Dr. Milton Mills
Greger, M.D, Michael
Dr. Garth Davis
Michele Simon
Dr. Neal Barnard 
Kimberly Snyder
Dr. Michael A. Klaper
Dr. Alan Goldhamer, TrueNorth Health Center
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Cardiovascular Prevention Program, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute
Dr. Joel Kahn, cardiologist, Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity
Dr. John McDougall, physician, bestselling author
Dr. Kim A. Williams, cardiologist, president of American College of Cardiology
Dr. Paul Porras, pediatrician
Dr. Robert Ratner, chief scientific and medical officer, American Diabetes Association

Some other Featured Guests.
Cristina Stella, attorney, Center for Food Safety
David Carter, former NFL defensive lineman
David Simon, attorney, author, Meatonomics
Don Webb, Duplin County North Carolina
Isaac Ward, Duplin County North Carolina
Jake Conroy, activist, writer
Jaydee Hanson, senior policy analyst, Center for Food Safety
Larry Baldwin, Waterkeeper Alliance
Mark Kennedy, attorney, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Mike Ewall, co-director, Energy Justice Network
Mu Jin Han, personal trainer
Paige Tomaselli, senior attorney, Center for Food Safety
Reneé Miller, Duplin County North Carolina
Rich Roll, ultra-endurance athlete, author
Robert Martin, Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production
Ruby Lathon PhD, certified holistic nutritionist
Ryan Shapiro, historian, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Steve-O, actor, stuntman
Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D.
Tia Blanco, professional surfer
Timothy Shieff, world champion freerunner, ninja warrior
Toni Okamoto, Plant Based on a Budget.
Telegram Post -

They are adding toxic spike proteins into our food supply, which will cause Prions (Mad Cows Disease). They also add the magneto proteins containing magnetic nano particles which force the spike proteins through the blood and brain barrier into the brain.

Remember last week when Biden said “Every single hospital bed will be occupied by Alzheimer’s patients”? Prions is similar to Alzheimers mixed with Parkinsons and severe vertigo- so severe that it’s no longer possible to walk without falling.

Bring magnets when you go to the grocery store and make sure you test it on the food you’re getting. If the magnets stick to it, it’s contaminated. Do not buy it.
@DismantlingTheCabal.  Magnets stick to food from grocery store !!!!
McDonald’s French Fries -

Telegram Post -

Once you find out the hidden history behind fluoride, you will never intentionally ingest it again! Fluoride is commonly found in water supplies and toothpaste, but you will also find it in processed foods made with tap water as well as in chemtrails. Fluoride is a toxic waste that is ...
Experts Confirm Extremely Low Levels of Fluoride Causes IQ Loss in Children

Story at-a-glance:
[li]New studies find that fluoride levels four to five times lower than those found in pregnant women in fluoridated communities cause IQ loss for the child, and that older women in fluoridated communities have a 50% higher risk of hip fractures.[/li]
[li]Plaintiffs suing the EPA in federal court over fluoridation’s neurotoxicity have continued to win legal victories and have shared deposition videos exposing CDC and EPA negligence.[/li]
[li]The former NTP director joined the chorus of scientific and public health experts raising alarms about neurotoxic risk, but the dental lobby responded by doubling their fluoridation expansion efforts.[/li]
A landmark study by Grandjean, et al., has been published confirming that very low levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy impair the brain development of the child and at a population level may be causing more damage than lead, mercury or arsenic.
The study found that a maternal urine fluoride concentration of 0.2 mg/L, which is exceeded four to five times in pregnant women living in fluoridated communities, was enough to lower IQ by one point. The authors stated that even this impact is likely underestimated and:
“These findings provide additional evidence that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant … and the benchmark results should inspire a revision of water-fluoride recommendations aimed at protecting pregnant women and young children.”

Read More: Experts Confirm Extremely Low Levels of Fluoride Causes IQ Loss in Children
Contract won to add Grapheme Oxide to our Water Supply …
Fluoride in Water, a hazardous waste -

Fluoride has nothing to do with preventing tooth decay. 

Did you know that the fluoride that is *added* to our drinking water in parts of the UK (currently not all of the UK is fluoridated) derives from toxic hazardous waste that they can’t dump into the sea (so they dump it into our drinking water)? And, amongst other nasties, includes arsenic…! 

Well, behind the current orchestrated food and fuel shortages, (oh and did I mention the deadly pandemic?) as well the v@xx rollout out (they are *really* laying it on thick!), the UK Govt want to pass a bill in Spring 2022 so they can poison, sorry, I mean fluoridate 100% of the UK! 

The centralisation means that the fluoridation of our water will be completely controlled by the Govt, removing local authorities which makes it more difficult for us to fight against it! In my opinion, this is all part of Agenda 2030 to centralise control as much as they can. All part of the tyrannical regime they are foisting upon us right now.

The Govt want achieve this by passing a new Health & Care Bill in Spring 2022 and this needs to be stopped! We need your help. 
In my latest interview, I speak to Joy Warren, found of West Midlands Against Fluoride and co-ordinator at Fluoride Free Alliance UK who has been at the forefront of campaigning against fluoridated water for over 10 years. She explains the toxic nature of fluoride, the dangers to our health, how it lowers intelligence as a neurotoxin and how it is in fact medicinal, NOT a food (but MHRA don’t want to have this discussion).

[b]Download the letter template at and have your say to stop this bill in its tracks![/b]

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